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NayanMoriNayanMori9 months ago
So I saw this on twitter, and I really want it! I looked in the database but didn't see it anywhere, does anyone know where I could buy it or find it?
The tweet says it's a 'Chatting Bank Racing Miku 2019Ver.'
Twitter link - twitter.com/mai...

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask or whatever, still somewhat new to posting.
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Hey there, I was browsing Amiami and I just saw that she is available on there www.amiami.com/...
9 months ago
Hello, I just saw this on GSC facebook page but I believe this is the bank you were looking for, its avalible for preorder www.goodsmile.i...
9 months ago
Tweets are saying it's a limited "pre-sale" at this weekends racing location.

So most probably going to be sold in the GSR Shop by Forest later.
9 months ago
Based on the tweet you posted, it looks like these items are newly added to their shop.
These are the dates of the shop opening times for this weekend


There's an online shop but it doesn't look like it has any of the items from the tweet when you search for Racing Miku 2019 store.shopping....

This could be a physical location where these goods could be only available there
9 months ago
So I did a little researching based on what is displayed in the photos of this tweet and while it is not much I can say the following:

The company making these is called Shine (ENTRY #113747) which makes lots of what they call "mischievous pets/characters" aka Itazura Bank. After some looking around I have come across this tweet: twitter.com/GSR...
Seems like it is currently being sold at a event! Hope I could help a little and good luck finding one :)

Shine will also be making this figure: ITEM #886920
9 months ago
Welcome to Entertainment Hobby Shop JUNGLE!

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