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TorchersphixTorchersphix8 months ago
I'm over 18
I haven't actively worked on my collection or display in years since I've been moving around, however, this Black Friday / Thanksgiving Season caught me picking up a few new additions to my collection. I picked up an older figure, and after doing some quick searching I did not see a review so I thought I'd write my own. I picked her up from Amiami Pre-owned, and was actually researching other figures that were linked in a Black Friday sale from Solaris.

The figure I picked up is Second Axe Type Hentai Action - Minase Shizue ITEM #547893. She is an original character, with the character design from Tsuji Santa the illustrator for Super Sonico (ENTRY #3510) (although "original character" might be a strech because she kindof looks like a more adult stripper Sonico). Native is the Distributor and Second Axe the manufacturer with Kinoshita Takao as the sculptor (who coincidentally also sculpted the figure in my last review the 4 Inch-Nel Fate/Grand Order Jack the Ripper BLOG #40538). Unfortunately, my photo studio equipment and lighting is all still packed up, so phone camera and desk light is all I had for this :( The figure comes with an...incredibly detailed instruction book, as well as, a card with the concept artwork.

Box and Packaging
Angled Box Shot

Back Box

Front Box

Packaging here is pretty standard with the "bubble" plastic enclosures.

Faces, Accessories, Base Body
This girl Minase Shizue has 5x pairs of hands which really helps with the expressiveness of the poses. Going from Left to Right(1) Straight (2) Grasping (3) Clenched (4) "Dick Holding?" or Circle Hands (5) Peace Sign Hands

Wow, THREE separate pairs of glorious milk tanks. From Left to Right (1) Squeeze Boobs, these are the ones used in all the other official pictures that make it look like she is squeezing her breasts together (2) Inverted nipple magnet boobs, these boobs actually have magnets that allow you to attach the pasties (which also have magnets) (3) the default normal boobs

Face Plates
The figure has 6x expressions! Going from left to right (1) Smiling Face (2) Neutral Face mouth open (3) Neutral face mouth closed (4) Surprised face (5) Ahegao face and (6) grimacing face. You can get a lot of value for the poses with these expressive shots

Base Body
Just took a image to demonstrate where the boobs and face plates clip in.

Here are some poses!
Ohhh yeaaaa Goblin Scene

Bonus Musashi because she is awesome



Magnetics!: Whoa! magnets? In Figures!? Having the pasties as magnets is convenient and a nice way to work with accessories

Hand Joints: The hand joints are very similar to the newer figmas, they are extremely easy to work with and switch out on the fly, which is a huge plus since sometimes with the older figmas I feared breaking them.

Poses/Joints: WOW. Okay so this is really where I think this figure shines out. The joints are super flexible and allow you to nearly get her into any pose. This would be the first figure EVER where I think I could mirror the poses on the box art. Hell, I even just googled for some pin up poses and put her in them just because I could.


COST!?: Whoa ¥16,000 at base price, and more or less what I picked her up with pre-owned. Honestly, this is a really harsh burden to confront. You add on between ¥2,000-3,000 for shipping and you could have bought some of those sweet Black Friday PS4 deals that came with 3 games. I think figmas are getting outrageously high priced, but this is really something else, and she's not really revealing any more than the revoltech Queen's Blade figures for a much more reasonable price.

Size / Scale: If you notice from the Figma Musashi, Minase is much larger. There are other pictures depicting this in the figure gallery, but essentially, her slightly larger size makes it awkward to include in panoramas and group scenes with typical 1/12 Figmas, Revoltechs, and SHFiguarts

Boob Joints and Collar: Honestly, I can't tell if this is an artifact of purchasing her pre-owned, but I did have an issue with getting one pair of breasts to fit in comfortably. I also had an earlier issue where her collar was not at the base of the neck (but just used some hot water to put it back into place).

Sculpt and Assembly: The lingerie design was great, but I found the fine details to be rather plain. I also felt that there could have been other accessories to help make use of the metal rings she has attached at her neck, feet, and hands. There is huuuuge lost potential for some Shibari or something. I also noticed an issue where there is a slight gap between the face plate and the hair which can sometimes be distracting.

Joints Visible: I guess we will throw in a minor comment that obviously because she is an action figure and not a scale figure....you are always going to see some bad joints. However, it should be noted that for the most part they are covered up since the knee joints are in the stockings, the thigh joint is covered by the divide between the skin and pantyhose, elbow joints in the arm covers, and the neck joint is covered by the collar.

Base: The base is pretty lame, it is just one circle with a single peg. Unfortunately, since she only has a hole in one foot, that side always has to be the one in the base supporting the weight. I think she could have had better placement of pegs on the base or just a hole in the other foot as well

Bunny Accessories: Oh man, according to ITEM #795661 there are bunny girl accessories. I love bunny girl accessories! However, totally not worth the ¥4,500 price tag for 4 pieces (headband, 2x pasties, tail) I could probably 3D print myself if I was that motivated. You can even buy super small magnets that would fit as well, maybe for like ¥1,500 tops that could have been worth it

Conclusion and Final Notes

One other gripe I had... and you will probably never see me write this again...but I wish she had a little bit more clothes or accessories, especially for the price. I really want to NOT recommend this figure at all. HOWEVER, there is just one thing that really started winning me over as I was taking pictures for this review...She is incredibly easy to pose. I have never...ever...had a figure I could actually pose like the box art or even just from a random picture. Sure, there are a couple crazy poses that she would not be able to do, but with great flexibility, and quick changing of face plates and hands...really make her better than I thought she was going to be... I'm not really good with posing figures, but when it is this easy...she wins me over.

The real reason I picked her up...is while I don't really have an attachment to Super Sonico...I really like RAITA (ENTRY #34041) from his art for Fate GO, and the next figure in the Second Axe line is ITEM #740362, a posable RAITA figure... and I had to find out what that was going to look like in terms of quality for this figure line.

TLDR: If you like highly pose-able lewd figures and have some spare income to burn, then Minase Shizue is your girl and she won't disappoint, especially with those fun face plates. Otherwise, if you were hoping just for a cheap, figma-sized, lewd action figure I would look elsewhere. I think if you could snipe her pre-owned for really bargain bin prices she would be a no-brainer instant-buy, but right now...the cost to entry may be too high to be worth it
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This is a really unique figure and I'm looking forward to more in this line. Thank you for the review!
5 months ago
It's not just you who suffers the boob problem! A number of complaints were also in the figure's comment section and I had some problems as well (used the old clear nail polish trick).

To be honest, I'd have a hard time recommending her as well. But I bit the bullet because I adore her design, flexibility, and figured since I like action figures, might as well have my first lewd figure be a jointed one. I adore her but she does have her drawbacks!
8 months ago
wow i think it's cool how many different faces and hands she comes with. is this typical? she seems like she's really versatile in not only poses but emotions she can display as well.

i wonder what she would have been like if she were scale and what pose they would chose x)
8 months ago
Man, this looks like she'd be a fun figure (wrt: scale, I could just pretend that she's like 6'2"), but--the price. D: Is it 'cuz she's intended for adult collectors, a limited-run item, or both?
8 months ago
Interesting review. I was one of those people who was pretty stoked when this item was teased (Tsuji Santa? Native? Take my money, right?) but then that turned to disappointment when I realized that this would be a figma-like item, particularly when considering the price point.

It's a figure that has some neat features to be sure, but if they had done, say, a 1/6 scale figure of the character, that would have been epic.

It's interesting that you mention the Revoltech Queen's Blade figures, as I have a couple of those. As novelty items, they are kind of neat, but I got them pretty cheap and I definitely would not have dropped 16000 yen on them!
8 months ago