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Where can I get a stand for a Nendoroid Petite figure?Where can I get a stand for a Nendoroid Petite figure?

kaityleekaitylee3 days agoAsk MFC
I just got a Death Note Nendoroid Petite on eBay and I was wondering if any places sell stands for nendo petites, or if you guys had any advice on how to display them, since they can't stand on their own.

Any ideas would be super helpful, as I am completely clueless on how to display them:)

This is one of them that I am trying to display, if it makes a difference~! ITEM #21453
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Not sure if this is the one you need as others said there are different kinds. But I found this chibichopshop.c..., I havent ordered from this shop before but it has been mentioned a couple times on the subreddit.
1 day ago
As Seiki said, petits have stands with holders designed specifically for each figure. However, quite often these holders are standard unless the figure's design requires a special form. You can check cheap petits on, say, Mandarake, compare their supports and location of backholes with yours and buy one for the stand only. It'll take some research going through shop listings, finding those petits here, checking the pics and such, and shipping cost of a petit alone will be kinda high compared to its price (Mandarake has petits for as low as 100-200 yen) but that's one way to get an original stand.
2 days ago
Normally, Petites come with a stand that is designed for them with the arm set on the exact height and curve it needs to hold them without the figure getting in the way.

It's not exactly something you can get on its own unless someone here has an extra from a part split. Even then, there may be some slight trial and error to get one with the arm at the necessary height. You might be best trying to make your own.
3 days ago
You can check: CLUB #576

Or make your own. Just get a small acrylic sheet and a drill a hole in it
3 days ago
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