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Chibi-JibsChibi-Jibs8 months ago
Since there weren’t a whole lot of pictures of the With Fan’s! Figures when Milim went up for pre-order I figured it was a bit of a hit or miss risk here. Her price was affordable so I decided to go for it and see what happened.

Slime though is currently one of my favorite series - if you like the anime, I highly recommend reading the light novels! There's so much stuff in them that the anime leaves out (to be expected and the anime is still a good adaptation), and the writing is just amazing.

First off, I love that she came in a compact box - she isn’t the biggest figure, but the box size is great. The colors on the box are really popping, I think the light pastel’s used really sell it. Otherwise, it’s pretty basic with a simple design (that works well), a clear window cut out on the front and pictures of the figure decorating the other sides.

One of the things that realllllly sold me on the box was the top. Sometimes, the small details are really what make something - the little Rimuru cut out was such a nice touch to the box itself.

She was packaged pretty straight forwardly, nothing special about it, but it protected the figure. My one major issue with her, was that the plastic around her chest/under her arm was so hard to pull out that there’s still some in there. You can’t see it when she’s on display, but I wasn’t sure if she comes apart or not so I didn’t want to risk it.

I know her base is simple, but I really like it. The honeycomb pattern on it is a nice touch and I don’t think it needed to be anything more than it is. It’s also thankfully not too big and works well with the size of the figure.

Here she is out of the box! The full view.

Up close you can see her hair is a little rough and she’s not perfect. Her face came out great though, her expression and the playfulness of it. I did have a LITTLE bit of a paint transfer on her chest but getting a picture of it was hard.

One of the biggest parts of the figure is the jar of honey - which is simple but came out well. You can see that the painting on her stocking doesn't always line up correctly, it’s a little messy but not awful. Her boots are simple enough and well painted, but they are only one color.

Her nails are painted black - it’s a so-so job, overall it looks fine. The little drip of honey from her finger also came out well. But if you look along the collar/top area you can see a few issues.

I think Milim’s outfit is pretty simple, it’s almost like a Bikini figure with slightly more detail in some areas - although some bikini figures go in depth. Anyway, you can see where the gold painting on the sleeves was a little messy. The yellow used on the band on her leg actually looks like a pleasant pastel yellow in the pictures but in person it’s kind of… not.

Here she is with dear Rimuru on her! Who is nicely done and comes with uh butt imprints so you know where to sit him, LOL.

Here she is with some of her other figures - her prize figure, ichiban kuji figure, & nendoroid.

Over all, I am happy to have purchased her. I did have some higher hopes because Good Smile is involved with the company. I doubt unless it’s a figure of a character I really want I’ll be ordering many figures from With Fans! - I’m glad I didn’t order their Mari figure despite liking it quite a bit - she’s not perfect and there are noticeable issues, but she is cute.
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I'm not a fan of Milim's pose but I do love Milim and her playful face expression.

I do like that she's holding the honey jar and eating it with the other hand; it's the item that allowed Milim and Rimuru to be best friends though.

Thanks for the review!
8 months ago
ChibiSaturn8 months ago#73991323
Speaking of Rimuru tho, did you see his cheerleading figure?

I’m not sure if this reply was to me or not but yes I did! It’s very funny and his ponytail looks great, but he doesn’t look too happy about wearing that outfit!
8 months ago
ChibiSaturn8 months ago#73991323Torakatsu8 months ago#73986051
Speaking of Rimuru tho, did you see his cheerleading figure?

I'm weirdly into it! haha Might make it my first prize figure.
ChibiSaturn8 months ago#73991210Torakatsu8 months ago#73986051
I'm happy I got her but she has her issues

Yeah I still really like the pose of the With Fans', but I'll probably grab the Megahouse one instead now.
8 months ago
Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
Torakatsu8 months ago#73986051
Speaking of Rimuru tho, did you see his cheerleading figure?
8 months ago
Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
Torakatsu8 months ago#73986051
I'm happy I got her but she has her issues
8 months ago
Appreciate the review, saves me from spontaneously purchasing her. The edges on the fringe are ridiculous!
8 months ago
She looks very cute and so does Rimuru! Great review it was very detailed :)
8 months ago
Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
Tidan8 months ago#73984765
She's not perfect but I'm happy to have her.
I thought it might but mine seemed pretty type so I stopped messing with it
Maybe I'll try again at some point. Thank you!
8 months ago
I have her, and I'm pretty pleased with her. Thankfully, her head does come off if you want to remove the rest of the plastic.
8 months ago