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Sunster10Sunster102 months ago
What's the most expensive figure? I don't mean like life size statues, or any tsumes either that are limited to a certain number of of figures. But what are the most expensive scale figures pr figures that came in preorder or anything without any quantity limits?

The only item that comes to mind is this: ITEM #464806

Hope i made this question clear.
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bellechan2 months ago#77754844I present you an unknown company with outrageous prices: ITEM #929485 ITEM #929486 ITEM #946156

Hahaha snap!
2 months ago
2 months ago
I present you an unknown company with outrageous prices: ITEM #929485 ITEM #929486 ITEM #946156
2 months ago
Pretty sure ITEM #312603 is out of the running due to the extremely limited nature of the item.

If we can branch out from just scale or prize figures though I'd say ITEM #620128 is the most expensive one I've ever pre-ordered.
2 months ago
ITEM #312603
'nuff said

For aftermarket, ITEM #6364 goes for an insane amount whenever she pops up. I owned her once, but sold her off years ago.
2 months ago
the most expensive figure i’ve ever pre-ordered was ITEM #396973 for about 215 USD. i’m sure there’s been some bigger beasts out there
2 months ago
freezermilk2 months ago#77754100I mean... as far as aftermarket, the Real Action Heroes Ryuko Matoi and Yuno Gasai each go for 1-2k any time they sell...

was waiting for someone to mention these beasts
2 months ago
Unless you take into account their scale, your question really is vague. 1/4 and 1/5 will definitely be more expensive than 1/12 and 1/8.

From my point of view, the most expensive ( without any justification for the high price ) figure was this ITEM #925582. When you consider that, just to get her without her blazer, you have to buy another complete figure. The funny thing being that she actually required lesser plastic and paint than the original. Baaaah. In comparison good old Good Smile gave you two full torsos ITEM #549861 just for a different expression for less than 1/2 that price.

Neither is ITEM #925582 a complex figure, a huge scale, a cast off, nor does it have a varied colour scheme for the price to justify that.
2 months ago
So I know you're mostly talking about mass-produced scale figures, but when it comes to HILARIOUSLY OVERPRICED figures, Art of War statues absolutely take the cake.
For example, almost 100k yen or $1,000 for this 1/10 scale: ITEM #926085
or literally 148k yen or almost $1,500 for this 1/6 scale: ITEM #520048
or 38k yen or about $350 for this 1/10 scale ITEM #2497
Not to mention that the face sculpts on most of them are plain bad.
2 months ago
Magusfigures2 months ago#77754572when i saw the item you thought of as "most expensive" i couldn't help but laugh; I've got ITEM #604482 on my preorder list and he'll be the most expensive figure I've ever bought... these days 15k yen for a scale figure seems almost average.
When I think of expensive, I think of those huge First 4 Figures statues that go for hundreds of dollars... but i've been browsing the comments and there are some that are even pricier than those o_o
Ooo, I agree. I want Merlin but I'm not sure if i can buy him because of the price. I think there should be seperate categories for insanely high preorder prices like Miku ITEM #637417 and those that were fairly price originally but now go for heaps, like Lavi ITEM #518142
2 months ago
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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