Reflecting on my start and future in anime and the likesReflecting on my start and future in anime and the likesDiary

SkellingtonSkellington6 months ago
Hello everyone

As you know this is a hard-time (even if you're an introvert like me) with almost no contact with friends or family. What this time however is good for is contemplating about various things (and working on my masters thesis, But I hate it a a lot and make very little progress..)

One of those things I'm thinking about is anime, manga and figure collecting (having those itchy buying fingers, normally every month I get a package every month and with all the delays it's not that easy). I actually started watching anime with shows like pokemon, yu-gi-oh!, beyblade, gundam wing and rurouni kenshin. That was before I even knew what anime was, I just thought about those shows as fun more violent cartoons (except in the cases of pokemon (not according to PETA though) and beyblade XD ). I kinda forgot about them later. Until much later I found out about One Piece and Naruto, was about my first year of graduate school.

A bit later when I was more invested in those shows I found out about figures and bought my first figures (POP robin, Nami and Sogeking, those were secondhand figures) and a bit later I bought my first new figure admiral Sengoku. Then I started really collecting (and my bank account started dwindling... :( ). I started buying from a website Animarket (which now doesn't exist anymore). It was relatively harmless because they mostly only had Naruto and One Piece figures. But when I first saw Konosuba, I found out about the figures (can't recall if it was the re-release or not) on a site called amiami (Don't know if anyone heard about them yet ;) ). Anyway I started seriously collecting, everything I watched or read I wanted to buy the figure of and did that a lot to be honest (being a completionist doesn't help it all).

Now I'm a bit smarter and only buy stuff I really, really like instead of buying in to the hype. I also buy a bit less, because I almost have my masters degree (just the stupid thesis left..) and it's nearly time to spread my wings, find a job (also dreaming of having my own youtube channel, so tips are welcome as well) and a home I can call my own (well appartment to rent at first) so I need to be wiser with my money. I'm not quitting the hobby, not at all. Just taking a step back. Overall I'm really happy I'm a part of this hobby and hope to be for a long time.

So yeah now I'm looking to complete most if not all of my wishlist in the coming years and add unto franchises I allready have stuff of or on the off-chance something from a new series really speaks to me (e.g. Bofuri, Maple and co are wonderful!)

What is your story, how did you get started and what are the plans for the future? :)
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long story. I watched anime on german tv, back in the day. they were airing various stuff including samurai pizza cats, captain tsubasa, some other ball related sports anime with a female protagonist, sailor moon and dragon ball of course.
I ran out of time to watch tv when they started airing detective conan, monster rancher, and yugioh.
my first "anime" however was elfen lied I believe, that was when I consciously started consuming anime, aka dling them. not soon after I watched eva, chaos head, dokuro chan, jungle wa itsumo and others. I havn't stopped since. with more than 1000 anime entries behind me (which was one of my life goals), I can safely say that the 80s-90s ova period is my favorite, followed by early 2000. the digital experimental era.
I watch roughly 15-20 seasonal shows each season. current anime trends don't do much for me, but it's not all bad. I just terribly miss cyberpunk, and darker themes.
started collecting with the original Aigis figma in 2007. my collection is mostly made of action figures of anime and tokusatsu characters. I'm afraid that I'm very close to the end of my collecting career. it's not just that there was a 3x price hike, japan has simply stopped producing anime related actiong figures and aim to please the western market now. there are video game, gatcha, star wars, dc, marvel and whatnot stuff. but anime seems sacre, where's the priss figma they teased?
as for the future, I don't really have set plans. mostly because I bought almost everything I ever wanted. I plan to get more TV eva stuff I guess, don't like the rebuild designs. I look forward to 1000toys releases these days the most, they have some exciting nihei stuff planned.
6 months ago
My first anime was Pokemon. Ever since that first episode I saw when I was 7, I was an otaku for life. I didn't get into collecting though until high school when I got into Hetalia. I slowly amassed an Austria shrine that I still have to this day. My first figures were the first set of Hetalia One Coins I got from AmiAmi. I got my first proper scale about a year later: ITEM #42032 also from AmiAmi. I had a part-time job in college and started bargain hunting on Yahoo Auctions. I managed to get over 100 figures with my meager income.XD Figures were a lot cheaper when I started collecting and I bought pre-owneds exclusively (I still mostly buy pre-owned even though I make good money). I don't know how college students today manage to collect figures, especially those who only buy new.

I remember Animarket. I only ordered from them once. I couldn't afford pre-orders back then even at the older prices and usually waited for the cheaper Yahoo Auctions listings (the exchange rate was phenomenal for a while after 2008). I mostly collected One Piece POPs most of which didn't get super rare. I've branched out a lot more today and have so many figures of shows I don't even watch lol, but I still love them. I still plan to get even more figures although this year I'm taking it easy. I have some financial goals I want to meet, so collecting has to take a back seat for a while. I'm trying to only shell out for existing pre-orders, but it's hard to resist that urge to buy.>.> But I've gotten nearly all of my grails, so it's time to get stricter.

Good luck on that thesis btw. Two of my friends are in the same boat, and it really doesn't seem like any fun.
6 months ago
I started at probably around the same time as you, first with Pokemon on Kids WB and then Toonami which was probably the big gateway to weebdom. I had a brief figure collecting phase around age 14-15, mainly after discovering Yahoo Japan Auctions and proxy services, but figures were pretty low quality back then and felt more like toys than nice collectibles so it didn't last long.
I got back into it in mid-2016 when I first discovered Hot Toys, decided they were too expensive, and moved onto the Sailor Moon S.H Figuarts line - while scoffing at the nerds who spent $130+ on the scales I saw on Amazon. Then buying ITEM #166616 cheap showed me that I could enjoy static figures after all, and my wallet has been taking a bruising ever since.

Also, Bofuri is pretty great huh.
6 months ago
Began listening to JPop and watching anime 20+ years ago
Started subbing anime soon after (encoding/typsetting/timing/translation/etc)
Decided to begin collecting figures in 2018, and here we are!
6 months ago
I started collecting 1 figure for my new PC build, then the horny hit, now I own a bit over 100 lewd/erotic figures.

Damn its been a messy 2 years. Lol.
6 months ago
Import from Japan

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