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galabluegalablue7 months ago
Hey guys!

I know everyone has been having a tough time recently. Today marks just over three weeks for me of being isolated in the house with my family, and over a week since I've been outside. But, not everything has to be down and dreary: the roses are blooming and the sun has just come out from behind the clouds. Despite all of the crazy stuff that's been going on, I've been able to spend a lot of quality time with my family and friends keeping in touch via switch playing Mario Kart, Smash, and Animal Crossing. I also have been cleaning up my room a lot, which is great! That means I finally was able to put all of my figure boxes in storage.

Downside is I have to pause my March loot article I was working on since my dad has all of my packages in at least a 20 day quarantine (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑) , but at least I have lots of content for you guys for later!

So, before I'm able to do my March loot post, I thought I'd finish up my reviews of my figures I have left by breaking out the rest of the cast of Keroro Gunso for some quarantine playtime!

So, without further a due...


So for those of you that haven't read my previous blog post (BLOG #44331), you may not know this but I was a pretty big fan of Keroro Gunso when I was younger. My brother and I used to watch it subtitled, and we even tried watching it when the fansubs were done but didn't understand any of it! My favorite character in the franchise was Giroro, partially because of his hilarious romantic connection with Natsumi Hinata.

Some very kind users helped me and directed me to Hobby Link Japan to purchase the rest of the kits at a very affordable price! Thank you! Less than a quarter of what they were on Solaris. I mailed them to me via snail mail and randomly got them at my door a while back and finished putting them together. Now, let the fun begin with our very first cast mate, ITEM #28706 !


Please excuse the terrible lighting on these photos! I was desperate to take them before I packaged up my figure boxes before I left for Boston (right before the virus struck!).


The box is standard for the rest of the crew. I like the small size and the dynamic figure art on the front.


The instructions inside of the box have a similar design on the front cover but it varies, which is nice!


Definitely my favorite part of these Keroro model kits are the funny comics on the inside of the boxes. I can't wait until I can read Japanese and understand what's going on! But, for now, I'm just going to have to enjoy the pictures.

Check under the cut for some more pictures of the instructions. Giroro is fairly easy to put together, unlike some of the other members of the crew...

View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/03/24/2411958.jpeg



Giroro definitely looks striking despite his tiny size. At first, I wasn't so sure about the eyes on his mech, but I decided to go with the ones on the front of his package. The other eyes they have are solid, like the ones I've put onto Giroro himself.


Giroro's sides are pretty cool. I like how some of these kits have moving parts which make it a little more dynamic to pose. For example, Giroro can be displayed with his missiles at bay or ready to fire.


Just flip the switch and he is battle ready!


All of Giroro's stickers easily went on. They all look really great on him. I totally forgot they were even stickers for a second! He has a mean, tough look to him, which I think captures his character.


Giroro has mostly red/gray but has a little bit of gold design. I like this little pop of gold.


It was a quiet day in the house ... not a creature was stirring, not even a--

Hey, wait, there are two creatures right there! What are you guys doing?


It looks like Keroro is trying to put this 1000 piece puzzle together. Wow, putting together a puzzle without looking at the box looks difficult... ( ˘・з・) Keroro hasn't found any pieces that go together yet, they all look "blue" to him.


Hold on a sec! Giroro has all of his pieces put together! What's going on over there? Keroro is shocked, he didn't think Giroro would like to do puzzles.


I guess Giroro is strong both in brains AND brawn! Let's just hope he helps me with my puzzle a little bit more, it's all starting to look the same to me...

Until next time, on Keroro and Friends Adventures!



Here's Giroro next to ITEM #24737, my very first model kit which I actually painted. I found him in storage when I took out all of my boxes, and he's better than I remembered! Makes me think maybe I'll attempt a garage kit at some point...

All in all, this kit was probably the easiest out of the five to put together. He is weighted pretty well, which is nice. Some of his other team members have tipping issues but Giroro is sturdy and does not fall out of his bike at all. He also has a pretty striking look up on my shelf being red, as that's a color I barely have any of in my collection.

Sculpting/modeling (did everything fit together easily without me crying?): 10/10
Painting/stickers (did it come with some cool stickers that brought the piece together?): 10/10
Posing (can it do lots of cool poses without falling over?): 10/10
Base (the mech is awesome): 10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Value (he cost me 6USD): 10/10
Enjoyment: 10/10

If you're a fan of the show, I would definitely pick up this model kit. He's tiny, easy to put together, and just a fun guy to have around. Check out my reviews in the days to come on the other cast mates!
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Cloudberry7 months ago#76955167(ノ*゜▽゜*) AHHH I was looking forward to one of your fun reviews of the Keroro Gunsou MKs!! They're always great to read, especially during this unsure times X.X
Glad to hear that you're doing fine and that you haven't gone insane not going outside at all (but then again, it's been raining a lot).

Haha, it's been raining a lot but now it's so nice and beautiful out! I'm thankful to have a big back yard. Tamama is next ... maybe I'll take her to my face mask Zoom meeting today ... or maybe I'll take her outside to play a little!
7 months ago
(ノ*゜▽゜*) AHHH I was looking forward to one of your fun reviews of the Keroro Gunsou MKs!! They're always great to read, especially during this unsure times X.X

Glad to hear that you're doing fine and that you haven't gone insane not going outside at all (but then again, it's been raining a lot).
7 months ago
galablue7 months ago#76906195A lot of people here are not following the rules at all. They had to close the beaches and trails because way too many people going out and congregating.

This does worry me a bit as well as the potential for the virus to come back in China and elsewhere once shutdowns are lifted. I read a post yesterday on a different site from a person living in Washington State who said that he's been spending most of his time going to friends houses to hang out and play games with them or going skiing. He said the ski slopes in Washington State were crowded. It seemed like one big party for him. Anyway, that's concerning since he lives in a state were there are a high number of cases.

We are too "internationalized" so it is likely there will be some ebbs and surges. Plus, there are people who aren't following the advice to self-isolate or socially distance. Still, for any second and third waves we'll be much better prepared to handle those so quite possibly we could get back to near normal by end of April and beyond in the US. Humans have an amazing ability to adapt so it might be a "new normal" instead of the old normal but it will a better than where we are at today.
7 months ago
SebastianLover7 months ago#76905832Ah Giroro. He's my favorite too.

Ahhhhh you have flattered me!! I guess the paint isn't really that bad haha. I think these Plamos are pretty good, but I don't think I'd purchase any if they weren't from Keroro Gunso specifically.

And yeah, I went outside today for a bit and just stood outside. It's been pouring rain but was nice to get out during a little break. Last time I've been out of the house was on the 15th, and I went for a drive and got out of the car on a deserted road, but then drove home lol. A lot of people here are not following the rules at all. They had to close the beaches and trails because way too many people going out and congregating.
7 months ago
dtindcarea7 months ago#76864421Congrats on building him!

Thanks! I actually have had the whole gang built but just hadn't had enough time to actually photograph them, but now's the best time. Also, per your China comment, it's important to remember that the Spanish Flu swept through the world 7 times ... China's about to probably get their second wave of Covid. They call it a "fatigue wave", which means people get exhausted of following the rules and let their guard down. I hope we don't have 7 sweeps, but until we get a vaccination or everyone follows the rules for a true 40 day quarantine, I think we'll be stuck in...

ghostmuffin7 months ago#76904746he seems like he was fun to build. :3

I love Keroro, and I wish there were more figures! But there's some good ones out there and a lot of cute keychains. Giroro was definitely the most fun out of the bunch to build ... I'll express my frustration with some of the other kits later lol!
7 months ago
Ah Giroro. He's my favorite too. Gotta love those tough but soft cuties. I'm not into plamos but these look pretty cool, and good job on painting the Ronin Giroro. I thought it was a factory painted one at first glance. I played that game a while back. I would finish it but my 3ds now has ugly black lines on the screen, and naturally I stripped one of the screws trying to open it OTL.

Have you really not been outside at all this past week? I'm going crazy just having to work from home, and I have to go out even just for a little bit every day.
7 months ago
giroro's the best. <3 man, i always get excited seeing keroro brought up, it's weird to think it was EVERYWHERE at one time, and now it's a little more of a rarity... anyways, thanks for sharing! he seems like he was fun to build. :3
7 months ago
Congrats on building him! It's a good thing to do if you are cooped up at home. Hopefully, you can get outside a bit soon without any major concerns because I think I would go crazy being cooped up inside for a week.

China has officially ended the lockdown for most of the Hubei province that was the epicenter of the outbreak so except for the capital city of Wuhan, things are getting back to normal there. This means that that factories will be back to normal soon so the figure delays due to corona won't be a major issue anymore. China did a 2 month lockdown of the province and it seems to have worked.
7 months ago
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