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Winter WonFest Updated ItemsWinter WonFest Updated Items

galabluegalablue13 days agoAsk MFC
So we've talked a lot about what was new at WonFest, but I wanna know from you what figures you are excited about that were updated at WonFest! There were a few figures that I had on my wishlist that got a little bit closer to preorder!

ITEM #850526 - Went from drawing to a painted prototype. I'm so glad that it is a way more dynamic pose than the original concept. I'm so glad she's cuddling Puck rather than just sitting with a blank stare with an open book. It's so much more of her character!

ITEM #851337 - I've been watching this figure mostly just because I'm interested in the other KD Colle kimono figures, and she turned out so beautiful!

ITEM #851339 - Megumin is the first out of my 3 konosuba girls to get a sculpt, and I can't say I'm surprised. It'll all depend on the paint job, but I'm loving her expression.

ITEM #851319 - This figure was updated, but to be honest I was disappointed. Her rough paint was so much more ethereal and pastel, but this looks a lot more dusty and deep -- with crushed rose colors. I think I'll pass on this after seeing the update. Plus, I don't really care for her hair.

Anyhow, share some stuff that was updated that you're excited/let down about!
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Chibi-Jibs Cosmic Mermaid
galablue (12 days ago) #75412482
I'm SUPER excited to see F:nex doing the Kimono figures for Yurucamp, I think the nendoroid set is good for the camping aspect of it (Although Phat's Nadeshiko is super cute) but those Kimono figures, they had a line of merch with similar images and I got the keychains, they did have the other guys so it's possible. But F:nex is really just popping out some REALLY beautiful figures so I look forward to seeing them do these.
11 days ago
Chibi-Jibs (13 days ago) #75341474
And the prototype for this: ITEM #872724
And I'm just prepared to give FuRyu all my money, I'm realllly glad I held off on Yuru Camp scales because these two will be insta buys: ITEM #946212 & ITEM #946211
And Slime too they got! ITEM #946218
Glad to see Phat doing more Slime figures as well, as I imagine their Milim will come out better than With Fans! (But I do like that figure)

PanchitoMatte (12 days ago) #75347337um.... ITEM #946212
Yeah, definitely that one <3

So I'm definitely drooling over those Yuru Camp figures ... Yeah, I bought my girl Nadeshiko, but uhhhhhh yeah I can have more than one! I am a sucker for the yukata/kimono figures and I would be delighted to have them on my shelf. I like this Rin figure better than her basket of fruit one that was teased, so I think I'll swap them on my wishlist. This makes me very hopeful for the other two girls to get kimono figures as well, which would honestly be a blessing!! My girl Chiaki needs some love.

Also, I am very excited for a Milim and Shizue figure from Phat. Going on my wishlist!
12 days ago
Honestly the majority of my excitement comes from updates. The new , while there are some nice figures and concept, doesn't come close to the updated list of mine.
ITEM #851337 - my best girl in my favorite outfit type, painted prototype. Yes please. So gorgeous.

ITEM #806127 - It's happening! She looks just like in the game. Beautiful but sad. In the sea of Arotias and Jeannes, hope was found as Amakuni recognized my Fate waifu and gave her this stunning figure. I just hope she doesn't come out this year, I need to save up for her.

ITEM #806012 - It had to happen, and it did, and I'm glad for it. Probably the figma I'm looking forward the most.

ITEM #872878 - Hildr is a cutie. She looks elegant and cute so this is awesome. Also glad she got recognition besides in the sea of Jeannes and Artorias.

ITEM #675882 - Painted prototype, nice! Really hoping the figma line picks up Magia Record like FGO, because there are some MGs I'd love to see in my figma army (Ren, Mito, Mel, Kanae, Kanagi etc..)
12 days ago
Only really Shiho for me. Slight nitpick with her looking a bit more relaxed compared to the card, but everything else about her is great.

ITEM #806142
12 days ago
These figures from my favorites where painted:

ITEM #604639 Aka - 1/8 (Magic Mould)

ITEM #806019 Yoshino - 1/7 - Inverse Ver. (Phat Company)

ITEM #740402 Shiratama Parfait no Shiratama Komame (Native)
12 days ago
My only wishlists that were updated were a few ones that I really wanted and loved.

ITEM #872760 Those would be this Albedo from F:Nex which the prototype looks amazing and I expect the paint job to also be as good.

ITEM #872683,ITEM #872681 These JoJo Nendos which I'm very excited for because they've been sitting there without a prototype for quite some time and I'm a big JoJo fan myself.

ITEM #931676 Last but not least we got to see a picture of how this prototype will look because I'm loving it so far and I hope that they will do it justice.

ITEM #800191 The one that I was mostly disappointed is this Hyakkimaru which I can't say I'm surprised but at least GSC came in to save the day with their own version.
12 days ago
My only wishlist items that got updated were ITEM #872639 and ITEM #874724. I can't really complain though, because Gray looks fantastic and I had been a little worried.

I'm also going to keep an eye out for when they announce prices for ITEM #675981 and ITEM #795652, but I probably won't spring for either of them since I feel like both QuesQ and Kadokawa price their figures too high. (I do really like Saber Alter though, so we'll see.)

I was surprised that ITEM #806152 wasn't painted? At least with the anime airing I figure it'll happen sometime soonish.
12 days ago
There were probably only three updated items that I really care about, because they are the ones that may just receive patronage from my purse ;)

The first is Aoshima's Shinobu ITEM #931676 and while they showcased a prototype image instead of the prototype per se - I am excited. If the paintjob is good she may turn out to be very good.

The second one is not an update, it just went from thin air to poof, here's a fantastic already painted scale of Sesshomaru to blow you off <3 ITEM #945746

The third one is ITEM #851337  I think the colours turned out beautiful and if the price is acceptable, I may get her.
12 days ago
PanchitoMatte Emilia-tan Maji Tenshi!
um.... ITEM #946212

Yeah, definitely that one <3
12 days ago
Well overall wonfes was nice for new announcements! But I am sad ITEM #872780 didnt get sculpted, it makes me a little worried that he wont be (all the girls are past the announcements stage). Other than that I was interested in Koto Asuka 1/6, ITEM #919607 but it came a big surprise to me the color change. Saw today that Evangelion 3.0+ 1.0 will feature this new suit. I am not sure how I feel about it, the dark red looks great but I wish most of the suit was dark red instead of the contrasting lighter red, the colors are close but I dont think match well. I think Koto also went a little overboard with RED, Asuka has a red outfit, the base is red, the metal bar is red, I think having grey tones or brownish tones for the base would have been better.
12 days ago
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