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CatgrillsCatgrills5 months ago
Hello MFC users,

I've began collecting in August 2019 and I enjoy browsing through MFC (ads, articles and reviews, etc).

Since I use my computer at night, I like to use dark theme for websites I visit frequently (youtube, pixiv, mangadex, etc).

I didn't really like the colors used for the dark theme of MFC, that's why I decided to write an usercss.

Usercss are code designed to alter the appearance of one, some, or all sites. You can apply those code with an add-on called Stylus.

Here are some preview of the usercss when applied to the site :



What do you think ?

Edit : Didn't know imgur links don't work on MFC.

Edit 2 : Just released the script, github.com/Catg...
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Thanks for your feedbacks.

I just released the script, you can find the instructions here : github.com/Catg...
5 months ago
I especially like the idea because the black seems to make the photos pop :)! Also, I usually edit on a black background and prefer it that way.
5 months ago
Heh, I'm famous! That Alisa screenshot has both my recent Report and resulting info update (total height 288mm) :)
5 months ago
This looks amazing! I don't really like the overly-modern spaced out look MFC is trying to do, this compact look is a lot more pleasing to my eyes. I'd actually use the dark mode if this was what it looked like :D
5 months ago
Vanya-pon Resident Zergling
Your take on the Dark Theme is exactly the reason I'm using the "Gray" one instead. It's still dark enough not to hurt my eyes, but the overall color and value choices are much nicer to look at.

Good job fixing the Dark one though, I'm sure a couple of users will gladly take it.
5 months ago
Asphroxia Nightmare
This is exactly what I was hoping for when MFC added the new themes, instead it's just a mess that seems optimized for phones? with its giant buttons and space inefficiency, I hate it
5 months ago
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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