Nendoroid Pre-order Roundup, September 8th 2020Nendoroid Pre-order Roundup, September 8th 2020Review

NegaNega22 days ago
Today's releases

#1454 Hana Uzaki - Uzaki-Chan wants to hang out


Release date: March 2021
Price: 5182 yen
More info: ITEM #1041129

Nega's Thoughts.

Dat chest... :O would make for some funny swapping. Don't know jack about her tho but I do say she has adorable face and... torso parts. Her hair is a bit Karen-y but thats the design. No fingers pointed there with GSC

Meanwhile we get 2 awesome adorable overalls for both genders. :D

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The doll clothes are so cute!!! I don't think I'd be able to resist them if I had a nendoroid doll

that Uzaki on the other hand... does she really have no accessories aside from face plates, arms, legs, and an extra chest piece? I feel like the arms/legs and face plates are a given "accessory" for nendos so it's basically like she just has the chest piece right? That's a bit questionable for her price :I
22 days ago
I ordered that nendoroid doll skirt set so fast! It's really cute, especially the green shoes.
22 days ago
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