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AcePlatinumAcePlatinum6 months ago
After being absent for more than 2 months, I finally got more items in the mail recently to write a new article! A lot of POs kept getting pushed back month to month and work kept me busy as well; hence the lack of updates.

For context about this recent loot: About two weeks ago, I went on a Manda shopping spree (don't shop while under the influence, your wallet will cry the next day ;A;) and I got a plethora of JoJo figures! As a heads-up, this loot will be picture heavy and contain a bit of text as I also wanted to provide a mini review of each item for any of those interested in purchasing the items in question below. Without further ado, here is the loot!

Due to the current situation with postage between Japan and the U.S., only DHL can deliver packages and therefore most of my items came in huge packages (don't ask me how much the shipping was, I want to forget that price *shudders*)


The first item that I received was ITEM #63453

Before I talk about the figure itself, let me just say how gorgeous the box is! Not only does it showcase the figure nicely, but it also features illustrated Jotaro! I have provided some photos to show the box off.





The figure is a bit pricey, but ultimately worth it as he is one of the best JoJo figures out on the market (in my opinion). Straight out of the box, he comes well packaged (I bought him brand new).


After taking him out, I noticed two things right away: 1) He was a bit sticky (mostly underneath his jacket in the white section [see the first picture below] and his feet base). Most likely due to the age of the figure [2011]), and 2) how detailed each piece was [see the second picture and onward for the details].






He does come in pieces, so some minor assembly is required. And let me be clear, getting him assembled is NOT EASY. Due to the awkward positioning of his hands and torso, getting his arms into the correct position felt impossible at first. You gotta fiddle around with the arms and torso to get the hands in. There may be some gaps on the torso and shoulders due to this issue. Once you get everything together, Jotaro should look like this!







Two final thoughts: As many have pointed out on his page and/or review of him, his two feet bases are complete garbage and therefore he may fall over. Additionally, be careful when handling him as the blue paint can transfer.

Next item is ITEM #422461

I initially got him to accompany ITEM #882501 but since he has been delayed--again--, he will be without an user for now. I got him from PlazaJapan on their Ebay website brand new cause I couldn't find any used anywhere :( . His box is also worth noting as it has some interesting illustrations and pictures.





Now as a figure, it is a rather interesting one. I understand that this is not a Nendo, but its so much like one that its not hard to make the comparison. Out of the box, Crazy Diamond comes with one alternative face plate and three different arm/foot pieces as well as his...stand >.> (sorry for the overused pun). Unfortunately, he does not come with much accessories :/



While really detailed and colored in a pretty fashion, he does have some minor issues. Firstly, his paint is a weird matte finish and therefore feels somewhat rough and can scratch easily (see pictures below, maybe you can see what I am talking about?). I am not sure why Minissimo went with this type of paint since it is articulated and thus can scratch like crazy. His joints are also super articulated...to the point of everything either popping out when moving or moving at the slightest touch. It feels like someone put oil all over his joints. Because of this issue his head has a tendency of falling and/or popping off. I just hope this doesn't get worse as time goes on.



In addition to not having many accessories, his joints are not articulated....only his head, shoulders, and hips can move....therefore movement is extremely limited. Thats where the alternative pieces come in to make up for the lack of accessories.




He also comes with a cutout background of Morioh in his box.


I would only recommend him to those who want a decent Crazy Diamond figure and/or a stand to go with Nendo Josuke.

Next is this little car ITEM #108625

Honestly, I only got it to pose with ITEM #806023 for the famous "ROADROLLER!" scene. It does come with a mini DIO on top (little detail on him) and it can actually roll! Its a typical pullback toy car.






Then, there is this item ITEM #223707

Oh boy, I was not expecting how much of a BIG BOI this figure was going to be; especially since he is a prize figure! Here is a comparison of his box with a Nendos.



Not only is his box enormous, but also just as gorgeous as the Masters Piece! See the photos below for the rest of the box.





Like Crazy Diamond, his box also contains a cutout background!


In his clamshell:


In person, I cannot emphasize how BEAUTIFUL (and big, did I mention how big he is?) Star Platinum is! Out of all the figures out there of this stand, this one just got bumped up in being the top 5 best-looking for sure. I got the blue variant as it was the cheapest (I prefer green Star Platinum, but the blue color is growing on me!). He can even stand on his own, although he does come with a foot stand if you like.


While he does have a more matte finish on most of his body, his gloves, boots, and hair is a glossy finish. Example below:


Overall, I highly recommend to JoJo fans (especially Star Platinum fans) to get him! Here is some more photos to convince you ;)






Finally, the last item is--what I currently consider--my Holy Grail. The item, ITEM #94575

A little back story for this RAH. I have been eyeing him for the past 4 months (I saw him one day on Manda and have been checking up on him everyday to see if he was still there). Sticky Fingers is one of my favorite stands (right up there with Star Platinum) due to his insane versatility and I always wanted to get a figure of him. He doesn't have many out on the market (let alone where he is by himself) and when I saw that there was a RAH figure of him, I HAD TO GET HIM. Additionally, he was at his ORIGINAL ASKING PRICE ($175) BRAND NEW so I was desperate to have him in my hands. Now that I finally have him, is he worth it? Yes and no. I will talk a little more about the pros and cons. Let me first just also point out also how big and unique his box is!



So, lets get cons out of the way. Like most RAH JoJo Stands, he does not with much accessories. He does come with a healthy amount of alternative hands and a shouting face piece to make up for lack of accessories as well as his classic zipper effect.




The zipper effect piece his quite hard to maneuver and is a pain to keep on the ground.


In addition to the lack of accessories, his articulation is a bit wonky. First off, he cannot move outside of the current pose in the photos. While his torso can move up-down and side-to-side, his entire legs cannot move at all. His arms are also a bit weird as only this left arm can move in circles while the right can only move up and down (not even in circles). His right arm has the classic RAH joint issues and I can already feel how close it is too breaking as it is super loose. I think I won't touch that for awhile. The shoulder piece is also loose (mind you this is brand new). I hope one day Medicom Toy can revive this line back to improve upon its faults.


Lastly, his "diaper" keeps moving around as well has his waist as they are both made out of flexible plastic that gets loose over time.


Other than those stated issues, he is still a PERFECT replica of the stand and is a wonder to look at. I can't emphasize how shiny/glossy his blue paint is (which does easily get scratched) and detailed his body/parts are. I don't regret buying him, but I think I will pass on getting all the other stands and just get ITEM #35810 and ITEM #74994 [if I can find him at a decent price!]. Here he is with Star Platinum just cause :3


That concludes my (long) loot showcase! I hope you guys enjoyed my article and have a wonderful rest of the week! :D


I also got some other figures apart from JoJo that I wanted to show you guys.





I got Midoriya Gamma Suit Version from the U.S. Goodsmile Online Website and I just love his newly updated suit! He looks super good! Not much difference from his older Nendo apart from his new accessory and one faceplate. His effect pieces though, are extremely fragile and hard to handle so do be careful when using them!

Finally, these two smol babies followed me to work and just wanted to show them off >.>

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Setsunin6 months ago#82449134I got my first Master Star JoJo (heck, my first JoJo merchandise period) in the mail today, in the form of the Giorno figure. And if the Jotaro is 50% of what Giorno is, then it's an amazing figure.
If you're looking for a better stand, I highly recommend these: www.amazon.com/...
I've used them for multiple Play Arts Kai figures, and it's what I have for Giono currently. They work like a charm; heck, they're sturdy enough to hold my Sephiroth PAK suspended in the air. So if you want something to replace the crappy footholds of the JoJo figure, I recommend giving those a shot.

Congrats on obtaining your first JoJo figure! :) While there are not many out there on the market, I hope you will get the chance to get more JoJo figures!

Thanks so much for the stand recommendation! For that price and the amount you get, it looks like a steal! :D
6 months ago
I got my first Master Star JoJo (heck, my first JoJo merchandise period) in the mail today, in the form of the Giorno figure. And if the Jotaro is 50% of what Giorno is, then it's an amazing figure.

If you're looking for a better stand, I highly recommend these: www.amazon.com/...

I've used them for multiple Play Arts Kai figures, and it's what I have for Giono currently. They work like a charm; heck, they're sturdy enough to hold my Sephiroth PAK suspended in the air. So if you want something to replace the crappy footholds of the JoJo figure, I recommend giving those a shot.
6 months ago
AgentDrafire6 months ago#82402070Cool JoJo figures you got, and congrats on getting that grail! It looks really cool! :) Thanks for sharing this awesome loot!

Thanks! It took awhile to get it, but I finally have it and now I can rest in peace XD
6 months ago
Cool JoJo figures you got, and congrats on getting that grail! It looks really cool! :) Thanks for sharing this awesome loot!
6 months ago
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