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RonaaiRonaai1 month ago
So as of late, there have been a LOT of changes in selling adult products online. Tumblr no longer allows posts advertising sales, Ebay remove all listings and you risk losing your account, don't bother with Amazon, livejournal is dead... the platforms for selling Doujinshi have become all but obsolete =(

I currently have 60-80 Doujinshi for fandoms I no longer have interest in and need to sell for space...

The fandoms are Durarara!! (of which I have the most for...) and Magi the labyrinth of magic. I also have some BBC Sherlock one's...

I have some Doujins that are rare/very rare and/or hard to find, and yet there is literally nowhere that I know of for me to advertise where people will actually see it ; x ; //

Wondering if anyone here can point me in the right direction? =)

The last option is to just suck it up, count my losses and bin the lot... which for a collection I spent the best part of £400 on... I can't OTL
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
darkfader1 month ago#78198181Seems like big business! I admit I buy higher-price-than-new doujinshi sometimes but they must be rare.
I think every doujinshi collector is guilty of this! Plus I definitely made an expensive mistake or two when I first started...
1 month ago
Ju-San1 month ago#78197077Which BBC Sherlock ones?

sta.sh/0avo3kmz... They're a series =) Far as I'm aware, there's only these 3, so its complete ^^
1 month ago
Anyone know if there are any reddits where you can sell doujinshi?

You can sell figures and dakimakuras on reddit.

Or maybe reddits for those fandoms would let you sell them, OP.
1 month ago
darkfader ⱠØⱠł₵Ø₦
WindsorSeven1 month ago#78173240Not sure which site you'd be posting to, but the US ebay absolutely does not take down 18+ doujins. Just take a look here (nsfw).
Seems like big business! I admit I buy higher-price-than-new doujinshi sometimes but they must be rare.
1 month ago
Which BBC Sherlock ones?
1 month ago
You can still sell doujinshi on eBay, though if they are NSFW, you'd be safer listing them in eBay's Adult Only category. It'd have a lot less visibility than a regular eBay listing, but at least you don't have to worry about getting penalized for listing NSFW items.
1 month ago
Really? They are not allowed to sell Dojin on ebay and amazaon?
That's horseshit but I'm not surprised
1 month ago
Ronaai1 month ago#78173154Where on here can I sell? O: I know articles are a big no... forums? <<

Yeah, the forums. There's a doujin adoption thread - thread/5633, and some of the other sales threads may not mind.
1 month ago
iSkadi1 month ago#78173286But if UK ebay isn't letting you, maybe check out Mecari?

Mercari no longer operates in the UK. They closed the site down some time last year iirc.
1 month ago
I know that both ebay and Mecari have you censor the naughty parts, and they will let you sell it. But if UK ebay isn't letting you, maybe check out Mecari?

Here is also this two facebook groups:
1 month ago
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