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Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

Introducing Animegami & Animegami Studios!Introducing Animegami & Animegami Studios!

RockGodItachiRockGodItachi3 months agoMisc
Hi MFC! I'm Dave AKA RockGodItachi/RGI The Anime Figure Guy and I'm here today to introduce you to the awesome guys of Animegami!

Who is Animegami you ask?

Founded in 2015 after a 2 week trip to Hong Kong Jose was inspired by the sheer volume of figures and Anime merch that he saw out there that he decided to start his own Anime merch selling site and thus Animegami was born! Named after the death god Shinigami (who isn't all bad!) Animegami has taken the UK and the world by storm!

Meet more of the team here: animegami.co.uk...

The UK figure market has been practically non existent, I got into collecting myself about 6 years ago and buying any legit figures from a UK supplier seemed but a pipe dream, as many sites I looked into had a bad reputation, there were no sites that would sate my craving for figures without having to pay those dreaded customs charges! So when I first heard about Animegami I was intrigued, could this be the site to fill the gap in the market? I asked myself and after making my first purchase with them it became apparent that I had found something special! Yes the guys at Animegami are amazing! Their customer service is first rate and the whole shopping experience left me reeling with just how much they care about their customers. So I knew these were one to watch!

Fast forward to 2019 and my mind is blown at just how much Animegami has done! They have partnered with figure giants such as Good Smile Company, First 4 Figures, Oniri Creations, Tsume and more! They have been to and done Expos including London's MCM and Hyper Japan and Toy Fair New York! They now have their own social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube! They then announced their own merch including T-shirts, Laynards and more! At this point I thought to myself what else can these guys do? They have shook the figure world there's nothing more they can do that would shock us now and then it happened..... .....I went onto Facebook and nearly fell out of my chair in disbelief! Animegami announced Animegami Studios! Yes that's right not only have they given us an opportunity to buy the figures and statues we want but now they're going to make them as well!? This was unbelievable but witnessing first hand at the recent MCM the sheer passion and dedication they have put into their first statue release I am super excited for what the future will bring for these guys as the licences they've acquired already are enough to make any fan leap with joy!

So what are these licences?

Well first up for Animegami studios is their Animegami Shinigami mascot! This is insane! I was just blown away when I saw it! Just the attention to detail and the sculpt, it's badass!


More pics and info here:

Has anyone heard of a series called Monster Hunter? You know that game where you team up and slay monsters? NO? Really??? OK seriously YES! That's right As you can see here they're starting a chibi line of Monster Hunter monsters! Here you can see a vid and some pics of the live unveil done at MCM in October of Tobi Kadachi and Rathalos! These look super cute and cool!

The unveiling


More info and info on pre-ordering here:

So there's a horror Mangaka called Junji Ito, apparently he's quite big... OK, OK yes horror fans rejoice as it won't be long before you can get your hands on resin statues from the Junji Ito series!

More info: animegami-studi...

An Anime sprung up on a service called Netflix called Cannon Busters and I was like I'll check this out and then within a week of watching it, yep Animegami blew my mind again as we will be getting resin statues from the series! Really hyped to see what these will look like!

More info: animegami-studi...

Finally if that hasn't got you excited their most recent announcement almost caused their live stream to crash! As they will be making a special Biome series of resin statues for the popular game Terraria! I'll be honest here I haven't played this but what they showed in this stream was just gob smacking, as this will be so unique and cool I can't begin to describe how amazing these will look!

More info here: animegami-studi...

So yes Animegami have come a long way since Jose's dream in 2015 and I'm excited to see what surprises they have in store for us next! Not only are they a bunch of fantastic people they have an incredible amount of dedication to their fans and customers and I for one feel humbled to have met them and to be given permission to write this article to share their passion with you!

Thank you Animegami and thank you for reading! (*^V^*)


Check out Animegami's store here:

Animegami Studios: animegami-studi...

Social Media

Facebook store: www.facebook.co...
Facebook Animegami Studios: www.facebook.co...

Twitter: Store: twitter.com/ani...
Twitter: Animegami Studios: twitter.com/ani...

Instagram:Store www.instagram.c...
Instagram: Animegami Studios: www.instagram.c...

YouTube: Store: www.youtube.com...
YouTube: Animegami Studios: www.youtube.com...

Photo credits to Animegami Studios and Bruno Pinto of Animegami.
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RockGodItachi (3 months ago) #69961290Nothing, I just wanted to share them as a company on here. :)

That seemed less like sharing and more like a bunch of propaganda. Just sayin'.
3 months ago
Rajke Ca Fanatic
I like your enthousiasm (with the exception of the overused ! mark). Honestly I have never heard of them before. Their figures are looking interesting and the words ‘horror mangaka’ is a trigger to keep a close eye on them.
3 months ago
J-VrE (3 months ago) #69961221Just how much were you paid for this?

Nothing, I just wanted to share them as a company on here. :)
3 months ago
Just how much were you paid for this?
3 months ago
You had me at Junji Ito. *w*
3 months ago
Senbei (3 months ago) #69940710Is this... an ad?
In any case, Junji Ito is a mangaka, not a series. You might want to do a quick edit since your sentence doesn't really make sense on a first read. If they're making figures from Junji Ito's works, that would be really interesting!

Not really just my way of sharing Animegami as not many people know about them on here, which is a shame as they're a brilliant company! Thanks for the heads up have changed it. :)
3 months ago
i'm looking forward to the junji ito statues
3 months ago
Is this... an ad?

In any case, Junji Ito is a mangaka, not a series. You might want to do a quick edit since your sentence doesn't really make sense on a first read. If they're making figures from Junji Ito's works, that would be really interesting!
3 months ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
The Ito ones should be interesting! Wonder which characters they'll pick.
3 months ago
3 months ago
Exclusive anime goods from Japan!

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