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Tiamat26Tiamat266 months ago
Is anyone else worried

With the spread of the Corona virus around the world are any of you worried about the figurine leaving China? We all know that a lot of manufacturing happens there and we all love our beloved figures but how many of you have stopped to think about if the virus can be caught via a box? A figurine that was packed by someone that could have had symptoms of the Corona virus.
It now finds itself on your door step via our favorite hobby. I was thinking about that in the car while driving home. I have not received many figurines this year as I have not placed many pre-orders and the ones I did place are almost all delayed by either the manufacture or N-Y not shipping out the stock they have received.

Has anyone else thought of this like I have ?

I look forward to comments below good or bad. Call me paranoid if you like. But with the virus going full throttle in many countries now and Canada having its first confirmed death today due to the virus.. Well you may see my side of things a little.

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And definitely don't believe what some random people will tell you about the flu and not worrying about the ongoing pandemic in a article of a figure collecting site.
5 months ago
HitomiHime6 months ago#76303049Still flabbergasted that it's taken a Pandemic for people to take basic hygiene seriously. (Also why are you all buying so much bog roll?!)

Last week, a few colleagues of mine had flu and cough everywhere without any concern for basic hygiene. Most admit I was much more worried about them than the figures. No wonder they spread the virus their kids get from the kindergarten all around them like the plague. ;-)
6 months ago
Even if you do get the virus, if you're less than 70 years old, then you have almost no chance of dying from the coronavirus. Its been around for centuries, and the flu is worse anyways. Don't believe everything you see on the news.
6 months ago
Honestly, if you do your research on reputable sources (and history), I really don't think we have too much to worry about unless you have an autoimmune disease or are of an older generation. I remember way back in high school when there was the swine flu scare and my cousin's husband bought like a 50 years supply of canned food and all this doomsday prep stuff... It turned out to be nothing. Same thing with the bird flue. In another few years there will probably be a mouse flu or something. lol

It seems like every couple years (especially around election season here in the US), some new flu scare pops up and people panic. Facts get twisted and misinterpreted, companies make bank off the panic as demand for toilet paper and surgical masks skyrockets... and nothing ever really happens.

Last I heard the mortality rate (out of people who were infected) of the Corona virus was still around the same as the regular flu percentage wise, which says something.

I think at the end of the day, you should just continue to practice good hygiene and live your life. Continue to do the things you enjoy. Worrying isn't going to add another day to your life.

Sorry if I sounds too direct or insensitive here. That's not the intention. I guess over the decades I've realized that these scares usually result in nothing--or nothing out of the ordinary. They're perfect for getting people to do things because fear inhibits common sense and logical reasoning. It's a trend that I've become really tired of seeing. In five years, no one will be talking about the Corona virus.

Remember, every moment you spend paralyzed in fear is a moment you'll never get back, even if you're fear is justified. We all have a limited time here, so don't let fear rob you of your joy. Be smart, be calm, and don't worry.
6 months ago
Stuff getting delayed is a bummer.

If overly cautious, get a spray ready before mailman arrives. Unload the holy water on him as if he got the virus.

Then burn the exterior of the box.

Quarantine the contents for 14 days before open.
6 months ago
Only worried about delays (which are bound to happen). I have terrible patience and I know I'll have a super hard time waiting even longer y w y
6 months ago
Pharmacy technician here. Practice basic hygiene, the chances of it transmitting via your darling figures is practically zero. Wash your hands, don't touch your face, open your figures and if you are that honestly concerned? Put it on your shelf for admiring, go and wash your hands, because anything that could still be on there is gonna die before you get around to dusting it anyway.

Still flabbergasted that it's taken a Pandemic for people to take basic hygiene seriously. (Also why are you all buying so much bog roll?!)
6 months ago
Nope... In ideal situations the virus can live for up to 9 days without host, but to get it that would mean very close impact with the surface from both host and you. So if you don't lick your figures and more importantly the packing materials, as pointed out the infection risk is practically zero.

Also note that figures sit in the warehouse before they are shipped to you.

Corona is also most dangerous for people who have compromised immune systems or are old or very very young So, most of us don't have anything to worry about, and neither does your close circles if everyone washes their hands.
6 months ago
Krupper6 months ago#76261579Don't know if you intend this comment as a joke or not but as a matter of fact 99% of bishoujo figures nowadays are manufactured in China (the only exception I can name right off the bat is FOTS Japan), no matter where your figure may be shipping from.

Yes, it was a joke. I do not advise licking your figures regardless of what country they were manufactured in. But I would definitely be more wary of licking Chinese bootleg figures as there is no quality control and they could potentially contain lead paint.

Also, never lick used/pre-owned figures as you really have no idea where they've been or who they've already been licked by.
6 months ago
the virus can't survive outside of the human body long enough to infect someone in an item, nevermind an item that would be travelling for days over the ocean
6 months ago
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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