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SoKawaii February 2020SoKawaii February 2020

galabluegalablue1 month agoLoot
So I'm doing something a little bit different today. Back in January I decided to treat myself to a year long subscription to SoKawaii after seeing an artist I follow on instagram unboxing one -- and it looked really good! It was the December box and there was even a prize figure in it, so I thought why not ... I've always wanted one of these boxes, it's like a little gift every month. Sooooo after patiently waiting, I got my first box! I was supposed to receive a giant Hamtaro plushie since I had signed up for a year, but I haven't yet. I'll probably end up emailing them if I don't get it ... I really love Hamtaro.

Anyhow, let's look into my box! I was so excited (and my mom too, lol) that we had to open it up on the couch as soon as it came for a first look.


I think there are different colors of boxes, but I got a blue one. I absolutely love blue soooo yeah, awesome from the start.


The box came neatly packed, I really like the design. Everything was wrapped in tissue paper which made it feel like a really nice little gift!


Every box comes with a card that says the theme of the month. The theme for February was "Love is in the air". More on that later!


And here's my box! Let's get to unpacking.


"Love is in the air"
Thank you so much for ordering this February SoKawaii! This month, love is in the air with all of your beloved friends reuinited together to celebrate their love of kawaii! Kirby, Sumikko Gurashi, Rilakkuma, and more are featured in this box! Enjoy discovering items that will surely warm your heart! We curated for you some of the cutest and most useful products in Japan. From the perfect Valentines Day themed plush to the new Rement figure to add to your collection, we are sure you'll love this new selection of goodies. See you next month for even more kawaii!

Okay, okay. I love notes like this. It makes it feel so personal! All of these items are literally items I would never buy for myself unless they were in this box, so it's really nice getting a bunch of random ones. Well, I'd buy stickers actually. I have an addiction. ۹(˒௰˓)۶

Please note I'm trying to locate all of these items on MFC, but haven't been able to find them all. They're either not in the DB or I'm just blind. If you end up seeing one of them, please let me know and I'll add it to my article!

Alright, first item up...


PomPomPurin Cake Mold
Traditionally in Japan, Valentine's day means cooking for the one you love! Make your own Pompompurin or Pikachu cake thanks to this silicone cake mold shaped like one of your favorite cute character! Dishwasher, Microwave, and Oven safe.


So I wish I had gotten the Pikachu one, because my family in general just loves Pikachu, but Pompompurin is growing on me! He's such a big funny boy that I know any cake I make will turn out great. I actually really love to bake, so this is a good item for me.


I didn't know that Valentine's day in Japan was all about cooking for the one you love. Man, I can't wait until I find that special someone and can bake them something special on Valentine's day! Maybe next year he'll be getting a Pompompurin cake.


The cake came with a recepie, but since I'm not fluent in Japanese yet I can't read it. Maybe I'll contact my Japanese friend Kayo and have her translate for me (and reward her with a cake!).


Hello Kitty Spatula
Take your baking to the next level with this cute and officially licensed Hello Kitty Spatula. With its die-cut mascot on the handle, everyday cooking will never be the same!

It's a cute spatula, a little small for my giant American hands, but I will feel pretty while cooking. I think I'm going to dedicate this spatula to baking, specifically lifting cookies off the hot pan. I'll just have to make sure my brother doesn't get ahold of it!


Eevee Stickers / Eeevee pen
These adorable stickers are perfect for decorating books, cards, letters, and memos. It's cutely printed with a beautiful Eevee design. A fine addition to your growing stationary collection.

To go with your new stickers, here's an assorted Eevee pen! No matter if you are writing your diary or doodling, you'll always have a cute companion nearby. Make sure you use it when you write a letter to your Valentine!

Love the stickers, I used to have a large stationary collection but I've just been using it up rather than purchasing more. The pen will probably go into my purse for when I'm out to eat and need to sign a bill. Very stylish! Eevee isn't my favorite but I really like the design of both.


Sumikko Gurashi Cup Sleeve
What's better than a hot drink during a cold winter month? Add a touch of cuteness to your favorite cup and avoid burning yourself with this beautiful Sumikko Gurashi Cup Sleeve. 3 designs available at random.

Haha, of course I got the design I wanted the least out of the three, but it's still adorable. Albeit, I am not sure how practical this is for me as I don't really drink hot drinks (we don't have much of a winter here in Los Angeles). I'm going to try to remember to bring it with me next time I'm out at a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.


Kirby's Dream Land Terrarium
ITEM #670072 - 750 yen
You liked the ones featured before, so here is a new Kirby Rement series to add to your collection of cute terrariums! The Fountain of Dreams collection showcases Kirby and its friends in several magical scenes. 6 designs available at random.


There are six designs available at random, all of them are super cute!


I ended up getting the fountain of dreams itself! I love my little Kirby. My dad and I think he'd look really good lit up, so he's going to help me find a little mini lighting solution to make the fountain shine. It's a cheap little item but it's probably one of my favorites in the box.


Rilakkuma Plushie
This cute Rilakkuma plushie will make your heart melt! The heart shaped accessory is actually a pocket that can be used to store and hide precious little things! So soft and cute, this one is a must have in your collection of kawaii plushies!

Okay, okay ... I'll admit it. I've been carrying him around and hugging him. He is so soft and cute. I love his little expression and I love that his heart is a pocket. I've placed him up on my shelf so that I don't get too attached to him, lol!


I really like how soft he is, and he has great detailing. His zipper on the back is an actual zipper (but of course he doesn't unzip).

Anyway, that's it for this box! (๑>ᴗ<๑) I have never had a blind box before so I wasn't sure if I would like it, and I have nothing to compare this to. I pretty much like all of the items I got and I am looking forward to the variety in the next box. It was really fun getting a little gift. I knew what three of the items were, but didn't know what the rest were going to be! I think the items are probably cheaper than what I paid for the box, but honestly ... I would not have purchased these for myself necessarily, so I am happy I got the box. Plus, you know me, I got free shipping (lol).

See you guys next month with my March box!
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Happyakrz (18 days ago) #76422066This is really cool to see.

That is such a funny story! At the start of your comment I was going to say maybe your kids would want some of the stickers and trinkets, but it seems like they aren't as interested yet ;)

This box has no add ons, so what you see is what you get. You get 4-6 items depending on the box, but for some items there are random ones ... like in this box it was the cake mold (other option was the pikachu one) and the Kirby rement figure (blind so everyone gets a random one). I think the plushie was the same for everyone but I seem to remember seeing one with a pink heart as well, so not sure. I should be getting my next box any day now ... but my dad will be putting it into a decontamination zone LOL!
18 days ago
This is really cool to see. I've wondered about a lot of the monthly boxes that are out there. With my age (and sex, I suppose), I'm not as interested in the little trinkets and stickers, but I am an avid collector at heart, so when I see something that comes in a series, I usually have to have them ALL -- even if I don't "like" them.

A few months back, I subscribed to The Otaku Box -- this was before I'd actually purchased any legit figures, and I thought it might be an interesting way to ease into the hobby. I also really liked the t-shirt designs that I saw on the box-opening videos. What I didn't realize at the time was that the figures and shirts are "add-ons" that cost extra each month, so I downgraded my subscription to only include the t-shirts, wall-hangings and little knick-knacks, and I'm pretty happy with it. I've read that the figures they include are usually knockoffs, so I'm glad that I didn't go that route. But the t-shirts are gorgeous in color, great in fit and material, and I wear them when I'm doing anime-oriented writing -- my kids are both HORRIFIED by these shirts and have made me promise that I will NEVER wear them in public! LOLOL

I'm a geek, but not a cruel geek, so I'll celebrate my hobby in private -- though I DO wear my SAO stocking cap from time to time -- it's warm and fits my big head nicely!

Thanks for showing this box! I'll be curious to see if future boxes continue to please and excite you! :)
18 days ago
PanchitoMatte (20 days ago) #76347140What I wouldn't give to have the Pikachu edition of those Eevee stickers!

I know!! I put all of the stickers into my journal so I can have them forever. Maybe in a future box they'll have the Pikachu ones!
20 days ago
PanchitoMatte Emilia-tan Maji Tenshi!
What I wouldn't give to have the Pikachu edition of those Eevee stickers!
20 days ago
I think that Rilakkuma plushie would be a nice phone holder! I have ITEM #174774 on my bedside and I love seeing his face first thing in the morning when my alarm goes off. xD
21 days ago
SebastianLover (1 month ago) #75917149I can't wait to see your next haul~

You know what, it is so funny! I was thinking about using it for cold drinks because I love iced tea but sometimes my hands get so cold from drinking it (especially on a cold day). I'll have to see if this works. I am bummed about not getting pikachu, but I think that Pompompurin is growing on me x). Also haha about the spatula. Maybe I'll have you come over and use it xD
1 month ago
This is so cute and lives up to its name, and some of this stuff is actually useful. It's too bad about not getting Pikachu, but I'm sure those cakes will be the cutest things ever! That spatula would probably be perfect for my tiny child hands lol and would pair beautifully with my Sailor Moon bottle opener.XD I'm sure you could use the cup sleeve for cold drinks too. Maybe I'm just weird, but I often need to wear a glove/use a cozy to hold super cold drinks because it hurts my hands. Even if you don't need it for the cold, it'll block the condensation at least and look cute. I can't wait to see your next haul~
1 month ago
Cloudberry (1 month ago) #75891624I think this box has some value to it; I've seen the Rilakkuma plush that will go for about $15-$20 and one of the stores that is sorta near me is selling the Kirby terrarium for about $10-$15.

That's good to know! I purchased 1 year at 374.50, so that's around 31USD per box. So already, just with those two items, it seems like I've made up my 30 dollars. I'll send you a pic of my cake when I make one!

LittlePisces (1 month ago) #75891672The cake mold is cute. I might of caved in if they have Cinnamonroll (the character, not the dessert) themed ones. (๑>ᴗ<๑)?

I think they sometimes have Cinnamonroll merch! You can check them on insta. They always tell you 3 of the items in the box, and the others are surprises. In regards to pokemon, I have seen Pikachu versions of these stickers and would have loved those -- but I've been using these now and they are just so cute! I love the ones where there are two in the same sticker, its like they are hugging. But my fav pokemon is definitely Cubone lol.

solluxcaptor (1 month ago) #75899589I'm usually unimpressed by these type of boxes, but this one seems pretty nice. I've seen Japanese users on Twitter make jelly with that Pompompurin mold.

Hmmmm! A jelly might be an interesting thing to make. I am usually unimpressed by the boxes as well, but this one surprised me with their December box. I am looking forward to my year of boxes!
1 month ago
I'm usually unimpressed by these type of boxes, but this one seems pretty nice. I've seen Japanese users on Twitter make jelly with that Pompompurin mold.
1 month ago
The cake mold is cute. I might of caved in if they have Cinnamonroll (the character, not the dessert) themed ones. (๑>ᴗ<๑)

I love coffee! Too bad I can only afford Mcdonalds coffee, haha. I also don't buy Starbucks as often because I am still living with my siblings and I'm afraid they'll envy me! Maybe someday when I am on my own. Thank goodness the free birthday drink deal exists!

I would love the Eevee stickers! I remember my middle school homeroom teacher rewarding me some Pokemon stickers and my favorite from the set was Eevee. Is there any other Pokemon you would've prefer?
1 month ago
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