May 2020: What are you getting for your collection?May 2020: What are you getting for your collection?Ask MFC

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TyjosAzariTyjosAzari26 days ago
What are you getting for your collection this month?

Since I have been busy cleaning out the collection over the past few weeks I haven't felt like getting anything new for the collection and only have 2 items on Pre-Order and have picked up a few models and Anime DVDs for the collection before cleaning out.

These are the latest additions from the end of last month:

ITEM #347514 Arrived Friday with a new DS9 Station Model for the Trek Collection and an old Trek figure I had been after for years.


ITEM #943574 is the only Anime item on pre-order for this month and the only other figure on Pre-Order is the Star Wars Black Series 6" Commander Bly that may be in hand before the end of the month.

Waiting for 2 Model Kits to get in and 1 X-Men Emma Frost Poster.


ITEM #36334
ITEM #250792

Only item I'm planning or might plan to get this month is ITEM #840279 and I may pick up some more Star Trek Posters and continue to convert my displays over to where it's Trekked out.

I am tempted to pick up the MuvLuv PSVita games and Super Robot Wars X for PSVita.

Only other things I'm waiting for are a few food orders from Amazon and with things as they are I'm reducing spending to essentials only for the next few months and the budget can handle a few figures or model kits here and there so for now things are moving along.

-Picked up 2 more Star Trek Posters:

1701 Enterprise from The Original Series

Deep Space Nine Crew Poster

Down to deciding on if I want to get the Gundam HGUC Penelope this month after selling more Transformers this weekend.

What are you getting into your collection this month?
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ITEM #604781 & ITEM #806016 are probably coming tomorrow. I've also ordered ITEM #849654, hopefully it won't be delayed.
23 days ago
Hopefully I will able collect the entire Persona 5 nendoroid team. Although I can’t find Makoto for a reasonable price...
24 days ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Not much... No preorders, all got delayed.
Nog that I had many po left.

Then there's my loot of surugaya, which probably gets here in 2 or more months

Consisting of my final Louise fig (Chara Ani) plus a chibi of selnia iori flame heart and merch.
25 days ago
Big Emma Frost fan too, been debating if I want that J Scott Cambell or the Adam Hughs variant to pick up as a CGC slab. I HATE poster since they are so big and are just so low quality most of the time, I rather display slabs.
25 days ago
Sadly nothing; May is usually my big haul month, but with the convention I go to every year being cancelled this year, I won't be able to do so.

But, when everything clears up and the post office is back in full swing, I plan on picking up a few smaller items from my wish list, like the pairs of ITEM #886274 and ITEM #855737
25 days ago
Melon_pan426 days ago#778739502,400$?? Which figure is it if you don't mind me asking
ITEM #871530
25 days ago
With everything delayed, I decided to pick up this ITEM #676037 figure from a US shop.

Other than that, I just picked up some domestic media releases, including Blu-Ray sets of Tanya the Evil ENTRY #120704 and Tenshi no 3P! ENTRY #119570. For the latter, I was just browsing one day and I was shocked to learn the series was getting a physical release. Sometimes, I feel compelled to vote with my wallet in hopes of seeing other similar shows get a release on disc, so I did so there.

I also picked up some new manga releases, including the first volume of Gigant ENTRY #160564. The premise sounds delightfully bizarre, and it's the mind behind Gantz, so it should be interesting.
25 days ago
If by some miracle SkyTube's Chiyuru is actually released on time, I'll be springing for DHL to make sure ITEM #740443 arrives this month.

I'm also a breath away from pulling the trigger on Robot Hero's MP-13 Soundwave reissue with tapes included.

25 days ago
Rikoei26 days ago#77872610Nothing so far...saving up for a $2,400 figure so no spending pay checks till the end of August
Yay (not)

2,400$?? Which figure is it if you don't mind me asking
26 days ago
I only bought her this month.
ITEM #198436

And I am thinking about buying Azur Lane - Duke of York ITEM #899488

But I saw the prototype of Sasamori Tomoe figure from WF2020. It’s tough to choose.
ITEM #872936
26 days ago
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