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Are boxes without stickers fake?Are boxes without stickers fake?

NautNaut5 days agoAsk MFC
So I purchased Phats Stephanie Dola from TOM and received her. I decided to sell her because I do not want her anymore.

The buyer that bought her from me says she doesn't have an authenticity sticker and claims it's a fake and wants to return her. I have taken pictures of the box before shipping and she doesn't have that little sticker you normally see.

Did Tom send me a fake one? Has anyone gone through this? What do I do in this situation? I have provided the buyer with a receipt indicating proof of my purchase through Tom's website. I'm waiting to hear back now from the buyer.
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Honestly people put too much faith in the sticker, it's not very reliable. About half the figures I have don't have stickers and they're all authentic.
5 days ago
It's Kadokawa, so you'll only find the Kadokawa sticker on units destined for the Japanese market. TOM usually gets units destined for international sales, so you won't have a Kadokawa sticker.

The sticker being missing is far from being a certain tell - as well as internationally-bound items, they can also fall off or just be missed at the factory.

Looking at bootleg pictures on a well-known seller of bootlegs, the "Phat!" logo has indeed been photoshopped off the box (removal of Phat!'s logo seems to be consistent with whatever factory is bootlegging the Phat! figures), so if the logo was there, it's highly unlikely to be bootleg.

TOM is a GSC partner - partner.goodsmi... - so they won't be dealing with a dodgy supply chain.
5 days ago
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Please compare once its shipped back, a lot of smart buyers buy, exchange the figure inside for an aliexpress one and then try to return saying they were shipped a bootleg.
4 days ago
People cared too much. Specially in my country. They tend to ingest information(s) that is not necessarily true, without trying to find out by themselves for truth sake. I mean, companies have customer service, why didn't do? The sticker is just a part of distributing license for international sales.

Nifffi (5 days ago) #73891217Honestly people put too much faith in the sticker, it's not very reliable. About half the figures I have don't have stickers and they're all authentic.That's the thing. Plus, they should (basically) already know where did they got their products from.
4 days ago
I didn't even know people still cared that much about the sticker these days. I've bought a lot of my figures from AmiAmi, TOM, and even GSC direct and I'd say only 20% of them have stickers on the box, if even that many.
4 days ago
I’ve experienced this before when my Megumin Nendoroid doesn’t have kadokawa sticker on it. So, I take a bunch of pictures and emailed GSC support to ask for the authenticity. They replied me a few days later and says it’s an authentic product.

4 days ago
Products made for intentional release will not have a fancy sticker, some might have a dull white sticker that says 'outside Japan' or something along those lines. I know that is the case for figmas. International sale figmas will even have a big fat white sticker on the back.
5 days ago
Depends on the producer and the continent.
Liscensed other-country dealers have authentic figures, but might not have stickers.
5 days ago
From the products page (you could forward this)
This product is supplied by Ultra Tokyo Connection for orders within the US and in some cases Canada. Supplies from Ultra Tokyo Connection will not have the Japanese licensor sticker as it is part of the manufacturer's North American supply only and not for sale within Japan, but will include proof of distribution by Ultra Tokyo Connection, a subsidiary of Good Smile Company, on the box."
5 days ago
take123 Bunny Farm
American distribution sometimes doesnt have the sticker while Japanese ones do.

Also not all products have stickers even in Japan distribution. So it is not a guarantee.
5 days ago
WBDP (5 days ago) #73910188Some folks seem to be a little too paranoid about bootlegs.
Amen brother.
5 days ago
TOM is 101% legit, and as others have mentioned, I've received lots of figures without the authenticity stickers.

Some folks seem to be a little too paranoid about bootlegs. I look at it this way; as an experienced / discerning collector, I should be able to tell if something is a bootleg copy (eg. rough finish, different coloring, lack of shading, different texture, etc.) It's not ideal, but if a bootleg is somehow good enough to fool me, then it makes no practical difference to me, other than inadvertently not supporting / undermining the figure maker.
5 days ago
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