[REVIEW] Orange Rouge Fate/Grand Order Cu Chalainn ~Lancer~[REVIEW] Orange Rouge Fate/Grand Order Cu Chalainn ~Lancer~Review

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FULL DISCLAIMER: The stickers I use are a part of the Necoco sticker series by Solalis on Line, I did not draw these.

Hello everyone! I hope your Holidays were great! Mine we lovely, its been a few years since I was able to enjoy Christmas / New Years without worry of my job or personal life stressing me the f*ck out. In fact, so many things happened in mid 2019 that I'm glad 2020 started off to a great start. My goals are the same, focus on my physical and mental health. But I also want to do more for my family, I've already started off great and I lan to keep the good vibes going.


In any case, this month I'll be putting out not one, but two figure reviews! It just happened to fall that way with the delays. But to keep my sanity I'm doing one today and I'll write the next one next week, so keep an eye for that one! That really is just because these reviews take me a long time to do. I take a long time taking photos, uploading, taking another photo that'll be the "cover" fr my review...editing that one photo...writing the review...overall I can take up to six hours to do one review, sometimes much longer. Its also the reason I don't review nendoroids or figmas, because they would honestly take forever. I just kinda insert my two cents on the pages and leave it at that. haha

But for now I'm super excited to do this review! I love Cu Chulainn so much. ; v; And I'm so happy he's finally gotten his own figure. I do have a lot to say about it so maybe get some popcorn.

Now let's go!!


Orange Rouge Fate/Grand Order Cu Chulainn / Lancer

I have a small story about the Fate series, my very first Fate introduction was Fate/Zero. I remember watching the first four episodes when it was coming out but then forgot about it? I think Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online had come out that same year and I just forgot about Fate/Zero. But as I was pursuing Netflix a couple years ago I saw it on there and remembered I never finished it....and then promptly fell in love with the series. I then watched Fate/Apocrypha because I had seen bits while visiting Japan in 2017 and loved it as well, then I finally sat down and watched Unlimited Blade Works and, once again, fell hard in love. I do play F/GO occasionally, but def not as much as I should. I haven't seen Heaven's Feel yet because I'm not ready to cry (and there was so much sh*t going on last year it was impossible for me), but I do plan on it!

Anyway, while I was watching Unlimited Blade Works I had fallen hard for Cu (my personal nickname for him) and I cried so hard when he did his best to protect Rin. I love his puppy like personality and that he's a direct contract to Zero's lancer, Diarmuid...whom I also love greatly. If I was a Master for the Holy War I would def want to be a Lancer Class Master since I seem to like a lot of them.

When Cu was announced I new I had to buy his figure, it took a long time but when P/O went up I immediately placed my order on Hobby Search at 11,500 JPY. As of 01/14/2020 he is still in stock. I will post this at the end of the review as well in case you wish to buy him.

Originally Cu was set for release in 10/19 but was unfortunately hit with the delay train until 12/19. Last time a figure had a two month delay it still came out with a major defect that was glossed over by GSC support (see Kenshin's review here) I was a little hesitant to accept the delay, but of course there was no choice. He released on 12/23/19 which made me happy because that meant I escaped 2019 with only two figures delaying until the new year (one being released soon actually!). I took this as a win.

Due to the holidays in Japan he technically came to me in 2020, but that was mostly due to the payment being sent when Hobby Search was closed. I cannot give an accurate quote n shipping unfortunately. With the Uraraka Nendoroid and Alter's Umi EMS shipping came out to 5,900 JPY. Considering the size of Cu and Umi's boxes shipping for Lancer alone would probably be about half of that. But again, I'm not certain.

Now with that said I'll get into the review shortly, but I want to put a disclaimer that I recently upgraded my phone from the iPhone 6S to the iPhone 11 and so the picture quality may be different. Personally I think the pictures look way nicer, but that could be me transporting to the future haha

BOX :: 9/10










I really like how slim the box is. I feel like sometimes companies can save a lot more box space than they let on if they can find a way to fit everything together. I've seen GSC and other companies make boxes unnecessarily large which hurts us in shipping and in storage. Its one of the reason I've had to slow down with collecting, because I just don't have a lot of room for boxes. Of course, my opinion does change depending on his fragile the figure is, but in Cu's case I feel the box size was sufficient.

I do like the red and black they picked for him, I was a bit concerned they were going to go with a lot of blue, but they didn't! It looks like he's about to activate his Noble Phantasm and I should maybe run away.

Overall, it does its job in protecting the figure and it would be nice to look at if you're the type to leave figures in boxes.

BASE :: 8/10

Cu's base was one that caught my eye when the figure went up for preorder. I like it when companies go outside the lazy "let's just do a circle and call it a day" base. I mean, if you're going to do a circle on an "expensive" figure then do something to it over a plain white base.

But I didn't have anything to worry about with Cu's base.




First off, I like that it actually is an oval. I can slide him in somewhere without having to worry about it being too wide. Second I love that it's tilted, I feel it gives more of a vibe that he's in the middle of a battle. The shading on the broken pieces is done well to. Maybe a little light if you get up close to it like this..


Like it just feels slightly off to me, but that could just me being picky for now reason.

My biggest complaints are the following:


I absolutely HATE a hollow base like this. I feel that I can't put a lot of pressure on it while setting the figure up or it may break. Which in turn causes the figure to not set perfectly on the pegs.


Its ever so slight but it still bothers me. I could try to put more pressure and connect the foot fully, but I honestly just don't want to accidentally damage him.


First world problems.

Overall, I do love the unique base and I appreciate the metal pegs. But I do not like it being hollow base. And while the shading is good, I feel it could've been a smidgen better.

PAINT JOB :: 9/10


Now let's get down and dirty.

First let's look at everything Orange Rouge sent us.


♠ Cu Chulainn
♠ Base
♠ Gae Bolg (in two parts)

It's also worth mentioning that he does come with instructions in English and Japanese.



Despite the slight issue I have with the base being hollow Cu was set up with only slight trouble, that slight trouble being the peg holes may or may not be slightly off. It was a little hard to tell if that was me or the figure.


But I got him on!

Now the lance I had a HELL of a time with. Let's take a look at it.


I'm not stranger to this, often many company's put the weapon in two pieces to make it easy to assemble. Even MegaHouse's Diarmuid does this. DESPITE THIS, I will say that I experienced the same issue with Cu Chulainn that I did with Diarmuid. I found that the gap in the hand was not wide enough to slide the lance through like the instructions say. In fact, let's take a look at them.


The instructions show the front end of the lance easily sliding through his hand to the other side. I had quite a time with this and spent maybe about ten minutes trying to accomplish this. The main problem was..


His fingers are actually attached to the palm of his hand. Unlike some figures Ive handled there was no way for me to kinda wiggle his hand open a bit more to aid my quest. I ended up doing what I did for Diarmuid, I put a very, very, very small dot of lotion to help slide the lance through. Then I very carefully took the other end and attached it. You have to be careful with these as they could potentially break if too much force is used


But it is in and assembled.


Right off the bat I see something that could pose trouble and a lot of set up rearranging later. Because of his pose (which I do love) he may be hard to place because it'll be difficult to see his face. Otherwise I think his pose suits him well, Cu is like a cat and is literally all over the place while he fights. He's shown to be rather adroit and uses it to his advantage. Reminds me of Claude from FE3H how his close up critical and dodge is to literally back flip on his wyvern. Like what the hell man.

Actually now that I think about it, Cu is similar to Claude in a way. No wonder I love Claude so much.

ANYWAY, this is a FIGURE review not a FE3H review.




Truly do like how dynamic his pose is.


My camera was having a hard time focusing on his face, I'm not sure if it means hes too handsome or what.

His expression is serious and ready to put it all on the line in one all out strike. I love how you can see his bangs moving as if he's about to leap forward.




I like the paint they used for his armor, its got the perfect amount of shine I feel. And you can really see the tiny little bolts that keep it in place. I'll dive into a bit more as the review goes on, but while I was setting up the lance I noticed his pony tail was very flexible, like so much so I felt it was actually going to just come off. The rest of the figure feels sturdy, but the lance feels thin and the pony tail literally feels like rubber and its a real strange feeling. I tried not to touch it too much while moving him around for pictures. I would recommend anyone do the same.







His hair is done wonderfully and unlike many figures there's no seem line! Or at least, if there is it is hidden very well. This is probably one of the few characters where they could get away with hiding it so well.

Again I'll say the pony tail does feel like it could come off at any moment, but at least it is sculpted to look nice.


Speaking of sculpting or shading just look at how awesome the shading it done here! I always forget that Cu isn't just a pretty boy. He's a pretty boy that'll kick your butt five ways to Sunday. And Orange Rouge showed that quite nicely.



I mean just look at this!!



Even his back is shaded quite nice and its really awesome to see there's no bleeding from the lines on his outfit. I always worry when see thin lines that there will be some kind of paint bleeding, but thankfully we seem to be spared.



The shading even shows how his clothes move with his body, of course he wears a jumpsuit but the concept is still there.


His hand on the other hand...


I can't dock too many points here only because hands are difficult to draw, I can't even imagine sculpting. I just feel like while they are hands and they pass they just look strange? Maybe its because I feel hes usually holding his lance with both hands and its throwing me off.

I do feel he has a bit of the finger fusion going on. Which wouldn't shock me considering that's already a thing on his other hand that I showed earlier.





And now his feel. I again like the paint and shades that used. There's really not much to say here because I'm so distracted by everything else about this figure. I'm surprised by how good he turned out.

I say surprised mostly because I'm not too familiar with OR's scales. I've really only owned a few nendoroids in the past and I do like them quite a bit. I have heard OR started on a rough foot, but I'm very happy with how Cu turned out and I won't be opposed to buying from them again. I feel like he was very decently priced as well. If he had been a little more I may not have that same opinion. But for right now I am very happy with him and would happily pay 11,500 JPY again.

Sorry if this seems a bit rushed at the end of the review. Mom is actually rushing me to do something so I have to end it here.

Overall, I do love him and I am very excited to have a proper Cu scale in my collection. I am happy to not see any defects after a two month delay and if you do want him he is still available on Hobby Search at 11,500 JPY and again, as of 01/14/2020 he is still in stock.

Anyway, here's too a happy new year and good vibes to all!!
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Cu is the best doggo! I have always loved his design, hopefully one day they make a proto Cu figure.

Thanks for the awesome read! Really detailed in depth review here.
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