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A lousy weekend.A lousy weekend.

TyjosAzariTyjosAzari1 month agoDiary
This weekend is off to a lousy start.

Was woken up at 5am this morning by a Tornado Siren and had to check the weather and we were under a Tornado Warning for a while when the radar indicated a Tornado near where I live and I almost had a meltdown this morning due to that.

It took me most of the day to get back to where I was somewhat relaxed then the power in the Kitchen went out and that sets the usual crap off with my folks cause they have terrible communication between each other and so it's back to being stressed about things and then back to working on trying to relax.

We didn't have any Damage from the Tornado but there were a lot of places around that had plenty of downed power lines and Trees, only got 2 items in the mail today a Star Trek Seven of Nine Bust and the 2009 Kelvin-Verse Enterprise and this week's additions to the collection have been mostly Trek but feels like after this weekend I won't feel like getting anything else for a long time because mentally I'm drained and I'm still in a little pain from the fall I had earlier this week so this month has been off to a lousy start.

After getting the last Anime figure for the collection ITEM #581700 and then the Enterprise E I'm glad it's down to waiting for 1 last ship to warp in here next week


The Runabout came in on Friday one of those ships I've been wanting to get over the last few months so I'm glad this ship is in since it's a great looking Starship and one of my favorite ships from DS9.


Managed to find space for the Enterprise and the Runabout so now the desk is full.

Got the Seven of Nine Bust in today along wit the 2009 Trek Movie Enterprise.

And managed to find space for these two so I'm pretty much out of space for new additions so it's back to not doing anything else for about a month and a half or longer.


Between the Stormy Weather driving my Anxiety to a point of nearly melting down over it and the power issue in the house that wasn't fixed cause I deal with 2 folks who can't get things fixed it's getting to where I'd love to be able to move out and get to where I can live somewhere else and not have to deal with Severe Weather or Aggravation and it would be nice if I could fix things like that but I am just tired today and this month with it's been is getting to where I may have to go to the Casino soon just to get out of the house for a while.

Hopefully I'll be recovered from my fall enough to where I can walk around and enjoy going to the Casino.

Looking at what figures I would like to get they don't come out till later in February or March so this is the time to stop collecting for a while and rest.

I'd love to get a few more Fate figures maybe my 300th figure will be that Shielder prize figure that's coming out later next month since I really want that one.
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Cloudberry (1 month ago) #73791359Pretty impressive that you still got mail delivered the same day a tornado hit your town, even with downed trees and power lines @_@
Hope you're doing alright tho

Sunday was a decent day it was quiet and fairly relaxing.

The Tornado was a stones throw away from where I live.

We got lucky not getting hit but it was very scary with the Tornado going and the Weather on at the same time showing where the Tornado is on the Radar so we got lucky for sure not getting hit.

I am getting better a little bit my leg starting to feel better and at least after yesterday being a day of not doing anything Monday will be more of the same.

Just was a scary start to Saturday and our Cove didn't have any Damage but it could have been different if that Tornado had shifted towards my area.
1 month ago
Pretty impressive that you still got mail delivered the same day a tornado hit your town, even with downed trees and power lines @_@

Hope you're doing alright tho
1 month ago
Ah, sorry to hear that. Hope you get a nice, powered, relaxing few days some day soon.

Don't think I've seen Star Trek on here before. Don't follow, but I recognize the Enterprise. Cool stuff.
1 month ago
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value

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