Nendoroid Pre-order Roundup, September 11th 2020Nendoroid Pre-order Roundup, September 11th 2020Diary

NegaNega19 days ago
A bit late sorry guys.

Today's Releases

#1455 Kageyama Tobio - Haikyuu


Release Date: February 2021
Price: 3727 yen
More info: ITEM #1000104

Nega's Thoughts

Cute Corgi hat! Otherwise Haikyuu makes me yawn like a hippo. But I can appreciate that the series is beloved. :) The uniform looks pretty neat after all. xD Also, his original uniform got a rerelease :D

#1450 Tomato Head - Fortnite


Release Date: March 2021
Price: 5636 yen
More info (and salty comments): ITEM #1043776

Nega's Thoughts

Only good thing about this Nendo were the le epic anger coming from users on the MFC page. Keep it classy! Honestly tho, besides the rocket launcher this figure is just a joke. Why can't we get another "cool" or "sexy" skin from Fortnite like Raven? Where there are plenty of those already. Give me Lynx damm it, not... this.

In other news we got Figma Emilia rerelease which is also le epic.
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