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[NSFW] Skytube VS NativeComments • [NSFW] Skytube VS Native

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    Talal (9 days ago) #73922150Daiki is far better than both of them
    Daiki has some nice figures, but the issue I have with them is the PVC they use. I'm not too fond of the color and texture of their PVC. ITEM #552332 Sumika would be one of my favorites figures if it were not for the material she is made from.
    8 days ago
    darkfader lolicon
    Both have too many big boobs :)
    I'll go for fetish boy now.
    9 days ago
    Daiki is far better than both of them
    9 days ago
    Both have amazing figures and are great manufacturers, but I tend to like more the figures made by Skytube. I have several Skytube figures, but only one from Native ITEM #61448 Sonico Bath Time, which is really cute
    10 days ago
    vgadict (10 days ago) #73862932Based on this, I'd consider Binding, Kalmia Project and Rocket Boy to be fairly well-established, and thus they should be able to produce figures with consistent quality.

    I was mainly looking at Binding & Rocket Boy figures, so that's good to know. Thanks for your help.
    10 days ago
    As a collector I like the residuals that are common among Native figures, especially the better/more popular ones, whereas Skytube has always been commonly known to be depreciation hell. On several occasions I've actually made money from native products.A contributing factor to this is the fact that skytube frequently makes color variants which impact the residual value of the originals.
    Skytube figures generally tend to be lesser quality in paint and fitment. What I do like about skytube is their lower price point, good for filling shelves. I don't often buy skytube figures new though, I tend to buy skytube second hand when they are at the bottom of their depreciation curve.

    TL;DR: Native is overall better quality at a higher price point, Skytube is a good, cheap(er) way to fill up shelves but depreciates a lot so better to buy used.
    10 days ago
    Maybe I'm the odd man out, but I vote Skytube. I'm not the target audience, so I probably am in the minority, but I prefer more tasteful lewds, ones that have beauty outside of sex appeal and are not too over the top. Hermaphroditos is a good example of this. There are some Natives I like, and that fetish boy was amazing >w<, but I overall prefer Skytube.
    10 days ago
    I like both, but I ultimately prefer Skytube. Native has a ton of sub divisions that have great figs like Rocket Boy, but I feel that they're all over the place in terms of quality and execution. All the sub divisions make me feel like they're casting a wide net hoping to catch anything and aren't so much concerned with a core audience and consistent quality...
    Native's variety is great but I feel most of the time the things they do end up making isn't for me. The wide net they cast just doesn't fully reach to where most people would like, but the border.

    Skytube on the other hand I appreciate a lot for their consistency in what they produce, but also not being afraid of going out to new markets (IE Ban's futanari figures).
    Their sheer range of fetishes and niches they cover while still allowing SFW display options is something I really admire, because lord sometimes I see a Native figure and know I could never display that out in the open. A figure can be ero and mostly clothed, but Native tends to go really out there with what they make with no in-between. It sort of makes me uncomfortable to constantly have a lady with her whole coochie out there on display when it could be seen as nothing but sexual and not more... Artsy?

    When it comes to both, I ultimately like more of what Skytube puts out than Native (with Native themselves being the manufacturer). They've really been stepping up their game!
    10 days ago
    I feel like Native has a whole lot more variety. Skytube's all look kinda similar.
    10 days ago
    I quite like both, but my biggest gripe with Skytube is how the genitals all look almost identical in every one of their figures I own, whereas my Native figures seem to have more variety (I am specifically talking about the Native brand) So I prefer Native figures overall.
    10 days ago
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