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Figure collectors on MFC and ReligionFigure collectors on MFC and Religion

ddarkoddarko2 days agoAsk MFC
So hot on the heals of the last poll, which can be found here BLOG #44158 (Thank you to everyone who took part in that one :) ), I was curious about the religious affiliations on MFC.

Now I am aware that there might be many that are not included here on the list. But I had to keep it somewhat brief. I have also grouped things together under broader titles (eg. Christianity which includes Catholicism, Lutheranism, Calvinism etc.). I hope no one is offended and this is just to see what the demographic make up is like here on MFC :)

So do choose an option that you feel most identifies your position in regards to your religion.
1,286 hits

Which religious belief best describes you?

  • 20%Christianity
  • 2%Islam
  • 1%Judaism
  • 2%Buddhism
  • 0%Hinduism
  • 18%Agnosticism
  • 41%Atheism
  • 8%My religious belief is not listed above
  • 8%I never had time to think about these things
  • 413 votesVotes are public
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