Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~ - Fubuki - SPM Figure SEGA reviewKantai Collection ~Kan Colle~ - Fubuki - SPM Figure SEGA reviewReview

MaakieMaakie11 months ago
The pantyshot in this review has been put in spoiler, so this is a sfw review!


Welcome to my review! This time it will be a bit different. The pictures for this review were made when I just got a new camera and did a test photoshoot. Even after reading a lot of tutorials online (my previous camera experience was only with a compact and my phone) my first photoshoot was quite dramatic. Over 80% of the pictures went straight into the recycle bin on my computer. However, the leftover part had stil some decent shots in there, so I thought it was a waste to not at least make a review with what I had even if the pictures are lower quality than what you are used from me. The results you will see here! I am also happy to inform I have gotten a lot better with the camera by now. The main 'issue' being that the camera feels very heavy compared to what I am used to, which means it can be hard to get a steady shot if I'm not using a camera stand. Also, the stand that I already owned could not take it's weight.

The review of today is about a figure of Fubuki ENTRY #53425 from Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~ ENTRY #52215 ! This figure ITEM #314583 is made by SEGA ENTRY #7642 and part of the SPM Figure (Super Premium Figure) ENTRY #85669 line, which promises to deliver prize figures in a higher than average standard and mostly also retails for a bit higher than the average prize figure price.

I will start off with telling some more about her background.


Kantai Collection (translated 'Fleet Collection') is a browser game in which you have cute personifications of Warships to build a fleet with. As their commander, you 'collect' these girls and fight battles which are a combination of strategy and action. Kantai Collection became popular very fast and within 2 years of the game release, an anime was made. As of now, Kantai Collection is still a huge multimedia project, with also games on other platforms, manga and light novels expanding the universe. More recently there has been some competition from 'Azur Lane'. Azur Lane is a very different game when it comes to gameplay, but it also uses warship personifications and has characters designed after the same ships as many Kantai Collection ones.

Fubuki is a ship from the Destroyer class, she is seen by many as the most 'blank slate' character. She is young and very eager to learn more, while looking up at her senpai Akagi ENTRY #52413 .

The reason why and how I got her

I actually...don't remember that well how I got her anymore. According to this website, I listed her as owned 4+ years ago. I am pretty sure I got her together with some other items (I barely ship prize figures by themselves because the shipping costs will mostly be higher than the figure itself), and as I was back then a Fubuki completionist, I wanted this figure as well.

Now I'm a bit doubting about wanting to be a Fubuki completionist. I personally never thought I would heavily get into Kan Colle, but my KC collection has gotten quite big over time. I still have to set up my collection in my new apartment, but I'm thinking about my KC collection only being about my Abyssal girls (which I enjoy in general more than the ship girls) and perhaps selling the boat girls. Maybe writing this review can help me more in making a decision!

Original art


There is no specific artwork this figure was modeled after, but it is clear they went for her anime look as a reference, instead of her look in-game. Her anime look has harder colors, bigger wefts of hair as bangs and more round eyes.

By the way, I hope some other Fubuki fans agree with me that this outfit: View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://i.ibb.co/StMkcDv/reference2.png would make an adorable figure!


I don't have a video this time, because my first experimental video with the new camera turned out horrible, I do however, made some snippets of it into gifs that you can find in this blog!

The Box



The box is a very prize-figure-like box, on which I really appreciate the details of the grid window at the front as a reference to the grid used in the game.



Both sides are the same and show the main anime artwork of Fubuki



There is a Kadokawa license sticker at the back. Sorry guys, from some shots I only have blurry ones.


One piece of square tape is used to close the top of the box.

First Look



Pretty decent quality blister for a prize figure.






The Figure


The figure has only 2 pieces: Main figure and base.












My first impression of this figure was pretty good! No big flaws to be seen and sculpt seems pretty neat.

Looking at all the details!



Starting with the face, the eye decals are a bit bland in my opinion. Quite a shame for a figure with a powerful stance in posing. Her mouth is also in a simple expression.

The sculpt of the bangs is nicely done and gives the feeling of the wind swooping them to the side.



From the front, her expression looks a lot more powerful and determined.


The top part of her shirt is nicely sculpted, with a lot of borders sewn in and a ribbon at the bottom. I like how her 'backpack' straps seem to push into her clothing. The paint of these parts is decent, a few mishaps here and there, but to be expected of a prize figure.


Here you can see the tugging of the straps a bit better.





The bottom part of her shirt has some nice movement in it, like it's also being swept by the wind.




As common with prize figures, seamlines are a bit more visible than on your average scaled figure. It's still pretty decent for the price you pay.


Fubuki's hair from the back is very round. It looks a bit weird, but at least we have the detail at the bottom of the hair getting pulled into a ponytail.


The ponytail itself is a bit simple, but the hair elastic and the ponytail itself look good enough.



I like the sculpting of her belly button and the skirt also has, next to the wind movement, realistic looking creases.



Her hand piece has a long brown strap, which looks pretty good at the bottom, but the part near her body is a bit clunky.





Her back ship piece has nice sculpting especially for a prize, but some parts look a bit weirdly glued together. Some parts have nice shading, while other parts have no shading at all.

It looks better than on Z1 ITEM #470984 and Z3 ITEM #470986 their prize figures also by SEGA. It's interesting to compare this figure with the Z1/Z3, as Z1/Z3 are newer releases. Z1/Z3 have better faces and more dynamic poses, but their ship parts are definitely more lacking.





Some little paint mishaps and seamlines, this will vary with each copy of the figure and is common for prize figures.




Her leg pieces have nice sculpt and shading.


I personally really like how the straps attach to her legs. You can see that they are sinking into her skin. If I compare this to her Kotobukiya counterpart ITEM #236237 , that one rather has thicker straps, which are on top of the legs.


At the back of the straps, there are small clasps.



The left leg piece makes her skirt ride up a bit, very nice detail!



Those are some very good thighs~

And now for the pantyshot: View spoilerHide spoiler




Plain white panties, there are some details in sewed lines and some creases.


There are some 'dirty' paint spots on my copy of this figure.




As with most Kantai Collection designs, the shoe design is really neat! It is faithfully recreated here as well, with the shoelaces having a nice sculpt also.




There is some shading on the metal parts around the shoes as well.




The socks have a very clear looking decal of an anchor.



The clear hexagon base is simple in design and a nice reference to the game.

The Points

+ Good sculpt for a prize figure
+ Not too much common prize figure mishaps (I actually expected more paint flaws)
+ Powerful posing

+/- Some nitpicks that could have been better, such as lazy sculpting on the back of her head and bag straps that look a bit too thick

- I don't like the eye decals and with that, the general look of the face from some angles

The Scores

Sculpting 8/10
A very ambitious sculpt for a prize figure and decent execution in mass production.

Painting 7/10
Decently done for a prize figure, some parts also had shading.

Posing 8/10
Although simple, the pose is powerful. I only wish her facial expression and/or eyes would have some more life in it as well.

Base 8/10
Simple, but references to the game and a shape that makes it easy to have it in busy displays.

Packaging 8/10
Nice, windowed box with some character art on it. Nothing too special, but with a lot of prize figures nowadays coming without proper blisters and/or without a windowded box, I think it deserves an 8.

Enjoyment ...hrmmm
I have a really hard time to put a number for enjoyment. This prize figure is very decent, but when I look at my Kotobukiya Fubuki ITEM #236237 , I like that one a lot more. Making this review also hasn't influenced my thoughts about being a Fubuki completionist (or not), so it has not made my enjoyment higher or lower than before. I still don't know yet what to do with my Fubuki (and general boat girl) collection...


If you like Fubuki, but want something more low-budget instead of splurging on her scaled figure, this prize figure is a good choice.


This figure is very common and goes for extremely low prices. I can't remember how little I paid myself, but an unopened one can be yours for just 500 yen: order.mandarake... .

Some final shots of Fubuki








NSFW: View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/05/24/2442494.jpeg

















And to finish it!

Currently all my collection is boxed away because of my emigration, but here is how she was displayed:



The difference between this figure and the Kotobukiya counterpart is huge. If I decide to put this figure on display again, I wouldn't put them next to eachother like this again. Although it is fun to play 'spot the differences between anime and game design'!

Bonus pictures

As I was playing around with my new camera, I made pictures of my displays back then and thought this might be a good place to show them off! In spoiler, because it's off topic from the rest of the review: View spoilerHide spoiler


Magician collection: ITEM #42095 , ITEM #91372 , ITEM #358240 and ITEM #358241 .

Malik <3 ITEM #166660

Atem <3 ITEM #450031

My Ymir ENTRY #1923 display!



Together with her mini-me!




Some close-ups from my horror shelf.


Mewtwo ENTRY #6424 !



Komugi ENTRY #1730 , Mugi Mugi!


This very cool Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles trading figure ITEM #11918 !



Moetan ENTRY #192 and POP ENTRY #8335 shelf! <3

And OK, well then, one of them out of the spoiler, an example of the better photography I'm up to nowadays.


This Tanya figure ITEM #604888 will get a review later as well! The pictures need some more editing~

For those who read all this way, thank you! My next blog will be either a loot blog or a GK walktrough!

I hope you enjoyed this review, you could also check my other figure reviews when interested! As promised, for every new blog I would fix the image hosting of an older blog. I decided to fix up my earlier review of another Fubuki figure:
Kantai Collection ~Kan Colle~ - Fubuki - 1/8 (Kotobukiya): BLOG #41921

All pictures in high resolution and some extra pictures not used in the review can be found here: profile/Maakie/... .

Thank you for reading this review!

And if you like my reviews and would like to receive e-mail updates when I have a new one, you can subscribe to my blog on MFC! --> profile/Maakie/...


See you at my next review!
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victorviper11 months ago#78920688I'm always amazed by how good a lot of prize figures are these days for the price - 500 yen is quite a bargain considering this is a reasonably ambitious design.
I hadn't noticed the white ears on ITEM #911185 until you pointed that out, and now I can't unsee that :).

She did release in the premium line for a higher price originally, but she is both that premium line and her nowadays price worth! :)

So I'm assuming you don't like the white headband either? ^^'' It just blends away too much with her hair I think.

dtindcarea11 months ago#78920697Very nice photos and review.

Thank you! :)
11 months ago
Very nice photos and review.
11 months ago
I'm always amazed by how good a lot of prize figures are these days for the price - 500 yen is quite a bargain considering this is a reasonably ambitious design.

I hadn't noticed the white ears on ITEM #911185 until you pointed that out, and now I can't unsee that :).
11 months ago
WhoBeDaPlaya11 months ago#78920568I own both the SEGA prize (ITEM #314583 for the office),
and the Koto scale (ITEM #236237 for home)
While the Koto is undeniably better (and cheap!), the SEGA is nothing to sneeze at either!
Also, check out SEGA's new Shimakaze that's absolutely stunning :
ITEM #911185

Both are great in their own way! And yeah, I'm looking forward to pictures of the actual figure once that Shimakaze has been released! I personally don't like her white headband version, but if I end up getting that figure it won't be so hard to repaint. :)
11 months ago
I own both the SEGA prize (ITEM #314583 for the office),
and the Koto scale (ITEM #236237 for home)
While the Koto is undeniably better (and cheap!), the SEGA is nothing to sneeze at either!

Also, check out SEGA's new Shimakaze that's absolutely stunning :
ITEM #911185

11 months ago
Is-It-Fake11 months ago#78919522Wow! I think it's a really nice figure for only 500 yen. Like what galablue mentioned, I also like your 360 gifs lol that's pretty advanced. May I know what device were you using to rotate the figure?

I paid some more for it myself, but yeah, nowadays she goes for 500 yen. :)

If you like my gifs, most of my reviews from the last ~2 years have them! ^^

The rotator is a pretty generic 'turntable store display' that I bought from eBay many years ago, seller does not exist anymore, but you can find likewise ones if you search that term on eBay. :) I specifically wanted one with soft fabric to put the figure on, so it doesn't slip.
11 months ago
Wow! I think it's a really nice figure for only 500 yen. Like what galablue mentioned, I also like your 360 gifs lol that's pretty advanced. May I know what device were you using to rotate the figure?
11 months ago
galablue11 months ago#78904188I like your 360 gifs, they give a good perspective of the figure. She looks pretty good for a prize figure!

Thanks! Although I have been mainly focusing on getting better with the picture part of my camera and not the video part, soooo I have not been improving much in that area since then. :') And yeah, definitely a decent prize figure if you want a Fubuki! :)
11 months ago
I like your 360 gifs, they give a good perspective of the figure. She looks pretty good for a prize figure!
11 months ago
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