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MitsunaMitsuna3 months ago
Hello! Today I received my highly anticipated Nendoroid of Akehoshi Subaru from Ensemble Stars! April 28th marks the 5th Anniversary of Ensemble Stars, so I wanted to try and create a review of him.
I have also uploaded a video review of him to Youtube here:



Subaru's box is a standard Nendoroid box, but instead of the usual white his box is an off-white colour along with his image colour orange. Subaru is part of the Orange Rouge line by Good Smile, and it seems that it is their 5th anniversary too!




Subaru comes with two extra face plates, along with his dog Daikichi! I am really happy they have included him too. He also has his signature Trickstar necklace, a microphone, extra hand parts, two extra arms and an extra bent leg. All of his extra parts and accessories are really easy and fun to incorporate into some very Subaru-like poses!
The only thing I did find was that both his stand and the little sash at his waist tend to fall out easily, which can be slightly annoying when changing his pose or faceplate. I also wish he had maybe at least one or two more items to hold, or a way to hold his dog Daikichi.


The first thing I noticed when I opened the box is that his hair has been really well-sculpted! I have never had a Nendoroid with this type of hairstyle before, and Shichibee has done an excellent job at keeping it true to his illustration.
The paintwork is also nice and tidy, the gold around his waist is really clean so it looks nice against the black. His bright orange hair is also really pretty!



Normally I do not really pose my Nendoroids or change out their various parts, yet I found that creating poses and taking pictures of Subaru was really fun and enjoyable. I definitely think I will be taking more photos of him, and maybe switching out his body for an obitsu 11!


Overall his accessories and face plates are cute and easy to use, and having Daikichi is really nice too! I tried taking some 5th anniversary pictures with him. I really hope that Good Smile make the other three members of his group, especially Makoto! Seeing them all together would be really nice, nonetheless I am very happy that they have released Subaru. He is really bright, fun and happy and I would recommend him to any fans of the game!


Thank you for reading!
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I'm not familiar with the series, but what a cute Nendoroid! I really like your pics :)
3 months ago
Mitsuna リトルバスターズ最高!
Thank you so much! :D
Nifffi3 months ago#77693211Nice review and lovely pictures <3
3 months ago
Nice review and lovely pictures <3
3 months ago
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