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Tiamat26Tiamat2610 months ago
An unexpected find.

So here we were Sunday doing our regular shopping after a nice breakfast out. Nothing beats not having to do dishes on a Sunday morning.

So here we were the wife and I walking around the mall and we ended up stopping at Forever 21. For those of you that do not know this is a huge retail store that just filed for bankruptcy. So of course the wife wants to go look at clothes which I have no issues with. As she does this I start to look at all the furniture stacked to one side of the store and then I saw them Acrylic risers.

I found 2 of them on top of a table, Hmm I wondered to myself. Are they also for sale? I decided to find out and that is when I spotted a man that looked in charge as he has a clip board a stack of pink stickers and he was heading to the furniture. I asked if the acrylic risers were for sale.

He looked at me and said everything is for sale and he proceeded to look through his list. Once twice three times but had yet to find a price for the risers. He said 10 $ each and I countered at $ 6.50. I got them for $ 7.50 each. I had 2 of them in my hands and the hunt was on. I asked the wife to look as well while she was shopping. I ended up with 7 risers and a huge cube that you could put a few figurines under to protect from the dust.



I honestly was not expecting to buy risers that day, hell I don’t even need risers at the moment but you never know with an ever changing display case.

Point of this post is that you never know where you will find your next bargain. This time for me it was at a bankruptcy sale. How about you the reader; where was your unexpected find? Was it something that you knew you needed or was it like me something that you knew you could use for this hobby but did not need right away. The price was too good not to get it then and there.

Hope you enjoyed the blog and that you leave comments where you found an unexpected item you needed to buy for your collection. pics or links to what you found would be great as it makes the article way more interesting.

= )

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Reinier10 months ago#69631119They look pretty cool but do they fit inside of a Detolf?

Yes they fit in a Detolf very easily ...
10 months ago
Oh wow, I should go to my local F21 and see if they have any I can snag!
10 months ago
They look pretty cool but do they fit inside of a Detolf?
10 months ago
The most I ever found the one time I was in a forever 21 was the aura of pure chaos and a maddening layout.

I don’t have an interesting find, but apparently the girlfriend of my dad’s buddy found “high-quality“ chibi figures at a consignment shop/flea market, something similar. I imagine they could have been Nendoroids, although I wouldn’t have bought any if I were her, but that’s due to my OCD, lol.
10 months ago
heck, better go check my local 21 then
10 months ago
the exact same thing happened to me! I got like 30 different risers from a store closing down and they are all so useful.
10 months ago
Nice find! I get my risers from Amazon, so I have a camelcamelcamel listing to keep track of when they drop in price. Even if I don't need them right away, I order some whenever they're cheap :)
10 months ago
That was unexpected and lucky at the same time! Life is like a box of chocolates as Forrest Gump says.
10 months ago
Welcome to Entertainment Hobby Shop JUNGLE!

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