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Union Creative's Tamamo no Mae Tail Strike Ver. ReviewUnion Creative's Tamamo no Mae Tail Strike Ver. Review

FrickfaceFrickface11 days agoReview
Hello once again! I've been putting of this review for a little simply because I know I always have a lot to say and it can be a little daunting to type out a short essay, not to mention the current world state has made everything feel just a little harder to do. But that's exactly why I should be going on tangents about things and hobbies I love! And boy do I love this figure.

I've been after this Tamamo for a few months now, only two or three because that's been the only time frame where I could reasonably buy figures in general, it would span a lot farther if I could've sooner. I initially had to pass on her release, and I don't think I've had any other figure sting quite like this one in the aftermarket. This lady started at $126 and now goes for up to a whopping $400 for a sealed version! I've seen her even listed for as much as $600 on Ebay. I don't choose many avenues to hunt on, so my daily routine was essentially waking up and refreshing her AmiAmi pre-owned page. There was one very tragic morning where I woke up to a listing of hers that had been put up and snatched within the same night she had been listed, oh how I moped.
Thankfully, a lovely user here on MFC contacted me to sell her, and she was purchased for $250. There was still irony to be found however, as just the night before I impulse bought Souyokusha's Rem & Ram figure due to a TOM coupon. So... I may or may not have tapped into my July pre-order savings... If anyone happens to be interested in buying magical girl Chino Kafuu or lapin thief Syaro Kirima hit me up.
For even more story time, she was nearly lost by my post office! She was checked off as delivered on my tracker and it wasn't till hours later with the help of an incredibly kind postman that was tracked down and reached my house. I worry what would've happened had he not gone the extra mile to find her, which he didn't need to do at all, and kindness like his really makes me smile.

Now I'm sure you all are tired of all the exposition! Show us the lovely, foxiest wife in history! Well we have to start with the box first, calm down...

Basic Box ShotsHidehttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/03/26/2413157.jpeg

The box is about expected, most average figures don't come with anything too noteworthy. Mine did feature some damage to the front window but... who cares! She's never parting from me anyways! Now to start working from toe to head.
For reference, this is the outfit this figure is based on:
View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.postimg.cc/GhLWpTLR/Tamamo-no-Mae-s-Tailmaid-Strike-Costume-Extella.png

Tamamo's base is very simple - the shape is slightly reminiscent of GSC's Rem and Ram but with none of the additional effort into tiling or detail as a whole. It's fine, but I do find myself really wishing they had done a nice, shiny black and white tiling. Reflective bases have their advantages as well...

Tamamo is wearing some very simple, shiny black heels. I don't think there's too much to say on them, they're perfectly adequate. Her ankles feature some nice definition as well. I might complain that I think adding a strap, or some nice little bows might help add to the features, however this wasn't a design specific for this figure so it's not very warranted.

Moving up her lovely legs, Tamamo is wearing some very cute semi-transparent thigh high tights. I think the frills could've been a little thinner and more shaded to bring them out more, but they still serve their purpose well. I do question the choice of making the bow shiny rather than matte, I assume this may be due to there being some slight shine on them in the original outfit? But it's the same shiny black that straps her dress up, so it seems like an odd choice. Regardless, I think the sculpt is well detailed. You may notice in the 2nd image there being some slight errors on the back of her left leg, featuring some kind of dent or chip as well as what's likely glue residue. This honestly does not bother me, I'll never be displaying her facing backwards, but I have seen a comment or two of users stating their Tamamo's leg came off entirely, so... I'll consider myself lucky.

Gratuitous panty shotHidehttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/03/26/2413164.jpeg

Reaching her abdomen, we'll see her attached-by-magic apron as well as the lovely gold detailing. The painting definitely is not perfect, however I do think the gold pieces are painted pretty well. It's actually the line of white-to-black they're holding together that bothers me more. The presumably paw-shaped pieces are very cute, her apron is well defined and shaded, and the flow of her skirt being lifted up by her tail looks very nice and smooth. I will remain, similar to her thigh-highs, that I think fabric probably could've been thinned out a bit to look more natural, however this does not take away from my enjoyment of this figure.
There's not much to say about the plate she's holding other than that it scared me when it fell out of her blister as I was unboxing her. They did choose a very nice and metallic paint that works perfect. The way the light hits it while she's on display reminds me of her Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu.
As previously mentioned, the straps of her dress are shiny to contrast against the matte black of her dress. They are well painted, and the wrinkles in her dress as she arches her back are perfect.

Ah yes, Tamamo's prized tail! I do think it is quite cute and they did well incorporating it into her pose, however I do find myself wishing they had gone for a more defined route with it. The fur is quite nice but the simple gradient of her under-fur is a little lackluster. I personally find that Phat's School Ver. Tamamo is a great example of a nice, bushy, dynamic tail. Union Creative on the other hand, did choose a much more pleasant color.
Phat's Tamamo did initially get some criticism regarding the initial images where her tail featured some heavy seams, but they were very nicely smoothed over in the end product. Broccoli's CCC Tamamo also gets a very honorable mention for having a beautiful, well-detailed tail even with the same gradient effect for her lighter fur.
"Did this girl just interrupt her review specifically to talk about Tamamo's tail?" Yes! I did! And I'd do it again!
Anyways, carrying on...

Her hands are pretty basic, far from some of the best I've seen, for example I feel Kadokawa's Neptune had much more defined knuckles as well as as a whole the hands being more articulated. It's not very bothersome unless viewed from a close angle, of which the lack of detail both in shading and in sculpt starts to show. It is a shame as her fox sign is big focus point of her pose. There can also be some minor seaming to be found on the outer part of her wrist cuffs.

Now we reach Tamamo's ever fluctuating bust. The detailing, shading, and sculpt of her chest including her top are very nice, they did a good job on the fabric and I think the sculpt emphasizes her well without being ridiculous tiers of boob socks level. You will likely notice almost immediately the manufacturing error where her top and chest meet on the left. This is definitely the main and only error that actually effects my enjoyment of this figure, and does appear to be one of those errors that just so happens to exist. Thankfully, this is not visible from eye level angles or your average viewing distance, but I can imagine this definitely being a breaking point for some people. The painting of her straps are a little rough as it seems certain edges towards her chest don't seem to be painted as much as they should've been, however it's not distracting at all unless inspecting very closely. Her golden buckles are painted fairly cleanly. Her little neck strap and charm are very cleanly painted, and very, very cute.
As for the bust itself, I'm not exactly a connoisseur so feel free to come to your own conclusions on that topic.

Now for her lovely, lovely face. Wada Aruko's art style is deeply ingrained in the Fate/EX series. Tamamo hardly feels like Tamamo without it. Her face is, well, lovely! I think they captured her pretty perfectly, her eyes especially. They chose a very deep golden color that is fitting to both Tamamo and the gold detailing of the figure itself. The blush of her cheeks adds that much more cuteness.
A common semi-complaint of this figure is that her face is facing at a downward angle so you have to display her higher if you want to fully see her face. I personally however think it fits the pose perfectly, adds a little extra hint of shyness to compliment the blushing, and also makes her a little less static.
Something I realized later and failed to photograph, is that she does actually have a full line of teeth that her fangs are poking out from that you can see when looking up at her face, a detail I wouldn't even have considered looking for!

Tamamo's hair in this figure is something I'm particularly enamored with for reasons I can't quite pin. Her bang sculpt is lovely, her twintails are largely adequate. It appears they attempted to make it look like she might've just finished striking her pose as one of her twintails is swinging forward. This looks a little awkward from a side angle but does compliment her well from a front facing view. Seams can be found upon inspecting the top of her head at the base of her twin tails, which again can be a break on judging quality for some people. It's one of those things to me, however, that you're probably almost never going to see unless your bottom-shelfing her, which if you are, probably means you found something else much more prominent that bothers you.
The shading on her hair, I personally find gorgeous. They chose a very pretty palette of pinks to compliment each other. I did find it a little odd at first how they didn't go for a matte finish, however the hair does largely seem to shine where it would naturally, and this came to grow on me. I think it's a feature that will likely be pretty hit-or-miss, as I personally find hair sculpts and painting are what can really make or break a figure.
Her ears I noticed were a particular point of critique before her release, for reasons I can't exactly understand? The only reason I can see is maybe that they should've been more tapered and pointed towards the tips, but overall I think they reflect Tamamo's ears just fine and don't seem any worse than ears on her average figure. They have a nice gradient for the base orange. The shading of her white tufts are slightly lacking but I also find this to be the case on my Phat Tamamo so it doesn't effect the quality to me.

Not that anyone can truly steal the limelight from her, but how does she size up to other figures? She is, like other Union Creative figures, not built to a specific scale.

She is on the large side, one could argue she's bordering on 1/6th scale like the School Ver. Tamamo featured here, but I don't think she quite reaches those proportions. Her face specifically definitely keeps her within the 1/7 range. The hand size tho...
Neko Kurumi is on the slightly smaller end of 1/7's in my opinion. As stated, Tamamo's face is definitely comparable to 1/7 but her proportions can be a little distracting. I think what contributes to this effect is her downward angle, which makes her face look shorter than it would be if she were facing directly up.
Comparing her to another 1/6 leaves similar results, but with a more noticeable size difference when paired with the short, loli-proportioned Neptune.
A 1/7 on the much larger end scales up to her pretty well. You may notice they have similarly thick calf and feet proportions compared to other 1/7ths.
And of course I couldn't not line up the true maids, GSC's 1/7 Rem and Ram. Tamamo in many ways lines up to them quite well, however a combination of her much more mature frame, tall heels, and Tappei Nagatsuki's tiny feet and round baby faces make Tamamo seem like she could tower over them if she just stood upright.
A final special appearance from a figure that arrived shortly after her (remember my exposition?) - Souyokusha's Rem & Ram. They line up pretty similarly to GSC's, while maybe matching her height a little better due to their tip-toe pose and slightly bigger heads. The same tiny feet are present here however. Anyone interested in a review of these 2?

Final Thoughts
I do think it's very important to include here, first and foremost that it is likely very difficult to find her at her base or even a semi-reasonable price. This figure is getting scalped for all it's worth and it is a shame because I think it bars a lot of people who would otherwise be interested in picking her up.
This Tamamo is incredibly cute, overall well detailed and painted. Her sculpt is overall high quality save for my critique of her hands, and while I do think her tail could've been better, they still did a good job of making it look nice, soft, and complimentary to her pose. Some might argue that her simplicity makes her not worth the price, and with figures like GSC's Rem who's base price was $104 who is not only great quality but also came with an alternate face and arms for posing I can't blame them.
Her base price of $126 I can only imagine is inspired by pricing that has become common for basic posed figures, and perhaps might also have something to do with her height and her being a little on the heavier side. Of course, if you're after her in present day, you'd probably be in bliss to find her at such a comparably low price to her aftermarket. For her base price, I think she was well worth it for any Tamamo lover, or even just kemonomimi/maid lovers. Union Creative is not the absolute best in terms of quality, but I do think they delivered a pretty solid product with this one.

I do not regret my purchase whatsoever, I am very thankful to the user here who agreed to sell her to me for $250 with shipping included, because I don't think I could've found her for a better price in perfect figure condition. I might be seeing things in rose-tinted glasses, but I am very enamored with this figure and if you're a Tamamo-lover, it may pay off to start hunting for another similarly, or if you're fortunate, cheaper priced deal. It's pretty difficult to properly recommend this figure with her current aftermarket, but if you love her and think it'll be worth the price for you personally, she probably is. She certainly was for me.
It's difficult to call her a grail when I have absolute beasts like Next Purple, Alter's Purple Heart, and APEX's Yae Sakura in my collection, but she certainly borders on that line nonetheless.

That wraps up that! I'm not totally certain why I put off reviewing her for as long as I did, I guess just general laziness? With times as they are right now though, it is certainly cathartic in a sense to let yourself go on and on about a topic you love. I hope everyone is holding up as well as they can.

I recently also received 3 other figures, which I will feature in a poll below in case anyone happens to want to see them featured in another review. If there happens to be another scale in my collection you'd like a review of, feel free to submit that answer. ^^

Thank you for making it this far in all my in-depth ramblings, and stay safe everyone. <3
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That's a fantastic review. I love tamamo. Really good
9 days ago
This figure looks pretty good. Tamamo looks sexy in a maid outfit.

I do have to agree with those people that say that they don't like how the face is on that downward angle, because it hides the face a bit.
10 days ago
D_A_R (11 days ago) #76955276UC proved a couple times that they are able to make good figures. In my opinion their main problem is quality control. Some figures are flawless and look great - others don't. The flaws vary a lot. If you're lucky it's just some paint smudges you can remove by yourself, but I've also seen figures with edges / leftover plastic on the hair from the mold, dust or dirt under the paint, missing parts, etc. Of course you can fix the most of it by yourself, but you shouldn't have to if you spend that much money. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have such a bad reputation if they paid more attention to it, especially when other companies charge less but deliver better products.
I really hope they work on that, because I like their sculpts.
I have heard that UC's quality is pretty spot on to their prototype photos so if the prototype and paint looks bad there, it's an easy skip. Otherwise, if it's great it's typically true to pics!

I really like UC's sculpts too! They also make some characters that deserve more love haha Hopefully they can make their QC better across all their products :)
10 days ago
While I can't believe how high her price has gotten, she is one of my more favorite Tamamo's. I mean, it's frickin Tamamo in a frickin maid outfit! My copy doesn't really have any issues as far as I could tell.

And her fox-symbol hand pose comes in handy for displaying another Tamamo, if you don't mind risking it (I don't display them like this, but thought it was cute). https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2018/08/21/2042896.jpeg
11 days ago
Senbei (11 days ago) #76955008Thanks for the great review!! Despite some people's hate for UC, this Tamamo looks fantastic! I'm glad you like her so much, and you're right, there's something about that hair sculpt that looks really good!

UC proved a couple times that they are able to make good figures. In my opinion their main problem is quality control. Some figures are flawless and look great - others don't. The flaws vary a lot. If you're lucky it's just some paint smudges you can remove by yourself, but I've also seen figures with edges / leftover plastic on the hair from the mold, dust or dirt under the paint, missing parts, etc. Of course you can fix the most of it by yourself, but you shouldn't have to if you spend that much money. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have such a bad reputation if they paid more attention to it, especially when other companies charge less but deliver better products.

I really hope they work on that, because I like their sculpts.
11 days ago
I've been looking for her too and while this Tamamo isn't high on my priority list, that's quite a steal on how much you got her for!

I've been curious about seeing closeups of this version and she's much cuter in the pictures you've took! The outfit overall, is simple but very charming! I love her little black bow tie on her garter that just adds to the charm to Tamamo. Even her hair sculpt is nicer than the School Version too... I do wish her tail is more detailed, like the School Version.

Thanks for the review and photos!!!!
11 days ago
Senbei (11 days ago) #76955008Thanks for the great review!! Despite some people's hate for UC, this Tamamo looks fantastic! I'm glad you like her so much, and you're right, there's something about that hair sculpt that looks really good!
Looking at some of their products I can see why they get some heat, but thankfully they landed the mark with this one <3 I find it interesting they don't make anything to scale though, I wonder why that is
11 days ago
Thanks for the great review!! Despite some people's hate for UC, this Tamamo looks fantastic! I'm glad you like her so much, and you're right, there's something about that hair sculpt that looks really good!
11 days ago
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