Need HELP with clothing: Meliodas MEDICOM RAH Seven Deadly SinsNeed HELP with clothing: Meliodas MEDICOM RAH Seven Deadly SinsAsk MFC

jojostarjojostar8 months ago
Hi again community!

I’m new in collecting MEDICOM RAH figures (started December 2019) and I wanted to be safe and CAREFUL as possible.

I need help in changing Meliodas’ clothes (hehe) where I could see his Dragon tattoo. What is the best way?

Thanks so much in advance for your responses!
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I think the blogs Sui_Generis posted may be useful but there are a variety of RAH designs. For example, my Rin and Shirou RAH (my review has pics of the unclothed bodies here: BLOG #34269) each have arms that are (if the joints aren't stuck) relatively easy to remove at twist joint in the upper arm since it's just a peg and swivel. But if it's designed like the RAH Miku in the blog post Sui_Generis posted it won't work. And neither one has a screw in the head.
8 months ago
There are a few tutorials on here, maybe one of these might be helpful?
BLOG #14778
BLOG #15969
8 months ago
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