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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
AlisskAlissk7 months ago
Hello! This is my first ever review so apologies if the review isn't perfect, such as placements of text, photo placements, topics, paint jobs discussions and what not, but i'll try my best to talk about whatever that comes to mind when reviewing each figure.

I do have the box for each figure, but I'd have to dig through them so this review won't have the boxes! Also that i bought these on their respective release dates so the boxes are stacked and probably somewhere in Narnia right about now.

Today, I have the Banpresto My Hero Academia Figures ! I don't have all my hero figures but here's the list of what I own and is reviewing today:
My Hero Academia The Amazing Heroes Vol.5 All Might
My Hero Academia Age of Heroes vol.3 Ochaco Uraraka

And now we begin. Let's start with the villians.


What is Dabi doing? Preparing to do what we call Dabbing? Smacking his own team mate? back hand whipping Red Riot? Dabi's hand will break for sure. Dabi looks impressive. His hair is spiky, and can deal lethal damage if thrown at someone. The scars really do show well like in the anime. this pose of his really is intimidating. I feel like he's trying to high five me but will back hand throw flames at my face up close. His outfit is looking great, and really visualizes his outfit in the anime (I never read the manga so i don't know if he gets new outfits or something).

How about paint imperfections? Dabis painting is well done. As far as the paint job goes, only his left boot heels has a tiny gray paint on the black part of the shoe but other than that it's well done.

Next, is Toga. After recovering from the ass slap from Dabi ( so out of character Dabi! smh).


Yoda is pretty great looking so far just like Dobby!
https://i.imgur.com/tB9T7ZH.png (these two are not my images by the way)

Oh i mean't Toga and Dobi!

Ok in seriousness, Toga looks just as great as Dobi in quality. Toga looks like she's ready to stab Deku after waiting for Deku to finally get out of the shower or something.fangirling over Deku, she's in a very vulnerable pose looking like she's about to fall over from euphoria of the site of Nakey Deku, blushing and standing in that pose on one feet and all. Actually, this figure is looking like it is Toga just before she falls down on the ground.

Toga has a very cute ribbon, and her accessories in her hand also comes off too, and also off her back ! The accessories on her leg, and her waist is not cast-off.

Paint quality control wise it's great. Two issues, however is that her hair above her right eye has black paint mark or scuffs whatever it is, and so does her right back of her thigh.

Time for the Heroes!

Here we see Toga lined up to chase deku (or stab uraraka to get rid of competition?) and uraraka right behind Deku, firmly about to grasp Deku.


As we see, Deku is 1)fleeing after getting undressed and torn or 2) fighting a battle and got his mask ripped off like when Bakugo tried to murder Deku's ass.

Deku looks awesome here, preparing to do an attack while he is beat up. The figure really captures Deku in his moment of never giving up, and giving the anime protag speech to make friends to his enemies. This outfit is the one he wore during his training with uraraka when he fought Bakugo head on, while uraraka goes to find Tenya and the objective space ship looking thing.

Paint quality on this figure is not perfect, or as good as Toga and Dobi. There are marks on his right boot, right leg just before boot, and his left hand. His hair is well done, as it's spiky enough to kill someone like dogi.

Next, we have All might.https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/07/03/2467944.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/07/03/2467943.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/07/03/2467942.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/07/03/2467941.jpeghttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/07/03/2467940.jpeg

All might is huge, and heavy. The heaviest out of all the figures and the biggest as well. The problem with him is that if the surface is not flat, he will fall forward and come crashing down, maybe exploding the planet by accident (I learned from experience). Despite taking the fall, he held well just like in the anime. His pose is that of no mercy, going forward, leaning in for the kill. It's like when battling Nomu's; he will fight his hardest to protect his underlings. The hair is awesome, as the two front hair piece makes him look like those Gundam Robots.

(not my image)

The issue with All might is, the red patterns on All might can come off. It's like a puzzle piece but glued. It's starting to come off and i could pull it out, leaving an empty husk inside (maybe there's skinny all might in there). Other parts that looks like it's going to fall apart is his right and left waist below the belt where the white design is. It's the piece that connects to build him but i can't put it back in.

The paint job also takes a hit somewhat. His right thigh where the white pattern is has red scribbles on the edges, the white stripe on his back has black marks, and his belt has a tiny silver mark.

Here's All might out of character. Maybe Momo used an invention on All might??https://static.myfigurecollection.net/upload/pictures/2020/07/03/2467945.jpeg

Here's Deku and All might punching Red Riot so Red Riot can see how much damage he can take (Sadly it's not his ultimate form version!)


Red Riot looks sick as hell. He has an 8 pack, a manly build like all might, and is ready to take the hit for the boys. His figure looks like he's preparing for the hits from an enemy, or just flexing that nothing can hurt him like Deku's and Dobi's hair. He is a very slim figure, shirtless oh my~ and his hair is also spiky and can be used as a knife. Don't worry! He can turn hard so i'm sure his hair also turns hard, he won't get damaged being used as a knife.

Where his nipples at though?

His base is also very different than the other MHA figures in this review. Instead of clear, it's not clear. Also it's very small.

Red Riot's Quality control is very nice! The only one mistake is a mark above his right eye.


Next we have last but not least, uraraka!


As we see in the photos, she's getting ready to punch a foo or is holding in #2. She is quite tiny, compared to all the other MHA figures in this review. Just like REd Riot, her base is pure black instead of see through like Dobi, Toga, Deku, and All might.

The painting on her is cute! She has pink sprays on her on all the white pieces on her. All black colors has no pink sprays. She has a ripple on her chest which is great, and realistic. Her hair flows a bit to her right which is awesome detail. Its like if she's trying to confess to deku but deku gets shy and runs away! Well this is her battle outfit so more realistically she's trying to look powerful and strong; dependable and useful.

And that's it for the single hero. Let's talk about all of them in conclusion. Together, they look awesome. The base they have are plain, so that's a minus. Uraka and Rock-man.. uh, Red Riot are especially boring and plain. Overall, for prize figures, the paint jobs were fabulous. Each figure does have paint mistakes or scuffs though.The built quality for all figures were great, they wern't going to fall apart at all EXCEPT ALL MIGHT! His is the only problem. Did each character get a sculpt that fits their attitude? Yes! Deku for one loves getting beat up but he never gives up. Dobi is very strong, and very really reserved and confident, as he's ready to smack some people or give em awesome high fives. Toga is all jumpy, flirty and all and really matches her personality. Red Riot is the man of Steel. Not that man of steel in red and blue with laser beam eyes. His pose stays strong and confident, he's ready to protecc. All might's pose is awesome, as it's not him posing in a "It is fine now. Why? Because I am here!" but in a"When there's nothing to be gained, rising to the challenge at those times... is surely the mark... of a true hero!" kind of inspirational quote. Uraraka is in the pose of concentration, making sure she believes she can fight and assist.

Together, they look prime and ready for combat, with the villains being confidant, and the heroes prime and ready to punch the villians. However, comments on the posing. They're very similar to each other. All might and Deku is similar, Red riot, Uraraka and Dobi is similar, with Toga being in her own category. Could there be a way to make them all different? I'm sure there can. The other Volumes certainly does that like uraraka's volume 7.

The rating below will be the average for all the figures.

That's it for all the my hero academia figures I have. Thank you for reading through all of it. If you did not, it's okay, thank you for clicking on it! This is my first ever review as stated on the opening sentence. I hope i did okay at least and got some information down that could be useful. If it's not then i still enjoyed writing this regardless and taking the photos.

I used my Android phone to take these photos and boy, it does not look good. Sorry for that !
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Alissk7 months ago#79941897You are absolutely right! I forgot he had that scar. Looked like a small bad paint up job. Well red riot is perfect then ! lmaooo
lol no worries, I thought the same thing at first until a friend pointed it out
7 months ago
-mochijelly-7 months ago#79941892i really liked your review, it was pretty comprehensive! i've got red riot myself and i love him to pieces *chef's kiss*, though i did want to mention that i think the mark above his eye you mentioned is the one that's supposed to be his scar that he got when he was younger. sorry if i'm nitpicking, but i just wanted to let you know in case :)

You are absolutely right! I forgot he had that scar. Looked like a small bad paint up job. Well red riot is perfect then ! lmaooo
7 months ago
i really liked your review, it was pretty comprehensive! i've got red riot myself and i love him to pieces *chef's kiss*, though i did want to mention that i think the mark above his eye you mentioned is the one that's supposed to be his scar that he got when he was younger. sorry if i'm nitpicking, but i just wanted to let you know in case :)
7 months ago
MamaOppai7 months ago#79941148i have alot of the same ones you do honestly for the price i think they're great especially for someone getting into figure collecting

Yes !! That is indeed true. These prize figures are $25 but don't let the price point fool anyone. They are a great starting point, as i myself started with these figures. these are my very first figures and it got me into collecting.
7 months ago
i have alot of the same ones you do honestly for the price i think they're great especially for someone getting into figure collecting
7 months ago