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migurmigur1 month ago
Hello dear honored people of MFC!

I was wondering what your prefered way is of reading/watching a review of a figure.

I gave a few options in the poll, if you have any additions please let me know in the comment section.

video; for example youtube

blog; a written blog on ones personal website away from mfc.

article on mfc a written article on mfc.

For reading I prefer the last option: just reading an article on mfc, however i sometimes get annoyed by the pictureplacement on mfc. For creating reviews I prefer to use my own website because it has some more options regarding large size pictures/gifs: I don't feel resizing every photo I made of the figure.

please let me know your opinions!
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prefered media

77%article on mfc
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Blogs/articles. I prefer to be able to quickly skip over text if I want to and look at clear still pictures. Other than one video reviewer I recently discovered, I just don't like watching them. Most videos are boring, blurry, too long, etc.
1 month ago
Blogs/articles. I don't gravitate towards videos all that often outside of a few individuals because, in my experience, a lot of them tend to be not particularly engaging in their narration or presentation.
1 month ago
My preference is an article with LOTS of pictures from various angles. I especially like articles that contain a "parts" picture showing a figure fully taken apart with all optional pieces. Photos that show how to cast-off various pieces are also very useful.

For article content, I like to hear about any problems the owner encountered with figures. Any research they can provide regarding the figure, related figures, source material or details related to its production can also be helpful.
1 month ago
I don't have the patience or attention span for video reviews, so articles are my preferred review type. I can read through at my own pace, or just skip through to see all the pictures if the writing doesn't grab me.

I don't really read figure blogs as much as I used to; MFC has kind of become my go-to for figure reviews. I used to read the mikatan/kahotan blog daily, regardless of whether I recognized the character of the day. I also used to post figure reviews on tumblr, and read reviews that others posted there. But as tumblr has waned in usage (and as I realized that posting long, image heavy reviews to tumblr was getting cumbersome) I've started posting reviews only to MFC.
1 month ago
Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
I like reviews on MFC or blogs. I'm a fast reader, so I can read through the comments the review writer made on a figure faster than I can watch a video. Written articles also allow me to get a good look at figure details without having to rewind a video a lot of times.

I'm also not big on videos because the people that make them seem to talk about unrelated things for minutes to pad out the video, or just show the figure without giving an actual opinion other than 'it's great'. :/. Or they just toss the box aside (in the case of nendos), and don't show that insert. Which honestly is frustrating, as I like to see how a nendo was originally packed sometimes. Written reviews do usually point out flaws, and rarely consist of pictures and then the comment of 'it's great'. They also have the same issue with not showing the nendoroid still in the blister pack, but at least I don't have to hear random talking for 5 minutes to get to the figure review.
1 month ago
I usually watch youtube reviews. it's what necessary to determine how well an action figure can pose. however if you're planning to drop youtube videos on mfc, that's a bad idea. not only it's a super lazy way of handling things, but also feels like blatant selfpromoting.
1 month ago
I like watching short video reviews. I tend to skip a lot if they're too long. In my opinion it's better if you already opened the figure, looked at it and prepared yourself for the video (maybe make a list with the most important things) instead of recording the "full unboxing experience".

For more in depth reviews I prefer articles.
1 month ago
Its kind of a mix for me, i like watching video reviews but they don't always cut to the chase so I normally like to read a review on MFC
1 month ago
It's a mix for me, but for more in depth stuff I prefer to read and see pics on mfc. I like videos to get a better grasp of the size/scale and sometimes to see how certain parts are fitted.

The main downside for me with video is when a 35 minute video takes 25 minutes to get to the actual figure. So I now skip to the figure first on some videos, then go back to look a parts of the unboxing later if the box looks intricate to get into. I'm also not interested in seeing the brown delivery box sat on a table in front of the camera for 5 minutes while the reviewer talks about how they are looking forward to seeing the figure lol. And then another 10 to 15 minutes trying to see though the clear packaging it's still sat in. I prefer videos to cut to the chase! Show us quickly around the figures box, show removing figure and parts from packaging, then the bulk of the video putting the figure together and showing the finished figure in closeup detail.

So for me, for detail I prefer a written review with photos with pros and cons and ratings, and then a video just to get a better idea of size while being handled
1 month ago
I tend to prefer reading reviews than watching them, from an entertainment point of view. If I'm contemplating buying a figure, I will tend to look up vids as well as pictures, but I tend to skip through the videos, as I'm only interested in certain specific things.
I think doing a poll here is going to be biased to text reviews, might be worth seeing if you can run the same poll in /r/AnimeFigures or other similar places to see if there's more of a video bias elsewhere.

There aren't any video figure reviewers I actively watch their content right now. Closest thing is DStar01's "this is not" series, as it is entertaining to me. Occasionally I'll jump bits if he focuses on something for too long, though.

As for text blogs, running solely your own blog on your own site is hard - people won't naturally gravitate there, so you'd have to work out how to get it out to an audience and how to get them coming back. My blogs are also available on my site as well as MFC (and go up a day earlier than MFC! :P) but I mostly use my blog as a backup that's under my control, and my main audience is here.
I started my own personal site as I used to blog on Tumblr, but then the Great Porn (and not porn) Purge happened. Couple of my blogs couldn't be saved from the crossfire (despite none of my blogs breaking their rules), so having my own blog site means I'm not entirely at the mercy of other site admins. Thankfully I was already backing up my blog with TumblThree, so I could get the tarpitted blogs from my TumblThree backups, after importing the rest via a plugin.
1 month ago
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