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RokikiRokiki1 year ago
Hello MFC!

I thought I might share this, as well as open up a place to comment on, and share thoughts on the newest documentary short by Crunchyroll.

Link here

This is specifically on Nendoroids, and the production process. While there was defiantly a lot I didn't know, there really is much more than I thought involved!
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Thanks for sharing this!It really deserves to be shared!
11 months ago
I LOVE hearing about how anime figures get made, so this documentary had me like *_*

I got a little emotional at the end, when the ceo talked about how nendoroids are sitting on the desks of animators and game devs around the world... it made me remember my dream of having nendoroids of my own characters someday. gotta keep at it! (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ
11 months ago
More insight in the industry is always welcome.
11 months ago
I don't really care about Nendoroids, but the documentary was very interesting to watch.
11 months ago
Thank you so much for sharing this! It was a wonderful watch.
Its so important to share this since so many people are utterly ignorant about the amount of engineering and passion that goes into their creation!
11 months ago
Hate Crunchyroll but this was cool.
11 months ago
It's actually very insightful. It actually explains why there are so many more nendoroids coming out too. Highly recommend watching it. It talks about more than just nendoroid production.
11 months ago
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