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MagusfiguresMagusfigures1 year ago
Hi again everyone! Following on from yesterday's Akechi review, it's time to take a look at the other Nendoroid that I had in my January amiami order! This one was a bit of a last-minute impulse buy, but considering how popular the movie is, I'm really glad I was able to get him!

Today we'll be looking at my 30th Nendoroid:
Nendoroid Galo Thymos by Good Smile Company!
ITEM #846019

Sorry I don't have a fun background on hand for this one, haha...

Anyway! I was able to go see Promare back in the fall when it came to U.S. theaters. Many of the same folks who worked on Promare were also responsible for Gurren Lagann, my favorite anime of all time, so I was excited to see what Promare was about. And Promare did not disappoint!!! It's been a long time since a piece of media last made me feel the way Gurren Lagann did, and Promare hit that same sweet spot with aplomb. Needless to say, it quickly shot up into my list of favorites. also, after feeling "eh" about a bunch of Trigger's other shows, it was REALLY nice to finally have a Trigger show I'm in love with, haha

So, naturally, I went home and checked to see if preorders were still available for Nendoroid Galo--I'd been holding out to see how I felt about the movie, but once I knew I loved it, I no longer had any reservations about buying him. By some miracle, Amiami still had orders open, so I tossed one into my cart! Preorders closed just days after I ordered him, so I feel really lucky I was able to see the movie when I did ;-;

Anyway, enough rambling--let's take a look at him!


Here's how he looks from the sides! You can see that his unique hairstyle has been sculpted faithfully. The hair highlights look a little weird from the side, but I probably won't be seeing him from that angle very much.


Galo has a huge presence even from behind! I love the way his sleeve straps look; it's such a striking design.


Close in on his face, you can see that the subtle details in his eyes have been faithfully reproduced. Galo's purple pupils are hard to see in a lot of shots, but they're definitely there!


Close in on the details of his chest! He's been sculpted with a sort of blocky, angular appearance, which matches the aesthetic from the movie. The orange chip next to the "3" on his pants looks like an error, but it's actually faithful to the design. For the most part the paint looks alright, but there's some sloppiness here and there.


I did notice that mine came with a small scuff on one of his gloves, but it doesn't bother me very much.


Galo also has a nice little butt for a nendoroid, if i do say so myself--


Here's everything he came with! An extra faceplate, an assortment of hand parts, some arms, a gun part, and of course his iconic Matoi Tech! It's a pretty standard assortment for a nendoroid, minus a third faceplate.

Right away I noticed that Galo's additional faceplate is a completely different shape than most nendoroids' faceplates. It's round to account for Galo's closely-buzzed hairstyle, and the front hair piece is inserted into two holes on the top.


The faceplate itself is even constructed differently on the inside, attaching to the back of his head in a different way. Unfortunately, this makes it impossible for Galo to swap faces with other nendoroids... It makes me sad that we only got two faceplates with him, since there isn't the possibility of borrowing other faces.


Before I could start posing, I had to assemble the Matoi Tech. This is one of the few times I've actually had to look at the instructions to assemble something...

The Matoi is where my problems with this nendoroid began. Of the eight streamers, I only got two or three to go right into their corresponding hole and stay there. The others I had to wrestle, tweeze, scrape, and beg to get in. I tried heating up the base a few times to loosen the plastic, which helped a little, but not much. For many of them, the pegs were just too big for the hole provided.


There was just one piece that wouldn't stay in no matter what I tried so I decided to give up on it orz...

Once I finally got all the streamers in, it was time to start trying out poses!

"It sets my firefighter's soul ablaze!
Matoooooooi Teeeeeeech!!!!"

Once he's all put together, he really does look cool!!! I can just hear his theme song now!! This pose makes use of the outstretched arm and one of the gripping hands; Galo came with two, so he could hold the matoi in either hand.

Getting this pose together was actually a lot of work: the head of the Matoi is very heavy, and the stick supporting it is kinda flimsy... I had to be very careful not to knock off any of the streamers, too.


Galo's arms and hands also work uniquely from any nendoroid I've seen before. Each hand has a v-shaped peg that attaches to the glove cuff, setting it in place. His wrist articulation comes from the round peg in the other end of the glove, which attaches to his arm. It's a neat setup that hides the articulated parts well, but it also means he can't easily part swap with other nendoroid hands, either...


I tried doing a pose with him holding the matoi in his other hand, but it was hard to get all the parts to cooperate.... in particular, the bent left arm didn't want to play nicely with the glove peg.


It's definitely a cool looking prop, and once I *do* get it in place, it tends to hold well. But I would definitely be worried about how top-heavy it is, especially considering how thin the pole is.


Moving on, now we're going to try posing with the gun, along with the gun holding hands and the stick from the matoi. An uhhh... this pose took way longer than it should have to set up?? The bent arm was wholly uncooperative, and I couldn't get the hands to line up right no matter what I tried...


The gun fits snugly in his hand, at least--no complaints there. While it seems like he's holding the pole end in this shot too, he uh, definitely is not lmao... So far posing him has been a little frustrating.

And now, let's break out that alternate expression for a try at...

"I'm the world's number-one firefighting idiot--Galo Thymos!!!"

Bam! Galo's signature pose!!! This pose is based on the exaggerated poses of kabuki actors, and even though Galo's clothes could not be further from kabuki, the pose still evokes that same feeling! (Fun fact: Galo's exaggerated line delivery in a lot of his dramatic speeches is also a nod to kabuki.)


The pose is just as dramatic from the back!! I love the chunky look of Galo's fingers in this pose, too.


Together with ITEM #651234 ! You can see that Galo's hair makes him considerably taller than the average nendoroid. When the designs for Promare were first revealed, everyone noticed Galo's uncanny resemblance to Kamina immediately. Though the characters are similar, I'd argue that Galo has more emotional intelligence than Kamina ever had lmao. In many ways Galo feels like an updated Kamina for a modern audience, so it's kinda fun to have them both together.


Simon: Bro, I--wait, why are there two of you?
Kamina: TWO Kaminas?? Listen, pal, I don't know who the hell you think you are, but this world's only big enough for one of m--
Galo: No, no, I'm not a Kamina!! (Whatever that means.) My name's Galo Thymos, and I'm a firefighter. In fact I'm the world's Number One Firefighting Idiot!
Kamina: A firefighter, huh? Never heard of 'em, but nothing sounds cooler than fighting fire!!!!
Simon: Bro I don't think he actually fights fires, I think he just puts them out...
Galo: Oh no, I fight 'em alright! With my special-made Matoi Tech, I can punch those fires right out!
Kamina: Hell yeah!! You punch that fire!! Show it who's boss!!
Simon: sigh...


Galo: Lio?! You're here already? Did you cut your hair?? It looks good!
Raiden: I think you have me mixed up with somebody else... My name's Raiden. Who's Lio?
Galo: Oh. Sorry about that, pal. I saw the light hair and the leather and got excited for a minute.
Raiden: I see... (why does this keep happening to me?)


Nero: Why, hello there! I must say, your body is quite impressive.
Galo: Thanks? I'm a firefighter, so it comes with the job...
Nero, twirling her hair: A firefighter! That is sooooo funny. I'd love to have a strapping man like you join my imperial harem.
Galo: You want me t--?! Oh, sorry, I think there's been a mistake. I'm g--


Gilgamesh: Gay? Excellent. In that case, I believe there's a place for you in MY harem.
Nero: Oh, not you again! Do you enjoy stalking me just to prevent me from making new catches?!
Gilgamesh: I wasn't STALKING you, I was simply--I overheard. Yes.
Nero: A likely story. I hope you're ready to taste my firey blade, King of Heroes--!
Galo: Uh--! Fight if you have to, but please don't start a fire!!!


Galo: ...And when you put a fire out, you should pour water on it, stir it with a shovel, and then pour more water. You gotta make sure the fire pit is completely cold before you leave the campsite or go to sleep, because if it's still hot, it could ignite again and start a wildfire. And that's how to practice basic campfire safety.
Link: -nodding-
Galo: You're only camping at designated campsites too, right Link?
Link: -sweating-


Here's where I'm displaying him for now! Even though he's from a different property, he looks right at home with the Gurren figures, haha! I can't wait to have Lio to display with him...

Anyway, on to the number scores:

Sculpting: A 10 here! Galo looks great, and he's been sculpted with careful attention to detail. GSC clearly went the extra mile to make sure Galo's hair would work in nendoroid form, and the end result is fantastic.
Painting: Painting gets a 9; For the most part the colors look great, but I did noticed some sloppiness and scuffs.
Posing: Posing is where the score starts to dip a little; unfortunately I have to give posing a 5. I had a very hard time posing this figure. His parts didn't fit together well, and I had to really work to get pegs in holes and to get props to stay in place. He has a good amount of articulation, but it can be difficult to get all the parts to work together.
Accessories: The accessories are also going to get a lower score unfortunately (6). While he did come with a lot of optional parts and props that fit the character, the Matoi Gear was very difficult to put together and did not stay together well. The gun part didn't do much for me, and I think I would've preferred a different item (maybe a pizza?). I was also disappointed that we only got 2 faceplates, considering that he isn't able to face swap with other nendoroids.
Enjoyment: I'll give enjoyment a 9. While normally I'm eager to gush about my love for a figure, Galo's difficulties have soured me a little bit on the nendo. He's an excellent character, but this is not the best-made nendoroid, and it's difficult to recreate even the simplest poses. That said!! He is still very cool looking, and captures the character well. Difficulties aside, I'm still very glad I was able to get him, and I look forward to having more fun with him once Lio comes out.

As for future Promare figures, I'm of course VERY stoked to see ITEM #919613 with color!! I'm also interested in ITEM #944915, because it looks like it might actually make a functional noodle stopper. While I don't know if I'll buy more Promare figures after Nendo Lio, I'm always here for more Promare love in the world!!

And that's about it! If you made it this far, thanks so much for reading! Now it's time to continue waiting for the wonfes fairy with bated breath...

If he actually comes out when they say he will, my next review will be in April, when ITEM #604483 finally arrives. i hope saying this doesn't jinx it....
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LittlePisces1 year ago#75312834That chip is a nice detail! Wasn't sure to give Promare a watch or not. But hey, I like Trigger stuff so I'm sure I might as well enjoy Promare! The Lio Nendo is looking good so far.
If you like Trigger's stuff, I have no doubt you'll enjoy Promare - it has all the hallmarks of a 26 episode Trigger show, but distilled into 2 hours of nonstop over-the-top action. I can definitely recommend it!!
1 year ago
That chip is a nice detail! Wasn't sure to give Promare a watch or not. But hey, I like Trigger stuff so I'm sure I might as well enjoy Promare! The Lio Nendo is looking good so far.
1 year ago
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