Anyone else collect AmiAmi Postcards?Anyone else collect AmiAmi Postcards?Ask MFC

kemandokemando9 months ago
My AmiAmi Postcard Collection

Video Link: youtu.be/nUMVuB...

This is a good chunk of the AmiAmi cards I've amassed over the last couple years!

Anyone else horde their collections? Shoot some pics! Are there some you missed that you really want?
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Do you collect the AmiAmi cards?

13%They get tossed into the blue bin
13%Nah, I collect enough stuffs
13%I post them on my wall!
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I keep mine as well but I only have a couple. I can't get myself to throw them away so they sit in my desk for safe keeping.
4 months ago
Would anyone be interested in an amiami card trading group? I have some that I have 2 or 3 copies of and wouldn't mind swapping for some that I'm missing
9 months ago
I have some in the side of my shelf and the rest stored. Hoping I can get an album that size to display them ;w;
9 months ago
sarious Chino is My Life
I keep them and tape them to side of a shelf. I probably have 50 of them or so.
9 months ago
Yeah I like to keep them, they're pretty cute. I don't really have much to do with them though so they just sit in a drawer in a plastic sleeve.
9 months ago
I only have 5 since I rarely order these days but they make a nice background display so I use them there on my shelf.
Wouldn't know where to put 50+ though.
9 months ago
I don't collect them so much as putting them all in a drawer and never throwing them away. I don't know what to do with them tbh. I don't like them enough to hang them up on my wall. But they're also too nice to recycle. lol
9 months ago
Rikoei9 months ago#82976435Uh I don’t get it you guys hoarders or something? Cause when I used AmiAmi I threw them out each one they take up space

Ultimately to each his own, but they take up practically no space and are pretty easy on the eyes. Maybe if you get 10 packages from AmiAmi each month it builds up, but you could always just trash the duplicates.
9 months ago
Elise_Grimwald The other Warner sister
I remember most of those in the video lol. I meant to save the Christmas and Halloween ones IIRC, but I think they ended up getting tossed.
Most of them end up getting thrown out, because we get like 3-4 of them around here (my brother also orders from AmiAmi, and I do splits.), and I just assumed I saved at least one, and it ends up I don't. D:.

I am 100% saving the one from August/September (?) by Arco Wada, though. She's one of my favorite artists, and I immediately recognized her style on this/last month's postcard. I have two of them so far, and am not throwing out either, in case one gets lost somehow.
9 months ago
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
I wouldn't really say I collect them... but I hate to throw them away, so I have a pile of them.
9 months ago
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