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Dollhouse update!Dollhouse update!

Neko_OniNeko_Oni5 years agoDiary
Hello again!

Wanted to take this opportunity to show off the progress on the Magica dollhouse thus far. For the most part, I decided that since Mami is the oldest, that this will be more or less her house, with the other girls living there. She also picked these contractors, although not so sure how this is going to work out. XD


Ordered some shingles the week before from ebay and got them last Thursday. I estimated that three bags would be enough for the job. I estimated WRONG. I...was this close to finishing it...and now I'm waiting on more shingles. To be fair, a number of the shingles were defective so I would have had to get extra anyway. >_>


While I was waiting, I decided to figure out what color to paint it. I was initially going to leave it white with dark green trim, and the friend who gave it to me suggested white with blue trim. Last night, I decided yellow with white trim. Ties in with the shingles well!


The shingles lot had a bag of decorative bits with it as well so I painted these and added them to the outside.


After giving it some thought, instead of breaking the upstairs into three rooms, I'm going to make an addition for Kyoko and Sayaka and just have two rooms upstairs: Mami's room, and Madoka and Homura's room. The addition will have Sayaka and Kyoko's bedroom as well as a music room for Sayaka.

Started picking up some furniture and after having a hard time finding things that Mami could sit down on, I discovered at least she can sit down on this one!


Hope you enjoy! More updates and pictures as I continue this project. ^_^
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That's really cute!

I'd really like to see how you do the inside and what furniture you find!:)
5 years ago
The dollhouse is looking really good. I agree the yellow is definitely better than plain white and really does suit Mami. I'm looking forward to seeing how the interior gets decorated!
5 years ago
Ahhh that's so nice. The yellow is really pretty and of course matches Mami nicely.

I was contemplating getting a dollhouse myself for figmas. This is encouraging!
5 years ago
YuanMori Fluffy gumiho
Hahaha, maybe get some of the figma blank bodies and picconeemo clothes so mami will be able to sit without issue. The toilet is just too funny.

Nicely done so far~.
5 years ago
So cute! Can't wait to see when you have more of it finished!
5 years ago
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