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Heartlessxox1Heartlessxox16 months ago
Hi everyone,

Due to the circumstances my exams have been cancelled so I've been catching up on anime from the past five years. I partially stopped due to the fact I have been studying and didn't want to be distracted, I'm in the UK so we have three years of studying for our GCSEs and two years for A levels before we have the option of starting to work or going to University.
I caught up on a lot of stuff and now I have fallen in love with the rising of the shield hero, I understand it's new so there aren't many figures but I wanted to hear people's opinions of it.
Do you like it? Do you think there will be more figures?
I didn't add the rising of the shield hero in the title because I want everyone's opinion, if I put the name of the anime in the title of this article then I would probably not get everyone's opinion.
Please be honest and don't argue, it's your own opinion and I would love to hear everyone's opinion.

Do people think there will be more figures?
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What do you think about the rising of the shield hero?

1%It's my favourite
10%I love it!!
22%I really liked it
8%Not my cup of tea
5%I really didn't like it
4%I hate it
8%Never heard of it
9%It was okay
0%my husband loves it, me not so much.
13%I didn't watch it (yet)
3%I liked it
16%Not interested in watching it at all
0%Watched some of the show but never finished
0%Anime was notably worse than the LN
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I typically really dislike Isekai and avoid it like the plague, but I absolutely loved Shield Hero. Naofumi's struggle and rise to redemption was really interesting, and the chemistry between him and Raphtalia was very entertaining. I think there's some good characterization with most of the supporting characters, and seeing Malty and the King get their comeuppance at the end was very satisfying. It's probably one of my favorites. I heard it's already been confirmed for a second and even a third season, so I think there will be plenty of merchandise to come.

I got the Raphtalia 1/7th scale figure by Kotobukiya and I love it, and also have her Figma preordered. Raphtalia is precious and must be protected.
5 months ago
MooshiPirpy14 -Foolish Mortal!-
I enjoy it, it is a pretty decent isekai. I like the characters and the overall setting. Naofumi can get a bit annoying with his overly emoness, but it is also understandable. I am interested to see where the storyline goes.
6 months ago
I don't really like this serie, The only plot is : everything and everyone is against Naofumi. Lancer Hero is a big idiot etc...
The bitch Princess and all the kingdom, omg...
6 months ago
I think the LN is way better, I will never ever hate on a person for liking the show, but to me it's really not that good, all the characters besides Naofumi are cringe to me and I'll be the one to say it: Raph. isn't cute to me AT ALL. I also consider her to me underage since she is like 10 with the body of a 18 year old but that's a debated topic.
6 months ago
I never watched it, but I am tempted to do it for several reasons, mainly the fact it features a shielder as the MC (as I'm currently watching Bofuri and MagiReco) and that all I heard about Raphtalia intrigues me.
6 months ago
I liked the series, despite the fact that I def wanted to strangle the princess (Myne) in pretty much every episode lol. I haven't particularly purchased any shield hero merch as while I enjoyed it, it's not one of the series I will still want merch from a couple of years down the road
6 months ago
Wario546 months ago#76906181My mind is kind of blown that someone would even dislike Puck! But really I’m the opposite, I liked that Subaru was flawed and think he’s a solid character but I liked mostly everyone but him lol. I’m only just catching up on the big isekai anime and I’m now wondering if the other MCs are like Subaru.

I’ll spoil that last point. No, no they’re not. They’re either going to be that you like them, or you wish to tie them to a chair and go to town on them with a sledgehammer wrapped in razor wire... that’s on fire. Rarely there’s middle ground with isikai. Problem with Re:Zero’s cast was a lot of them were dicks. Which is why I ended up liking Suburu so much because he was truly alone. Because of a magic plot device he could never just tell people anything, forcing him to take more contrived ways to get his messages across. Dude also came across as either having a death wish or just thick because any sensible person would have skipped town and not have stopped running until they reached Generic Fantasy Africa or Generic Fantasy Steampunk Land. Or, alternatively since he couldn’t die, go to town on everyone with a sledgehammer. Razor wire and fire optional.
6 months ago
ZoidsFanatic26 months ago#76905200For myself, I liked the MC. I felt for him, wanted to see more of him, but just a gosh darn shame about the world and people he was stuck with. Basically like Re:Zero and Suburu. I liked Suburu... I didn’t like anything else. One of the big problems is the series just didn’t have teeth. When we first followed our lovely hero, we’re told about those demon things. Big threat looming over the horizon and... then they died. And then oh no, a new threat and oh no wait that threat isn’t a problem anymore. No to mention everyone in the world either has the problem of being complete and utterly evil or twits. Or evil twits.
For me the show had the common isikai problem of a main character I like surrounded by people I don’t like in a setting I don’t like. At least he got some action figures to his name so that puts him leagues above most other characters

My mind is kind of blown that someone would even dislike Puck! But really I’m the opposite, I liked that Subaru was flawed and think he’s a solid character but I liked mostly everyone but him lol. I’m only just catching up on the big isekai anime and I’m now wondering if the other MCs are like Subaru.
6 months ago
Kuromii6 months ago#76904900Wait, are they seriously doing that? God that's a terrible idea. I exceeded my predicted GCSE grades when I did them; what happens to the kids who would do the same this year?

I exceeded my GCSE grades too, we’re screwed that’s what happens. There is the option to appeal and resit in 2021. That’s that.
6 months ago
Despite some glaring issues with the anime, I had fun watching it, and I love Raphtalia! I even got ITEM #806092 in the end. Looking forward to the next season.
6 months ago
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