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November/Anime NYC HaulComments • November/Anime NYC Haul

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    Belle_Reve (3 days ago) #71608786
    You're welcome :) I was so glad to get the bluray's because I feel like while you can find it online its not the easiest to find online. And that's me too the sets were too nice not to buy so now I just have two YYH sets but thats okay because its a fav and I love it a lot.

    Yeah I wouldn't want to do that either then I would def stay in the city to make life a lot easier. There was some Bravo con going on that weekend as well LOL

    Do you need to ask for time off that much in advance? I plan on buying tickets this year much earlier than I have in the past because of all the stuff they added so better safe than sorry.

    I remember reading something somewhere about there being something special for everyone who bought all nine of them, I guess I'll have to dig around again to see if I can find it.
    3 days ago
    ChibiSaturn (8 days ago) #71312234

    Thank you for the link! I'm excited to catch up and read the light novels =D I also just ordered the KKM OVAs on bluray, and ended up rebuying YYH on bluray (even though I own the original DVD releases).

    Haha sometimes parents can be super overprotective.. like, there's no need for an escort lol... and if there's no reason to spend NYC hotel prices, then definitely good not to. We needed to, because even when I lived in Fort Lee, it was a long commute which was too draining to do every day, especially in cosplay (~hour subway or bus even though it's right outside the city).

    Good that your boss is super chill about taking time off! I've already been approved for time off for next year's AnimeNYC, Thursday-Monday haha

    I don't think there'll be a bonus or anything for those who buy all the CCS Collector's Editions, but the 9 cards when arranged in a certain way make a larger image like a puzzle. I guess that's why they chose it (and were too lazy to make their own so just used one that had already been made).
    3 days ago
    Jess-chan (7 days ago) #71366151
    That's unfortunate. Sunday was busy but by far the easiest day to get around, it wasn't super crazy and there was a drastic different to the crowd it had on Saturday
    7 days ago
    ChibiSaturn (9 days ago) #71275865There was sooo much this year. In the end I was glad to have gone all three days because there was no way I would have been able to get it all done in a day this year.
    Saturday we finished the artist alley which ugh was busy and a little sloppily laid out this year but okay
    Then sunday it was the exhibitor booths which god sooo many of those

    I would have loved to stay longer or even go on Sunday but since the SIR wasn't running and having to take the shuttle bus (which for some reason buses and I don't get along...) I didn't feel too good ;-;
    7 days ago
    Belle_Reve (8 days ago) #71312215
    Now that you mention it... I can kind of see what you mean LOL I love Wolfram, he came such a long way and such great character development. And their Bearbees and Greta and all of it together. Also here's where I was reading the light novels <3

    I hope next year they get the artist alley back to a reasonable set up, even the years prior it was crowded but the aisles were much, much bigger.

    They def should have been checking bags too. I have NO idea why they didn't bomb/drug sniffing dogs really aren't going to do it in the society we live in these days.

    I only live about a 20minute train ride from the city and then it was a 5-10 minute walk. My mom tho, keep in mind I'm 27 and my brother is 18, we had the concert and she was freaking out "Maybe you should stay in a hotel in the city Friday night" I was like .... why am I going to spend all that money on a hotel when I can come home? LOL
    Then she was like "Oh maybe Kevin and I will drive into the city for dinner and wait for you to finish" I told her not to xD

    Nah, people were a whole different level of rude/pushy this year it was kind of hectic/a little awful.

    When I asked for monday off I told my boss "I could come in but I don't want to honestly" LOL I never ask for off and she's really chill when I do ask for off. Friday we ended up picking up pokemon at game stop and catching a train into the city right away because we had tickets to pick up.

    Weird. I wonder what the special something for people who buy all 8 or was it 9 is going to be.
    8 days ago
    ChibiSaturn (9 days ago) #71276106

    Slapping someone is still the best way to get engaged in my mind. Talking about it on the stream actually got my bf curious about it and we watched quite a bit of it. He now understands more of my references as well as why I've always considered the character designs/personalities of the Yuuri on ice characters as knock-off KKM characters. I've cosplayed both my fav blond boys (Yurio and Wolfram), and still consider them essentially long-lost cousins

    Even the artists were complaining this year with the setup. One artist I follow on IG who vended there actually made a video on why she's not returning to sell there next year. Super agree on the lack of checking bags.. I'm so used to them checking that every time I walked in I'd have my bag open and they would just wave me through and not even bother looking. My bf walked his prop swords in and out all day and never once got checked. Security was surprisingly lax for how big of a con they became.

    Luckily for me, we were staying at a hotel down the street (I live in NJ, it was much more convenient to stay in the city due to cosplay), so I never actually stood on a bathroom line there. But I did wait for some of my friends, and that took forever and a half. And it wasn't even one of the bathrooms in the dealers hall, it was downstairs.

    So it wasn't just me who thought people were super pushy this year. When I was in cosplay, people gave me more space, but when I was in normal clothing I was getting pushed left and right. I assumed it was just that people give cosplayers a little more space, but I guess not.

    Playing Pokemon all day isn't adulting?? I'm pretty sure it is. I actually ended up taking Thursday through Monday off, and it was nice to be able to get into the city early on Thursday, settle in, and just slowly get ready for the con on Friday. Taking Mondays off after cons has become my norm now, because I genuinely do need a day (or three) to recoup after a con weekend.

    I do love the CCS Collectors Editions. I agree on the cards, I was expecting clow cards with CCS characters, similar to what they did for other versions. However, what they ARE releasing as the cards are actually pieces of a puzzle from one of the trading card sets released years ago which is all CLAMP artwork - it's known as the Sakura Chapter set. I actually own those cards, the only difference is they took the backs from the first set, the Clow Chapter (the backs of the Sakura Chapter cards have Sakura's magic circle, the backs of the Clow Chapter cards have Clow's magic circle). So it's kind of bizarre for me since I already have these cards haha
    8 days ago
    ChibiSaturn (8 days ago) #71312117Thank you! I was happy to find one I liked. Have a sweater on preorder from amiami with him on it too.
    That's great! : ) , I hope you enjoy the sweater, they have lots of nice designs with him on there.
    8 days ago
    BlazeDazzleDusk (8 days ago) #71312085Amazing loot, I love all the slime stuff you got, that Rimuru shirt is really awesome!
    Thank you! I was happy to find one I liked. Have a sweater on preorder from amiami with him on it too.
    8 days ago
    Amazing loot, I love all the slime stuff you got, that Rimuru shirt is really awesome!
    8 days ago
    Belle_Reve (9 days ago) #71276071 Also pretty hard to explain how someone accidentally gets engaged because they got angry and slapped someone on the cheek LOL I'm hoping my brother will watch it eventually, but, he's avoiding it because its long. Alas, his lost. But with all the weird ways anime characters are getting sucked into other worlds these days Yuri's isn't even that weird. I love when he gets sucked in at the aquarium and comes back naked. Ah, such a great show.

    I guess artists were complaining about the lighting up above where they had the artist alley the last two years. While I did appreciate the amount if artists they needed to organize a little better and hopefully next year fix the issue. I was also really really surprised they weren't checking in bags when you came and went from the hall. Like ONCE they checked bags this year every other time they just checked your pass. I was like ??? Wtf.

    Yeah people were extra extra pushy this year. I mean you always expect it with a crowd but man people were just extra pushy and rude this time. But, thankfully, I'm pretty calm so kind if just whatever'd it. The bad thing was the bathroom lines, I kept going downstairs to the special events hall area to use the hidden away bathroom down there because god damn those lines were ridiculous.

    I had already planned on taking off of work Friday... to stay home and play pokemon like a real adulting adult. But, then there were things my brother wanted to do so needless to say no pokemon for me until late saturday.

    The collectors edition for ccs is really pretty, right? I'm a little disappointed by the 'clow card' freebies as I was expecting actual clow cards but alas, the books are nice and with amazon they tend to be cheaper than the $30.

    I loved seeing good smile there this year but there sales menu anything I'd have wanted I already had so that was a little disappointing but it was cool to see them there.

    But I had a great time it was just so tiring I was glad I took monday off of work as well.
    9 days ago
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