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SuperJetStarSuperJetStar1 year ago
Ever pre-ordered a figure only to find out it was the last one in stock? That's what happened to me.

Had my eye on the Belldandy Bunny figure for over half a year but only just now decided to hit the pre-order button (from my local/domestic retailer that gets it in September). Good thing I did because it turns out it was the last one they had available. It's not the first time I've bought the last of a product (Jan 2007, bought the last Wii and last copy of Twilight Princess available) but I'm very happy (and relieved) that I ordered her when I did otherwise I'd have a very hard time forgiving myself.

Not a pre-order, but I also got blessed by the eBay gods and managed to find Shina from Death End re;quest (an unexpected grail). Discovered her shortly before release so all the pre-orders were taken. Wasn't sure if I'd ever get her but I did and I'm very thankful for it.

It's a weird feeling, buying/ordering something not knowing it's the last one, only to find out later that it truly was the last one. I'm very happy to secure her and grateful that I got the courage to push that button and I can't wait for her to arrive!
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Not exactly last item as one i had was a re-release of a Sinon ITEM #198579 figure i wanted, had missed previous ones and saw it coming out again on pre-order, looked around was having trouble finding it available, also needed to wait a few days as i budget how much i spend on figures each month and needed to wait for next months budget to kick in, eventually managed to find somewhere and pre-ordered, after i pre-ordered from the site it then showed as pre-order closed so i must have had the last one.
Slightly different one recently had been looking for the LLenn ITEM #676182 swimsuit figure but most sites asking for £150 to £200 pounds, Solaris price dropped to £100 and then back to £150 for some odd reason, checked a couple days later and back to £100 so ordered expecting it to get cancelled, turned up 2 days ago, so nice reasonable price. Price on the website went back to £150, not sure how they decide on prices.
1 year ago
Not a figure or a preorder, but one day I saw on Facebook that the limited edition Expelled from Paradise blu-ray was out of print. It had been in my wishlist for a long time, so I jump on Rightstuf's site and sadly it was out of stock. I scoured the web for an hour, ending up on Amazon. I found a copy for retail price, ordered it, but then the shop I ordered from cancelled the order saying the item was "no longer available." I quickly found another copy for only $5 more, the last copy available on all of Amazon. I was so ecstatic when I saw it actually ship out because, a week later the other place that I tried ordering it from reposted the one I tried to buy for more than DOUBLE THE PRICE! They must have seen that it was out of print and wanted to get in on the aftermarket scalping pricetag so they cancelled my order. I actually left them a nasty review calling them scammers lol.
1 year ago
cyclo1951 year ago#81979174Not a preorder and barely a figure, but back when Amiibo were a bit of a big deal and hard to find I went to line up outside my local EB games (Canadian Gamestop equivalent) about 45 minutes before opening to get Dark Pit ITEM #300375. There were five people ahead of me in line, and when the employee arrived to open the store he said they only had 5 of them available. Fortunately one of the people ahead of me was just with his friend and not actually going to buy one so I got the last one. I was so excited (although I felt bad for the people who showed up after me)

I remember the amiibo days! Scalpers running rampant and amiibo selling out in hours. I didn't start collecting until a few years after they first released so I managed to avoid the worst of it.

A strategy I used was pre-ordering from Amazon Canada. Whenever a new amiibo was about to come out, pre-orders wouldn't open until 24 hours before the release date. So I'd go online a day before and snatch a copy at the retail price with no hassle. Worked every single time and good thing too cause less than a week later they were all sold out and people were already selling them for profit.

amiibo were also my first experience with figure collecting as literally 1 month after I finished collecting them, I got into "true/official" figures. I also never planned on my scale figures passing my amiibo collection in terms of quantity but here we are.

Haven't been to EB games in a few years, even longer since I bought something from them but I always enjoyed going there. Being surrounded by nothing but games was a wonderful feeling.
1 year ago
-Yumei- 夢偉
This happened to me just recently. I pre-ordered ITEM #845703 from BiJ and as it turns out it was last one. I definitely felt really lucky, I've been squirrelling away funds for them for some time and finally had enough just in time, as it turns out xD
1 year ago
I took the last kazuma kaneko artbook 3 from hlj last time.
1 year ago
It's not a figure and more like first-order, but I had the first trip to UK which happened in the same time as the English release of a light novel ITEM #155825. I was stalking some popular bookshops online and offline, and finally one of bookshops website had the updated stock being in the biggest shop of the chain. I went there and couldn't find it on shelves where previous volumes are. I've asked a cashier - she initially brought manga version, but finally found her in a trolley in warehouse are and it was yet to appear on the shelves.

Another first-order case (I believe it's the first order) is a figure ITEM #910379 sold in cinemas. I bought her online 3 months after movie's release and the next day I put an order, new images of the figure appeared on her sales page? It looked like no one thought about it earlier.
1 year ago
Shiina is such a nice figure, isn't she?

I guess ordering pre-owned goods don't count since there is only one of them in general. So I won't mention AmiAmi or Mandarake, haha.

Anyway, I've had this happen to me but only on European sites. There were some older figures that I wanted way too late so I looked locally and managed to snatch the last ones.

For some reason, I managed to get all of them really cheap compared to pre-order price as well! If I remember correctly, it's these figures:

Sorceress (ITEM #287758) - I remember I ordered her from Crunchyroll's shop because I knew nothing about how to get exclusives from Japan back then. When the figure released, I didn't hear anything from them. Three months later, I emailed them and they said it was out of stock and I wouldn't get it. I asked them why they didn't tell me since I paid for it. They just refunded me after that without getting back to me. I panicked because this was a figure I really really wanted so I looked in Europe and found her on Yorokonde. It was their last one!

Edward Scissorhands (ITEM #381685) - This came out before I had money to buy figures so by the time I could afford it, she was gone everywhere. I googled her and found her on Swedish GameStop so I didn't even have to pay expensive postage! They only had one so I got it in a hurry.

Ouran, Kadode, and Isobeyan (ITEM #549426) - I started reading the manga after the figure was released so it was quite difficult to find it but I just happened to see it on Figuya one day when I was looking for something else and bought it as fast as I could. I got it for quite cheap considering its aftermarket value! As soon as I had placed my order, it was listed as out of stock.

Eriri (ITEM #549371) - I always wanted this figure but knew nothing about the character. I decided to watch the anime afterwards and when I finished the first season, she was sold out. But just like I found the previous one, I stumbled upon this on Figuya as well and snatched the last one they had.
1 year ago
Something similar happened with both releases of Pokémon Fit plushies so far, my roommate and I were seeing them literally fly off Amazon JP as fast as they were going up. I just barely missed Cloyster, but a few days later she went back to check for one she wanted and saw it was back in stock so she snagged one for me at the same time she got her plush - it went back to "out of stock" soon after.

I do remember one time finding a cool glow-in-the-dark Digimon can badge that I ended up adding to one of my Amiami orders, and soon after when I went to grab the link to show my brother, it was out of stock, so mine might've been the last one.

Other than that I've had similar close calls with Suruga-ya items and stuff for my music collection. A very expensive album signed by my favourite band ended up selling out all 500 copies maybe 5 minutes after I secured my order if my FB feed was anything to go by... I was relieved I got one because stuff signed by that band is hard to get a hold of.
1 year ago
Can't say I've ever experienced that :P but wow, congratz!
1 year ago
Had 1 or 2 close calls with TOM preorders due to waiting for a point sale, but otherwise usually only with non-preorder items from Suru and Manda
1 year ago
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