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HassySodaHassySoda1 month ago
Been a while since I did a blog entry so I'll do another little one today. I was relieved last time I cleared up some space and made some mony back. Was suffering a little buyers remorse. And after that I was content again for a while. Recently I've been noticing how much more I had that I realized is either wasted in a closet or I'm not overly fanatical about anymore. I notice even some of my big purchases that I always thought I was fine with seem to be a result of past impulse too. Or just bad long term decision making. Ordering too many of one character was a mistake. If you had asked me months ago if I would ever sell my excess Eustass Kid figs stored in a closet their entire life span or even sell my dynamic Hiei fig, I woulda outright been like NO WAY. I can't say I have fully grown into the most intelligent buyer but I think I am considerably better than years ago.

So that's been going on and it's been nice. Also partially related to that. I notice I have been steadidly selling the males...but buying more waifus and replacing them. Kinda feel like I am in a waifu hell now. But I kinda am all for the change. Currently hoping for 2 dream idea figs. A rerelease of that one Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman statue OR for the Bishoujo line,, for them to take a shot at doing one of her.

Here's to hoping
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This is a natural part of being a collector. People are constantly growing and changing whether we want to or not, so we might not love what enamored us five years ago. I have been going through waves of selling various collectibles, constantly whittling away at them just so I have a smaller but more intimate collection. Some of it has been challenging, but overall I haven't missed much of what I've sold. (out of sight, out of mind maybe? lol)

I could see that version of Catwoman making a really good bishoujo statue, so hopefully it's something they pursue in the future. :)
1 month ago
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Yeah I do the same with change. I sell and buy :)
But I buy less meaning lil by lil my collection shrinks.

I only got 2 males from yugioh, as they're nostalgia.. Had a crush on em.

Good luck with your changes :D
1 month ago
HassySoda Autumn girl
greygoose211 month ago#78675369I have to say I don't have any male figures displayed unless you count gundams and mechs. Well I have one, which is Raiden play arts that I am selling lol

Lmao I am trying to get rid of a play arts too because I legit could never figure out to set up the stand
1 month ago
I have to say I don't have any male figures displayed unless you count gundams and mechs. Well I have one, which is Raiden play arts that I am selling lol
1 month ago
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