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SushiCatSushiCat9 years ago
Hello fellow figure collectors!

I am flying out to London soon, and was wondering whether there are any good places to get figures or find manga and anime in general in London?
I will be going to lots of book stores, and will be staying mainly in London itself.

Thank you everyone!


Edit: thank you so much everybody! I have been in London for a few days now and am loving it. I managed to go to Forbidden Planet and get some manga for a bunch cheaper than it would be in Australia. So yeah, thanks again!
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What dates are going? The MCM expo Is the 26-28th of October ^_^
9 years ago
Unfortunately, figures seems really scarce in London- only once have I see them being sold in my local Japanese grocery store, but they stopped selling. For the record, I live in North London.

TokyoToys is probably your best bet for both figures and manga. For just manga there's a few more options: Waterstones is a chain of book stores throughout parts of London that often have sections dedicated to manga.
Mitzukoshi is a department/souvenir shop that originated in Japan. They have a book store called JP-Books which sells a small selection of manga and anime/anime soundtracks.

Damn, I went to Trocedero Shopping Centre recently and didn't see TokyoToys there...I'll be going there in the weekend.
9 years ago
Woodlandbunny S.T.A.R.S. Member
Unfortunately, there's not a lot of places for manga in London. In terms of figures there's TokyoToys in the Trocedero Shopping Centre, Piccadilly Circus (I actually work there, the figures are legit; although of course they're going to be expensive compared to Japanese websites, we have to import them from there :p). We also sell various merchendise (keyrings, plushies, etc) aswell as manga books and a few DVD's. If you visit on a week day, I'll most probably be there so feel free to say hi. ^_^

About 10 mins away, down Shaftsbury Avenue, there's Forbidden Planet. They mainly sell comics and sci-fi related things but they have a large selection of manga books, magazines and DVD's.

There's Orbital Comics, just past Leicester Square, they have a few figures and manga books.

And there's the Japan Centre who sell mainly manga books and magazines but sometimes sell Nendoroid Petits.
9 years ago
Also: Gosh comics used to have a pretty good manga section. They were located near the british museum but have since moved (I think to soho) and so I haven't been there since the move. If you google their website you should be able to find them. Orbital comics has a manga section but again I haven't been in ages. The japan centre near piccadilly circus has a bookstore but is mostly untranslated stuff.
9 years ago
sorryiwasin9 years ago#1143462Yeah, the only one I know is Tokyotoys and like AnimeGuruma said, the website is overpriced. It might still be worth checking out though, maybe they'll have more sale items available in store?

I'm pretty sure they've been called for selling bootlegs before as well. I think they do sell some legitimate merchandise too, so you might want to look in as long as you're careful.

Unfortunately there just isn't much in London. There's animental in Camden Town but its small and doesn't stock much. Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue may have a few things.
9 years ago
Yeah, the only one I know is Tokyotoys and like AnimeGuruma said, the website is overpriced. It might still be worth checking out though, maybe they'll have more sale items available in store?
9 years ago
As a Londoner even I struggle to find figures or a lot of manga; don't know if I am oblivious to the shops, but on the bottom floor of Forbidden Planet (mainly comics) there is some anime/manga.
9 years ago
I flew to London 3 years ago, the only place I know is TokyoToys(just looked up the place and it's in the Trocadero Shopping Center in the Piccadilly Circus area). I don't really recommend them though; they overprice a lot, if not everything that they sell. A quick look on their website shows a 50-GBP Tsubasa Hanekawa figma (which is roughly 75 USD)!
9 years ago
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