3 Months of Loot: Apr-Jun (+ a MAJOR grail)3 Months of Loot: Apr-Jun (+ a MAJOR grail)Loot

dandybabydandybaby9 months ago
Hey everyone!

Time for another 3 months of loot. I was unsure whether I would do a loot post for this quarter, mainly because I wasn't feeling it. June was a really rough month for personal reasons, and then I got sick on top of that. Last thing I felt like doing was writing this. I haven't purchased quite as much these past three months; but I've probably spent more, because paying for DHL shipping on everything has been crippling... oof. I'm relieved Japan Post has just resumed EMS and Airmail - I'd rather save money and wait a while longer.

As per usual, this is full of my rambling and lame humour.

Note: You can right click and open the images in a new tab to view at full resolution.

January-March loot here: BLOG #45294

These lil' dudes came in at the very beginning of the month, right before Japan Post cut off SAL shipping.

ITEM #776024 / ITEM #776025
I had been watching them drop in price on AmiAmi for a while, because clearly I'm the only person on the planet who actually enjoyed Double Decker. They started out at 4k yen, came down to 3k, then ¥1800, and finally ¥990. Sold!

In my bro's monthly Right Stuf haul, I got this rad Chimi Chara Stardust Crusaders wall tapestry.

ITEM #1045007
At one point I considered cancelling it, because I couldn't think of anywhere to put it. However, after I saw they'd sold out I decided to keep it. I juggled some of my posters around and found space for it... yay!

April's AmiAmi order was a trio of Nendos.

ITEM #806016 / ITEM #872605 / ITEM #871641
Italy... my precious boi! TBH he really should have been the first Hetalia Nendo to be made, but I get it GSC, you gotta have your fellow countryman first.

With L joining Light in my collection, I was able to get rid of my ugly-ass Death Note Funkos. I found a buyer right away, which was a bonus.

I'm thrilled to have RBC at last, she is such a cinnamon roll. Now if Good Smile would bless us with Killer T, it would be an insta-order.


I also got the Milim Nendoroid because she was going cheap in the HobbySearch sale. I submitted a request to have her shipped a couple weeks back, but I'm still waiting for that to happen. Hopefully she'll be here before my next loot... lmao


I was browsing Tiger & Bunny stuff on Mandarake one evening, and they had recently added a shit-ton of plushes. They were an absolute steal at just ¥200 each. I had been hunting for that Kotetsu plush (in the centre) for 12 months, so that was a small victory. And now that I've started collecting clear files, I picked up these Junjo Romantica ones. Gotta love how 6 of the 8 guys all have the same damn face. Reminds me of the infamous Date A Live III key visual.

ITEM #341664 / ITEM #341666 / ITEM #341668 / ITEM #341665 / ITEM #110323
ITEM #110325 / ITEM #99767 / ITEM #110321 / ITEM #110322 / ITEM #780986

Also managed to get the Rimuru Nendoroid unopened for less than the pre-order price. In case you can't tell, I was late af getting on the Slime bandwagon. That's what happens when your 'plan to watch' list is a mile long.

Something I (and I'm sure many others) had been waiting for: the long awaited re-release of the Bungo Stray Dogs Nendoroids. RIP to anyone who paid 20k for these guys on the aftermarket. With the popularity of the series, I knew they'd likely get a re-release eventually. Still hoping we get Kunikida and Kyoka Nendos someday.

I wanted the Koto scales of Gonpachiro Tanjiro and Nezuko, but had to settle for the Nendoroids due to my lack of space. Tanjiro is super adorbs though, I'm very happy with him.

The only time Chuuya gets to be taller than Dazai...ITEM #463240 / ITEM #396850 / ITEM #813031
I ended up unboxing these three immediately after I received them, then realised afterwards I hadn't snapped a photo of them in their packaging. Forgive me, I was STRESSEDAS ALL HELL because I thought my new (and completely incompetent) postie had misdelivered my expensive package to somebody else. I got an email saying my package had been delivered 15 minutes prior and was signed ‘at door'. Yeahhh, there was nothing at my door. After having a minor panic attack, I was just about to get on the phone to DHL when she shows up with my package... like nothing ever happened. that day and I just wanted some sweet, sweet goodies to open.

My May HobbySearch order for the Pop Up Parade Saitama is still in limbo. Gonna see how long Milim takes to arrive with EMS before sending that order home.

The month started out disappointing; Koto's Kirishima was delayed to August, and Hobby Max's Chii plus the Junjou Romantica Nendoroids were delayed to July. But hey, it was a saving, so all good.

This order was (hopefully) the last that I'll have to pay DHL rates for. Anyone else wait forever for their June invoice? AmiAmi took 5 days to send the payment request after everything was in stock, so I was getting rather antsy.

ITEM #813029 / ITEM #872626
Ah, Nezuko; she's the first anime character in years that has caused me let out a literal 'squee' of delight. I still wish she had a faceplate with her button eye expression, though.

I wouldn't call myself a shipper of Gerita, but their relationship is adorable. Very happy to have these two bois together at last!


Plus, a few more clear files for my collection.

ITEM #1012138 / ITEM #1012137 / ITEM #973276 / ITEM #1012139
The Giorno, Bucciarati and Trish folder is so striking in person. I found myself constantly glancing at it while it was sitting here on my desk.

https://i.ibb.co/Ctm1VS7/bruno.gifITEM #61358
What an ordeal I went through with ol' Zippy. Because he kept getting delayed, I cancelled him from my AmiAmi order and ordered him from Madman, as it worked it out about $25 cheaper in the sale they were having. It shipped on April 1st, was processed at the sort facility on April 3rd, and then disappeared into the void. Due to the Covid-related delays, I waited 6 weeks to see if the package would arrive. Then, at the beginning of June, the tracking number expired due to inactivity. Props to their customer service though - they launched an investigation and a week later the package was considered lost. They sent out a replacement, and it finally arrived on June 29th. His box got beaten up in transit which was disappointing... my only damaged SAS box thus far... boo.


Oh boy, I didn't realise his neck and head were so drastically out of alignment until after I uploaded the photo... haha.

Ya know, I still wonder what happened to the first one.

Poor Brunie...
In a small dark box...
In a forgotten corner of a sort facility.

Also waiting on the Pop Up Parade Genos which will be in my next loot.

Now, the finale. Another unicorn joined my collection this quarter; one which I never, ever expected to own. Everyone's favourite Delivery God... Yato!

ITEM #198458
I set up alerts on Mandarake for Yato forever ago, and I've never seen him come up. Of course, as any Noragami fan knows, he's incredibly sought after. There probably isn't much chance of a re-release, and his aftermarket price is equivalent to selling an internal organ or two. I had just sat down at my computer one evening, when a Mandarake alert email came through. I checked it, thinking it'd just be something JoJo-related.

Yeahhh... I don't think I've yelled so many OMGs in 10 seconds. I smashed the 'submit order' button and hoped nobody else had beaten me to it. Didn't get an invoice the next day, but that's Nagoya for you. I have a serious love-hate relationship with that store. Amazing at answering product enquiries, quick to ship, but terrible at invoicing in a timely manner.

By day 3, I'd legit forgotten I ordered him. My brother was the one who reminded me. At that point, I was more convinced than ever that I'd ultimately receive a cancellation notice. Surely an eagle-eyed customer in store had snapped him up?

That evening, much to my delight and horror, an invoice lands in my inbox. With DHL being my only option, shipping was a ridonkulous ¥6550. That brought the total cost to $480... jfc. My bro's reaction: “Maybe you should send them a cancellation notice”... lmao

With Yato selling on other sites in the region of ¥60k to ¥160k, ¥27k seems like a steal. Not so much when your country's exchange rate sucks monkeys nuts, though.

Fast, affordable and reliable! Delivery God Yato, at your service!
That's all for now, next loot late September / early October. I recently finished my long-awaited room makeover, so I should be able to post that blog around then too. I'm waiting for a few things to join my collection first.

~ dandy ( ・ω・)ノ
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gwendal738-29 months ago#80370098OMG you achieved the impossible, I didn't think anybody would ever get Yato at this point for a somewhat reasonable price! X'DDD Congratulations!!! I know right, I thought he would forever be an unachievable dream!
Thank you! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Moomoogirl19 months ago#80392916Holy moley, you got Yato. And for a steal of a price too! And that Jojo tapestry is positively cute~ Still pinching myself. And thanks! I love it, it's so colourful. ❤
9 months ago
Holy moley, you got Yato. And for a steal of a price too! And that Jojo tapestry is positively cute~
9 months ago
OMG you achieved the impossible, I didn't think anybody would ever get Yato at this point for a somewhat reasonable price! X'DDD Congratulations!!!
9 months ago
CCheshire9 months ago#80369494Congrats on Yato :3c
I've been looking at that for a few yrs too since it's v expensive.
Thank you!
Good luck finding Yato for a decent price. I still can't believe I got him! ٩(>ω<)۶
9 months ago
Solarstormflare9 months ago#80369465Yay, Yato! He cost me about that much too, but totes worth it.Absolutely worth it.
Knowing my luck though, he'll get a re-release in a year or two... lmao
9 months ago
BlazeDazzleDusk9 months ago#80329123Congratulations on getting your grail! He looks awesome. Also, the Rimuru Nendoroid is so cute, I hope your Milim Nendoroid arrives soon!Thanks! I'm so stoked to have him. (* ^ ω ^)

Yeah I'm hoping she'll ship out soon, I need the two of them together. They are besties for resties after all... haha
9 months ago
Congrats on Yato :3c

I've been looking at that for a few yrs too since it's v expensive.
9 months ago
Yay, Yato! He cost me about that much too, but totes worth it.
9 months ago
Rimurushion Slime Demon Lord
Congratulations on getting your grail! He looks awesome. Also, the Rimuru Nendoroid is so cute, I hope your Milim Nendoroid arrives soon!
9 months ago
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