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The collection continues to grow.The collection continues to grow.

TyjosAzariTyjosAzari1 month agoDiary
Well my plans for trying to take a break from collecting at the start of this year haven't worked out.

Instead the collection has increased in size and I'm nearing 310 items in the collection where the last month I was around 290 or so and looking at how much online shopping I've done I do need to begin to shut that down for a while because a lot has been done over the past few months and after getting more into the collection over the past week and picking up a few more items for the Gundam collection and another Sword Art Online figure I need to not do any collecting for a few weeks.

At the rate this collection has been growing I'll be burned out again before the end of the month so I'm glad that right now I don't feel like getting anything else.

Looking at what's been added to the collection this past week and what I'm waiting for I see a nice assortment of new items for the collection and if I go back to collecting only Mobile Suit Gundam this collection could be at 400 before I know it with the way I collect that series [Between Action Figures and Model Kits this collection would grow very rapidly]

Went from having almost nothing on order to having about 10 items on order this week but most of those are Prize Figures and Model Kits.

ITEM #368554 will be arriving today along with the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Complete Series DVD set and should be getting another Model Kit Sunday or Monday.


Looking forward to getting ITEM #212337 in this weekend or early next week, I love the way this mobile suit looks and after watching a few episodes of Gundam Build Fighters I had to pick this one up and that's part of what is fueling my increased interest in collecting Gundam again since there are a few Gundam series on my current rewatch list and the more Gundam I watch the more figures/models I end up getting.


Love this variant of Wing Gundam so this will get put on the Kits to build within the next month list as soon as it gets in.

ITEM #874462 will be arriving early next week after getting VeeTwo in yesterday had to get the MarsFour Armor Set for the Core Gundam from Build Divers ReRise and next month will need to get the Weapons Sets for those two.


Found another Sword Art Online EXQ Prize Figure for the collection so Lisbeth ITEM #814223 is coming in and should be here early next week.


Still waiting for ITEM #864237 to arrive next week and then the next SAO figure added to the collection will be ITEM #886347 early next month so looking at what was picked up this week and what's inbound to the collection there's I am satisfied with what's coming in.

This year's collecting focus is more on Variety and different and new types of Mobile Suits that I haven't gotten into the collection before and there are a lot of great kits and figures out there so that will make collecting a lot easier and more enjoyable this year.

Still plenty of Prize Figures out there to hunt for and I'm glad that Sword Art Online has a lot of Prize Figures to choose from and I am looking forward to this Leafa figure ITEM #934962 and next month will pick up this Asuna figure ITEM #775134


Looking at what's been ordered the overall total of what's been picked up comes to a easy to manage amount so by scaling things back with collecting focusing only on Prize Figures and Models that's helping me to enjoy this hobby more and that's the main goal for this year to enjoy collecting.

There are still a few SD Gundams on the To Get List those can be pushed to next month's To Get List so there are still lots of figures to hunt for so I'm not fully retired from collecting Anime just yet but that's still part of this year's plan but for now the goal is to enjoy the hobby.
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yurirainbowz (1 month ago) #74190505I feel you. I had planned to quit collecting all together cold turkey but i find myself coming back with manga and a couple figures this year

I find I am happier and seeing a trend here on MFC of collectors who are getting out of the hobby or becoming conflicted or just not loving the hobby like they used too it makes me wish that other collectors could find something to collect that makes them happy.

Found that collecting Mobile Suits and Prize Figures works for me feels good to collect something that makes me pretty happy and while there is no need or rush to collect a lot of things continuing along at a relaxed pace is a great idea to me for this year if I can't retire fully.
1 month ago
Ahhh my collection keeps growing too! I am selling all of it, though. Medical bills are unfortunately more pressing than owning as many waifus as possible...
1 month ago
I feel you. I had planned to quit collecting all together cold turkey but i find myself coming back with manga and a couple figures this year
1 month ago
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