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solluxcaptorsolluxcaptor9 months ago
For some reason, even on a collecting website, having a collection focused especially on one thing can spark a negative "wtf" reaction, I know this first hand. But there's no type of collection I love to see more so I wanted to dedicate a blog to them!

It could be a character, or a whole series, or a certain illustrator/character designer, or maybe even a colour or genre like magical girls, I love to see focused collections! I also love to see hauls that focus around one thing. It's just really exciting for me to see the passion and dedication involved in tracking down items related to a specific thing.

I'm sure that everybody here knows by now that I'm obsessed with collecting Seto Kaiba merch. I still buy a few non-Kaiba/YGO related things, especially pre-orders for figures that really catch my eye, but I have really devoted myself to this!

My last collection photo, featuring most of my collecton:
My goal is to have a Kaiba themed room! Or maybe I won't even stop there... Kaiba themed home!

If you have a collection focused on one thing, please let me know what it is! I'd love to see a photo too! If you're going to be negative, please don't comment, all collections are valid and I want to support and uplift people who have collections like this.
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this... this is my dream. a dream made nearly impossible by being a broke teenager, but a beautiful dream nonetheless. you should be super proud of your seto kaiba shrine! i know firsthand how hard it can be to track down a specific character's merch, and seeing such a successful shrine-builder gives me hope, lol.

i just don't see how anyone in the nerdtastic world of figure collecting has a right to judge being so dedicated to collecting one thing. we're all emptying our wallets for plastic cartoon characters, people. spend and let spend.

i don't have a proper shrine yet to share with you, but i'm working on growing my souji okita and lion magnus collections... sigh, one day, one day.

also, i love the art you've got on you page! makes me want to commission something similar for my own weebish obessions, but i wouldn't know where to start on that haha.

keep collecting and ignore any haters... if it makes YOU happy, that's what matters! and hey, seeing this type of collection makes me happy too, the enthusiasm is contagious.
9 months ago
I read your replied comment. Thank you! I'm curious as to how you normally display your Kaiba goods when you don't have them set up in this shrine? I know a lot of people with amazing collections like yours tend to not have much room to display it how they want. I am certainly in that boat if that is the case.

That being said, I think a Kaiba themed room would be amazing! He has a great atheistic. I would picture a nice modern design with the accent colors being blue and white. That would be so awesome to see! I'm already looking into furniture ideas for my own themed room.
9 months ago
I'm back to continue replying to these! I'm sorry for my absence, I've been quite sick in real life lately...

Citrinya9 months ago#75918827That’s a wonderful collection you have there! And is that an itabag I spy in the corner?
I have a Minami Kotori (Love Live!) shrine myself, complete with scales, prizes, and a handmade itabag full of charms and buttons and things like that, and a much smaller Sailor Mercury shrine as well. I love looking for new items, especially rare ones to add to the collection!
I’m lucky in that my friends understand, at least somewhat, my love for Kotori, and several have even complimented it in its arrangement (I’ve been meaning to take photos, but I need to reorganize after I get in my next AmiAmi order this week). My fiancé is also very supportive, and while he doesn’t really understand the pvc thing, he definitely gets the waifu thing! He even buys me new Kotoris or Kotori merch on occasion.
I say if it makes you happy and isn’t harming anyone, then go for it! Happiness is personal, and if some people don’t get it, then they don’t get it- but that doesn’t mean you have to let it get you down about something you’re passionate about.

Yes, there's actually two itabags, one in each corner! I'm working on a third! Also, thank you for the kind words.
I always love to see Love Live collections because theres SO MUCH cue merch for all of the girls! It always looks great together. I wish sometimes I was more invested in it so I could buy more too, but I'm happy with just a few things of my favourite girls.
That's really sweet to hear that you have supportive people in your life aswell! I'm quite lucky to have met people like that too.

sprasad19 months ago#75918798Honestly I think focused collections/shrines are really cool! I've started collecting by focusing on Persona 3 and 4 figma, then CLAMP/shoujo. I've expanded a bit since (my nendoroids are more varied) but they're still the main focus of my collection
That's awesome! I would say my collection is still relatively varied, even if I'm not actively buying stuff from other series that much anymore. I still do sometimes and I already have everything else I own.

LiLMoon9 months ago#75918775I agree! I love looking at other's collections, but more so when they tend to focus on one theme or character. To me it shows dedication and the appreciation for that character or genre. I think from an outsider's perspective though it may come off as a bit obsessive. Like perhaps they think you have no other interests outside your one character or that is all you think about in life. Which I know that is not true, but that idea has certainly prevented me from featuring my character shrines in my room as I know others might judge me when they see it. :(
My favorite character is Eren from Attack on Titan, which I am sure you would know already just looking at my profile. Though I also collect Armin. I swear, hunting for specific merch for him is the most fun ever! I just get a thrill out of owning so much stuff of him. I have been thinking of redecorating my room with new furniture and pieces that would make it have more Attack on Titan feel. Right now, it's filled with a mixture of others series I like since I do collect other anime stuff as well.

Hmm I guess I can see where the misconception comes from. I'm a perfectly functioning human being, afterall, I just have a character that brings me happiness and strength and motivates me.
I just took a look at your photos and I love your collection and display! That redecoration idea sounds really cool though. I'd love to theme my room around Yugioh/Kaiba for sure.

Torakatsu9 months ago#75918773When people expose a part of themselves like what you’ve done by showing us your precious collection, there will always be negativity from those that are insecure and find it confronting. There will always be hate on the internet no matter what community/niche; don’t be discouraged, human nature will never change and you can’t do anything about it. All you have control over is yourself, that’s why you shouldn’t give a fuck what I or anyone else thinks.
Also I’m on my way to a pretty solid Oreimo collection. Have to take some pics one of these days.

Aw, thank you for the thoughtful and wise words! I do agree. People tend to hate what they don't understand, but it shouldn't really be the case on a site like this one...
I'll definitely continue being me, no matter what!
I'd love to see! I used to collect Oreimo myself, mostly Kirino. I still do buy stuff from it sometimes and I have lots of love for the series and the figures/merchandise.

D_A_R9 months ago#75918768Looks like a nice collection. As others said; you shouldn't care what other people think about it. As long as you're happy just keep doing what you're doing. I'm kinda impressed, that you mainly collect figures / merch for a specific character and just stick to it. I don't think I could do that. :D
Thank you. I really appreciate the kind and supportive words! It definitely does make me happy.
9 months ago
darkfader ⱠØⱠł₵Ø₦
Collecting lolis is what I'm doing. And traps now and then.
9 months ago
Don't listen to what other people say your kaiba collection is really cool ^^ I do collect a variety of things but I love Shadow the hedgehog, I have a small collection of him not enough to call it a shrine or anything but it does Make me happy ^^ Ive never had a bad reaction to my collection but I have been jokingly called a furry XD
9 months ago
Taralen9 months ago#75919250Where do you see these "wtf" reactions? I mostly see people admiring someone's fan dedication to something.
There was this commenter on this article who disagrees with the idea of owning more than one item and the way he said it sounded negative. He eventually apologized while talking to ChocolateSpider later on. His old comment is hidden due to the downvotes. (page 7) I think what would've been better though is to directly apologize to the OP and say his words more nicely.
9 months ago
ahh i dont think my collection looks as impressive atm, but i'm working on a cloud strife collection! he's my favorite character. i've even sold other parts of my collection of other characters to have money to buy more clouds.
i also have an ita bag of him i'm working on! although on my ita bag, there's a lot of fanmade buttons and charms on it.
9 months ago
kzkr 甜花ちゃんマジ天使
solluxcaptor9 months ago#75941000Commissioning things can be really satisfying too, I have some custom plushies and I commission a lot of artwork myself. I'd love to see that picture, she's really cute! Please do share!

It's not nearly as impressive as your collection, but I try.

I was looking through your commissions earlier and they're all really adorable!
9 months ago
It's been really cool to see everyone's collections in here!!

I have a relatively small collection of Odasakus (from Bungou Stray Dogs), and I also collect beyblades! Specifically, the Spriggan line from Burst, though I do have one or two others that don't fit in with those. I'm a little over halfway to getting every unique Spriggan in existence (that I know of) and once those are obtained I do plan on getting doubles because I love them a lot :}
9 months ago
I love your Seto Kaiba collection so much! It makes me so happy to see someone dedicated to their collection. ♥ Don't worry about what people say! At the end of the day you know what you want to collect.

As for me, I only go for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure figures and merch, with 80% of that being La Squadra Esecuzioni. Here's a picture of last months haul focused entirely on jojo stuff
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/02/25/2396111.jpeg

I'll buy One Piece stuff every now and then but the majority of it is JJBA.
9 months ago
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