Nendoroid #1248 - Nekopara Vanilla ReviewNendoroid #1248 - Nekopara Vanilla ReviewReview

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ReflexDinobusReflexDinobus6 months ago
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This is a bit of an odd review for me, as this is a character I know virtually nothing about. This figure is actually for my girlfriend, as she loves both this character and the series she is from. However I never played the game myself, so I will be going off of the GSC page for most of this review (for the details). So please forgive me if I get something wrong. Feel free to correct me in the comments if something I say about the figure's features/poses is really off.

From the "Nekopara" game and soon-to-be anime, this is Nendoroid Vanilla:

Each photo can be clicked on to give a full-size view of the image, even if the image itself doesn't display.

Here's her in the box:


As #1248 in the Nendoroid figure series, Vanilla is one of the latest in the ever-growing and increasingly popular Nendoroid figure series!

Vanilla joins the previously released Nendoroid Chocola, who was #1238. Sadly we (my GF and I) did not get her...so this review will focus only on Vanilla, unfortunately. Also Vanilla did not get a Good Smile Company bonus accessory either for her release, regrettably.

Like all Nendoroids, Vanilla comes in the new much smaller and more compact standardized box. She's got most of her parts displayed in the window as well as the figure itself. It also has all of the normal information on it, like the series logo (in the top left corner), Good Smile Company (GSC)'s logo (top right corner), and of course the figure's name, number and image on the bottom and plastic screen.

Back of the box:


The back of the box shows all of the legal information for Good Smile Company, as well as a few images featuring poses and scenes for Vanilla to be posed in. She does show how to be posed with Chocola on the side of the box, but the Chocola figure is sold separately (as previously mentioned).



Keeping up the standard (as it is now) of Figma and Nendoroid figures; Vanilla's instructions are in both English and Japanese. The English is on one side, and the Japanese is on the other. It is the same on both sides, otherwise.

The instructions show all of her parts, including the standard how to change the face parts directions and how to brace the figure on the stand directions.

There are a few special parts with Vanilla that are featured in the instructions, which are her alternate crossed arms.



Everything for Vanilla is packaged in the main plastic core, except for the base and stand which are taped to the inside of the plastic core.

Vanilla comes with a small number of parts. Here's the list:

View spoilerHide spoiler-- Vanilla herself
-- Standard Nendoroid base with stand
-- Extra joint part
-- 2 alternate loose hands
-- Hand holding serving tray
-- Bent leg
-- 2 bent arms w/closed hands
-- Alternate bent arms w/hands
-- 2 alternate faces
-- Alternate crossed arms (2 pcs)
-- Instructions

Out of the box:


Vanilla comes ready to go out of the box once her protective plastic pieces have been taken off. She comes with her cute, plain expression in place as well as extended arms and open hands. She is also wearing her maid outfit, which is seen in the game.

As with all Nendoroids; the arms, hands, and legs are interchangeable and very easy to swap out with other arms, hands and legs. The same holds true for the face and the base as well.

Back of the figure:


Vanilla plugs into the base on the Nendoroid stand with a hole in her back. But the most interesting thing about the back view is the ponytails and cat tail.

The ponytails are on ball joints, but fairly loose ones. They won't pop off...but they do feel a bit too easy to move inside of the hair. The cat tail is connected to the body, but part of it comes off (about 1/4 of the way out of her body). The remaining 3/4 of the tail swivels on a joint and can be positioned any way in a circular motion.

With bent arms:


Vanilla comes with a pair of bent arms, which have closed fists on them. This is to make a kind of 'nyaa' like cat pose (holding her arms up and hands out like paws).

The arms come apart in 3 places: The shoulders, the upper arms, and the wrists. This allows the parts to be changed out in numerous different ways; alternating hand/arm combinations for different poses.

Alternate leg/serving tray hand:


One of the accessories with Vanilla is her alternate leg. This is a bent leg, but it is only her right leg. The legs are very similar though...so it could work for the left leg (but it would look slightly off).

The other accessory is a hand holding a serving tray. This is only for her right hand. The serving tray is actually part of the hand as one piece, and can't be positioned in any other way besides the way she is holding it in the picture.

Smiling expression:


Vanilla can look very happy with her cute smiling expression, with closed eyes. This works with a variety of hands/arm combos, including holding out her arms for a hug.

Crossed arms:


She also comes with a pair of crossed arms. These arms are made from 2 pieces, a left and a right arm. They have a plug and hole system, with the plug in her left palm and the hole on her right arm.

Smug expression:


The final expression for Vanilla is her smug expression. From what I read, this is actually a very popular expression for her from the game.

Alternate outfit:


Lastly, since I don't have Chocola to do a group photo with, I will end on a note about her outfit. The bottom half of the dress does come off, revealing her panties underneath. This is worth mentioning for 2 reasons: First the panties are not just plain white; they are striped. I assume this is accurate to the game, but I don't know. And secondly, while the bottom half of the dress does come off, it does leave a gap in her stomach...so it looks bad without it.



Like all Nendoroids, Vanilla is a great example of the kind of quality, detail and complexity expected from Good Smile Company. Very cute and accurate to the game (from what I can tell), with a small amount of accessories and good posing options!

There aren't any problems with Vanilla; outside of maybe her ponytails being a little too loose...but other than that, she's perfect!

Highly recommended. A small amount of play value and display value with a decent number of options. Would look perfect together with her twin sister Chocola (again, I apologize for not having her...sorry about that in advance).

Thanks for looking! Feel free to comment and I hope you enjoy the review! Be sure to check out the other reviews here: users.v4.php?mo...
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AgentDrafire6 months ago#82134953Thanks for the great review! I also don't know much about Nekopara, but Vanilla is super cute! I think this is one of the few 'lewd' nendoroids, since her skirt can be removed! Sadly it looks quite awkward with a hole in her body though...

She is really cute! ^^ I don't think that the skirt is designed to be removed and have the figure displayed without them...but the panties can't be easily seen any other way (besides laying her down).
6 months ago
millapede6 months ago#82135724Pretty sure you can do this with most nendos that have skirts/dresses as the skirt piece is typically separate from the legs.

Yes, I think you're right about that, but most Nendoroids will just have the standard white panties. Since these were purposefully done with stripes, I thought it was worth mentioning. And the easiest way to show them was to remove the skirt part (didn't want to lay down the Nendoroid just to show the panties).
6 months ago
AgentDrafire6 months ago#82134953 I think this is one of the few 'lewd' nendoroids, since her skirt can be removed! Sadly it looks quite awkward with a hole in her body though...

Pretty sure you can do this with most nendos that have skirts/dresses as the skirt piece is typically separate from the legs.
6 months ago
Thanks for the great review! I also don't know much about Nekopara, but Vanilla is super cute! I think this is one of the few 'lewd' nendoroids, since her skirt can be removed! Sadly it looks quite awkward with a hole in her body though...
6 months ago