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bellechanbellechan1 year ago
Hello everyone! Today I bring a review from a figure that is probably not much known.

Nidhogg from Shen Dai Meng Hua Tan (Bibble Bullet) made by Actoys. She is 1/8 scale with 24cm from base to the top of the Staff.
Chinese game and Chinese manufacturer = not allowed in database. *cries in the corner*
I know nothing about Actoys and I hesitated to pre-order her. I got after the release and I'm not disappointed at all by the quality. I'm quite surprised, tbh.
Released in January, 2020 for 19,224Y. She is not difficult to find, I bought her at Amiami.

You can join the Chinese Figure Club: CLUB #1729

This review is massive image heavy (+50 pics).

She is based on this illustration. Very pretty.

The box
The box is big and the shipping package was heavy (almost 2kg). She doesn't fit in a Sal-R.
Sorry, I don't have images of her inside the box. My husband and I were very excited to take her out and disassemble and putting her back was NOT an option. She isn't very hard to assemble but not that easy either. I would rate the difficulty 7/10. You can take her head out although it's not shown in the guide.

The figure
Let's see an overview. Sorry for the lack of an animated 360° lol

Her hair is really well made. Not many seam lines nor sloppy bubbles of painting! It's metallic silver bluish.

Hers scales are also metallic blue.

The attention on the details is amazing. The gold parts are very well made.

In fact, the staff is the most difficult part to assemble. It has some metal wires coming from it that go behind her, so you have to be careful to where they go to not get stucked in the hair or others parts. They are black, covered, I believe. I don't think they will rust in the future. Oh, and you can't bend them easily, so they don't lose shape.

The wings have a nice gradient from black to dark blue.

I like how her wings pull out from her skin. It seems very painful tho.

This is how the wing hole looks like w/o the wing. Again, painful LOL

She is attached to the base by her both foot (pointed out in the red circle). That is my only concern about the figure. I believe that she needed a deeper and metal peg. I will have my eyes wide open for a possible leaning.

Now. More and more pics.

I hope I could show how nice and well done the paint work is. I didn't find any major flaws or painting bleed. The only flaw I found was a flick of silver paint on her knee (that you can't see normally due the angle).

Size comparison
Using Rem 1/7 ITEM #464666, Melty 1/8 ITEM #113211 and Luka 1/8 ITEM #467223
Honestly, by the size of her box, I thought she would be bigger. But her size is appropriate for said scale.

This is her in my shelf. Angels and Demons (ok, she is a dragon)

That is it! My personal opinion is that she is incredible and amazing! You should get her if you are in doubt because of the unknown company (Actoys). I can say without a doubt that she is now one of my favorites figure of my collection. <33

You can also check some photos taken by my husband. He uploaded some days ago ^^~
PICTURE #2401501 PICTURE #2401500
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Tsumuro1 year ago#79220411Since you've probably had her for a while now, does she show signs of leaning?

I went to check her to be really sure to answer you.
So, she didn't move at all. I check her pegs foot and no sign of leaning. Same for the wings.
I hope it helps you if you are deciding on getting her ^^
you can pm me in 3-6 months and I check her again xD
1 year ago
Since you've probably had her for a while now, does she show signs of leaning?
1 year ago
Really an impressive figure. The only nitpick I have is that the parts where the wings attach to the back look very painful indeed, which is not as visible on the original art.

Thank you for the review! :)
1 year ago
Cantisama1 year ago#76283471Not her butt (no complaints there). The bottom of her right thigh looks oddly flattened:View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.ibb.co/QQtsrQB/nidhogg-flatrthigh.jpg
ooooooh, that is totally my bad! The light I used made some hard shadows! X_X
maybe this one looks better static.myfigure...
or static.myfigure...

believe me, it's not flat T___T shame on me...
1 year ago
bellechan1 year ago#76260012By flattened bottom, sitting surface, you mean her butt? Maybe it's the photo, but her butt is pretty round and well shaped >////////<
Not her butt (no complaints there). The bottom of her right thigh looks oddly flattened:View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.ibb.co/QQtsrQB/nidhogg-flatrthigh.jpg
1 year ago
OmegaWerrier1 year ago#76236415Nice review! You really did her justice, she's simply stunning.
I also have her and she's one of my recent favorites.
Thank you!!
I'l glad you enjoyed her!
MadamMantis1 year ago#76226398She is so pretty! (*O__O*)She is!!! >w<
1 year ago
Cantisama1 year ago#76224076Beautiful figure. Love her face, especially those eyes.
One thing that stood out weird to me though is the bottom of her right thigh. It seems flattened, like what manufactures do when that part of a figure is going to be sitting on a surface.
The connection for the wings could have been done with less gap, but from normal viewing distance shouldn't be a problem. I like how her skin protrudes a bit into the wings. Gives it a more realistic look like they really grew out of her back.
Chinese figure manufacturers have been knocking it out of the park lately. Thanks for sharing ^^

Thanks a lot for commenting!!^^
By flattened bottom, sitting surface, you mean her butt? Maybe it's the photo, but her butt is pretty round and well shaped >////////<
I totally agree with the wing holes. In the prototype there were absolutely no gaps... sad
Chinese figures are totally kicking! I hope they get allowed in the database at some point xD
1 year ago
victorviper1 year ago#76209026I really like the design of this figure, particularly the color scheme. The blues and purples contrast so nicely with her skin tone. The base is well designed, too, with the way she seems to be hovering in mid-air.
Thanks for the review!

Same thoughts here! Blue is one of my favorites colors. I can't see a better color scheme than that.
The way the base is connected makes it part of the figure. I like creative bases. But I'm a bit worried about it's stability.
Thanks for commenting! ^^~
1 year ago
Cloudberry1 year ago#76208823I actually like it; I might be the minority but Nidhogg looks much better than the newest Yae Sakura figure. In fact, I think I'd rather have Nidhogg instead of Yae.
I'm a fan of Nidhogg's soft expression. Those red eyes are a nice contrast to her silvery hair and because of it, I find it hard to not look away from her.
All her little details on her armor, outfit, and staff are excellent — even her painted blue fingernails are exceptional!!
What really draws me to Nidhogg, besides her eyes and expression, are her wings on her back and along her head! For her back, I love her super black wings that transitions into a deep blue near the tips. The underside of her wings is a nice azure blue that really makes Nidhogg pop! Her wings on her head just makes her princess-like <3
It's too bad her wings doesn't cleanly fit into her back but overall, I like it (and makes me realize I have a thing with winged/flying girls)
Also, I didn't realize HunterX is your husband lol >.<
Thanks for the review and glamour shots! I was really looking foward to someone making a review of her lol.

I got Yae too. She haven't arrived yet, tho. But from what I've seen from photos, I like Nidhogg more. I think she is more unique. I don't own anything like her.
I loved reading your comment ^^~ thanks a lot!
And you're right about the holes, I wish the wings fit better.

Oh! Yeah, he is >////< !!!
Thanks again, I'm glad this review was useful for you ^^~
1 year ago
Great review. I like the colors & the design of her alot. I don't know anything about the character, but I instantly liked the figure, as I saw it in a few shops. I wish the execution & qualitiy controll was better. I don't know about the prices in china or other countries. Could you give me any info about that? I'd probably get her, if she wasn't as (or even more) expensive as the most 1/6 scale figures here in Germany (somewhere around 200 €, depending on the shop - about $225). To me with all the flaws she doesn't seem worth the price.
1 year ago
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