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question about solaris japanquestion about solaris japan

galabluegalablue14 days agoAsk MFC
hi everyone,

i hope this is the right place to put this, but i'm not sure. if it isn't, please direct me to the right place.

my birthday is coming up and my dad expressed that he wants to get a figure for me but he can't figure out how to buy them anymore. he purchased me one from kotobukiya off of amazon (yes, my dad did know my 5 year old husbando and purchased hiei for me), but that was so long ago and there are so many more fakes out there than there used to be, so he doesn't trust amazon anymore.

i told him he didn't have to get me one because now i just buy typically from 3rd party, but he expressed an interest so i did a little bit of research and talked to some friends who buy items, and it seems like solaris japan is easy to order from, or at least easy enough that i can send the link to my dad and he can figure it out.

he asked me to put a scale of items price wise that i would like, probably because he's looking for a holiday gift as well, so i've selected a few. however, figures are so expensive nowadays, and that's part of the reason why i feel embarrassed sending my dad some of the figures. but i noticed the ones i want have a preowned version, and they are pretty cheap compared to the actual figure new.

i just wanted to ask everyone who has purchased a "used" figure off of solaris how their experience was. i finally found their rankings and it seems like anything 3 1/2 stars and up is going to be in fairly good condition, but i just thought i'd ask because if my dad is going to get me something i'd like to save him some money if possible.

side note, i'm less concerned with the box and if the box has damage rather than the figure itself. for example, one of the figures has 4 1/2 star rating with a 3 1/2 star box. another figure has a 4 star rating and a 4 star box.

also if you don't recommend solaris and recommend somewhere else, please let me know. i want to make this as easy for my dad as possible if he decides to get me a figure.
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I bought 3 figures at Solaris. Every one over 4. Stars the first two were fine and I asked for photos... with the 3. figure I felt secure with the shop and did not ask for photos. That was a HUGE mistake. There were multiple scratches and an evil white splotch. I got a partial refund but that did not really make me happy, because I wanted to love this figure so much and now I cannot... well always ask for photos from all angles... that is probably the best option.
13 days ago
Does Solaris also take picture of boxes for new figures (older releases)?
13 days ago
Astro (14 days ago) #69960589-snip-Yeah, completely get you. So sorry you had to go through all that trouble it must've sucked. I only have a 1680¥ of coupon (while I sent the figure back I payed shipping myself and since paypal is banned in my country they "had to" give me a coupon instead) that's been sitting around since april. I'll use that for something cheap so at least it won't go to waste but other than that I'll never buy anything from them ever again.
13 days ago
I ordered 3 figures there already, just bought a 4th one yesterday. So far all of the orders i had were really good, nothing broken and the boxes were also in good shape for them being "used". Let's see how the 4th figure will look, but tbh so far i am really pleased!

Ordered items:
ITEM #161305
ITEM #378224
ITEM #360720

Order from yesterday:
ITEM #579384
13 days ago
First figure I brought from them was brand new but came with a badly damaged box they gave me a small voucher refund used to order games all fine. Second figure I was nervous about ordering from them but price was okay 4.5 stars rating, figure was fine, box storage wear and tear. I'd only use them as a last resort.
14 days ago
Sakura0055 (14 days ago) #69940871Oh, they're not honest, if you're not asking the right questions.
I bought a 4.5 star rated figure from them, costs 14k alone without shipping, asked for pictures of the figure and they sent them, they weren't shot in the best lighting but no noticable problem was there. Then it arrived. Realised they didn't showed the problematic parts on the photos at all. Figure had a literal marker stain, a broken and missing piece(the bow part on her braid), dust and hair, more than 5 paint scruffs all over her hair and accessories. I sent it back and got a refund. It's just crazy to me that they manually handled the figure and took photos and not mention ANY of the promblems until I pointed them out, it was impossible to not notice. It was a very popular figure too, Kyoko Kirigiri from phat. Also when I asked which release was it (2014 or 2017) they said they don't know which one is it and don't know how to indentify it? But they have 2 listings of the figure both saying it's the 2017 one, how the hell did they even clasify them then? Still makes me angry. Here are the damages I mention: -I'm not the type who complains on small things but these made me mad for the first time- View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/04/05/2187558.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/04/05/2187559.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/04/05/2187560.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/04/05/2187561.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/04/05/2187562.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2019/04/05/2187573.jpeg
One time that I asked for pictures I realised a paint scruff on the figure, even it wasnt shot closely it was obvious cause it was a bikini figure and it was on the front, asked for another one and they changed it. Mind you it was also rated 4.5 stars. That's why it's always important to check.
Other than those two I received 4 more figures and they were good. Just please, PLEASE ask for pictures before shipment and ask if there are any noticable damage on the figure, if the pictures aren't clear enough ask ones with better lighting or more angles. They won't tell you the problems of the figure if you don't notice and point it yourself, from my experience.
Their aftermarket prices are plain ridiculous %90 the time, Id suggest checking other sites and comparing prices then deciding what to get. Even if it's a rare figure you could probably find a cheaper one. I've seen a 3k figure on mandarake and it is still 30k on solaris, there are some funny examples like that. Their customer service is fast though, very easy to communicate.

I cant agree with you more on this. I also purchased multiple figures from solaris as pre-owned. My very first figure (Digimon angewomon with hikari) it was like she was mint in box, since she was still "tied' to her box etc. the second figure I bought was a bit more paint issues but It wasnt anything to bad so I didnt contact them about it.

Then my third figure was Yamato with his wolf Digimon (sorry for my lack of knowledge of names :P) it had paint scruffs all over and it was noticiable. I did contact them and received a partial refund. the last time I bought the Angewomon LED figure and asked for pictures. At one picture I thought I saw something so asked for some clarification and their responds was that they didnt see what I saw on the pictures on the figure. I trusted them in this matter and received the figure. at first it seemed fine but then I noticed a seem line at her hair didnt look very nice. Again I contacted them and send pictures. They contacted the manufacterer and I received a 'new/other' figure. I didnt have to send the entire figure (meaning not the base etc) but when I received my replacement I noticed I was missing my peg....WTF....it was probably stuck in the figure I send back....F me....good heavens my husband was able to create a peg. Yet I did contact them about the issue. good heavens I am able to display her now after all this issues. And I have to mention that sending back the figure was at my own expense AND getting the figure send back to me ALSO costs me a big amount of money. so In total the figure cost me almost double the actual value....MEH!
14 days ago
I've bought from them multiple times and I have a pretty good experience with Solaris. They can sometimes however be overpriced but sometimes their prices are fine or even good, and they have a great stock of some items that are hard to find elsewhere.
I only had one issue with them once, when they stated a used figure had all parts and a hand was missing. It didn't make the figure unusable so it wasn't a huge deal and they gave me a coupon for 3,000 yen which was about 40% of the price.
14 days ago
I'd avoid solaris if possible. They have a good selection, but their prices tend to be on the more expensive side of things.

I bought a figure from them just last month. It was rated as 4 stars and no missing parts. But when it arrived, the thing was filthy. It looked like a years worth of dust and dirt had accumulated on it. Not only that, but the figure was missing a part too.

So yea, solaris doesn't really take care of their merchandise.
14 days ago
I have not ordered any used figures from them but i have ordered a new one. It was easy and the box was in good condition considering its a 10 year old figure. I would buy from them again
14 days ago
galablue (14 days ago) #69940876
thank you so much. it'll be my father purchasing but he does have a keen eye, so i'll make sure that i tell him that if he choses to purchase to make sure he asks for pictures. also i can't believe they actually send you that figure in that condition. it's almost laughable but i'm sure it wasn't funny to you.
No problem! I actually bought it from amiami afterwards and it was a B/B, in great condition. I always go for amiami and mandarake with preowned ones. I'd higly suggest you to consider them as options for better condition and prices. Also if you'd like to get notified for these two sites for your desired figure then I'd suggest buyfriend.moe ! It keeps you notified if the figure you're looking for appears on amiami/mandarake. Its an amazing tool and saves time. BLOG #42279
14 days ago
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