Have you had any regrets after buying a figure?Have you had any regrets after buying a figure?Ask MFC

millapedemillapede1 month ago
I recently looked at 5 figures that I really could live without for my latest video.

They are:
ITEM #514139
ITEM #331551
ITEM #285422
ITEM #27609
ITEM #645869

It's not that they're necessarily bad figures (I'd still recommend most of them), I just made the poor decision to actually go through with the purchase of them and resale isn't really worth the effort at this point.

I'm sure a lot of people with sizable collections would have some similar stories. So have you had any regrets after buying a figure?
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I collect plushies but here's a big pooper, I bought the Akiyama Mio nendoroid plush for the same amount that I saw a Hakurei Reimu one for sale. Reimu is considerably more rare but I didn't realise that at the time. I'm not a massive fan of the Mio one and I'm still devastated about it a year later
27 days ago
Absolutely... I took a 1-month vacation to Taiwan back in 2014. While I was there, I drank the One Piece juice and ended up impulse buying way too many One Piece figures. This wouldn't have been such an issue if the sculptures were designs that actually would grow on me over time, even after the series lost its luster.

Today, I'm just trying to sell off most of my One Piece collection, save for the figures that I genuinely like. It makes sense that the ones I am keeping are aesthetically aligned to my personal aesthetic. Who would have thought. :^)
1 month ago
I do regret buying some figures, quite a few tho. Most of the time, it's low priced figures that would not break my heart puting them back into the box, but are pretty boring to get rid of.
Some other ones came broken but as a Warhammer hobbist i've all i need to repair them cleanly, hardly noticeable.
The biggest deception came from ITEM #402 which i started to repaint as mine is awfull, probably a bootleg bought long ago, inexperimented buyer as i used to be.
Then ITEM #331796 as many users here, came with a very dark skin, i plan to do a repaint on him too, later.
And a statue of Jean Grey in her green phoenix costume from Diamond Select Toys, which was beautiful on pics and "eww" the second i freed her from the box. Another repaint challenge to come :3
1 month ago
Normally after an anime series, I tend to get the figure related to that anime.
Some of the series right, now I have lost interest over time.
So probably those are the figures to go first.
1 month ago
My only regret with purchasing a figure happened when I encountered a bootleg figure (BLOG #42563) Besides that experience, I've never regretted a figure purchase.

On the other hand, I have regretted not buying some figures on auction sites where I either waited too long and missed the bidding, or someone used the buy it now option and bought it before I had a chance to get it.
1 month ago
I've managed to avoid any big regrets, thankfully. Most of my time after picking up this hobby, I wasn't able to afford much so when I finally was able to pick things up they were long time favorites I was actively after. My pre-orders will be an interesting test on if I need to stick to the "think about it for months," pattern or no. I recently pretty impulsively laid down a preorder for Tamamo no Mae's police ver.
1 month ago
I enjoyed your video. I was one of those buyers who was happy that aftermarket prices drop significantly for most Love Live figures because I felt that I got good value buying them and they fit well in one of my displays picture/1028316..., static.myfigure....

Plus, there are lots of Love Live prize figures that are pretty cute and decent quality. Why the manufacturers seem to overproduce figures from some series but neglect figures from other series is baffling to me. For example, all the Miyazono Kaori figures are vastly overpriced in the aftermarket, i.e.,ITEM #287869 so manufacturers are leaving money on the table. Same with Aiz ITEM #561462
1 month ago
Yes I have figures I regret buying as I’m an impulse buyer
1 month ago
All the time . I wish I had a mother hobby .
1 month ago
the 20 fate prize figures i impulse bought now that im having hell getting rid of most ppl don't want to pay anything for them at all and expect me to give them away it sucks
1 month ago
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