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CyanideCyanide2 days ago
Hey there anyone who's interested to read, in the passed 2 years I've gone about chasing a dream of getting a customized scale figure of a character I play from Final Fantasy XIV. It's been something I've been interested to have since I started collecting, and making it happen didn't seem like it would be easy given the kind of criteria I set for myself if it ever were to happen.

My first complication was finding the right sculptor. Within all my criteria, I needed someone who could sculpt either like they worked for someone like GSC, Koto or Alter.. or at least something that felt really, really close. In my search, this part easily took the longest to realize. I was extremely picky, and the few people I contacted would always give me a "No".

One day via MFC, I found an upload of a very good looking 2B, better than even Flare's in my opinion, but since his work wasn't for sale, the item didn't get a page and I only had photos to use to find the sculptor. Reverse image searching was kind and I quickly found:

Take a look to see the 2B in question, which he has a couple sculpts of at this point. We had a hard time communicating, but thankfully through simple speech (and google translate) I was able to communicate what I was looking for. In June, 2018 he offered me his service of a full sculpture for 2500 USD. It was a staggering price and something I wasn't sure I'd want to invest into, but I got encouragement from a couple family members and friends, and some of them gave me money to ease the blow saying "If it's a dream project, you should pursue it" With that, Serb agreed to spend his September sculpting my girl.


His work was phenomenal, and his advice for moving forward was sound. It was completely designed with the idea of being accessible for 3d printers, accessible to the painter, and very easy for the end user to put together with minimum involvement. With this work done, I wanted to find both a painter and printer before moving forward. I'd found a company in Toronto, though I would've done the printing differently now that I have the experience.. as my painter turned out to be in the UK, and shipping the parts over made an extra, unnecessary cost. At least I got to see her in person before she disappeared overseas!


The printing company was: objexunlimited....

The printing company had a high praise for the sculptor, the printing process was very smooth on their end to get all the pieces together. The only problem ended up being the base, which had to be printed in a rougher printer to accommodate the size. But hey, we didn't need super good printing on that, the character was what needed to be smoothly printed. The entire thing was surprisingly light for a character her size. I'd estimate she's about 1/6 or 1/5th scale (though my painter argues 1/5 for certain)

I'd looked through a number of painting services and even tried contacting some known channels (such as e2046) but the problem for me was generally the wait time, or quality of paint. One thing I looked at often was eyes, and they typically turned me away from a painter. Little details that make up the whole such as nails, shading, or accurately following a color.

I was very fortunate as to find my painter to actually be a friend of mine, versus someone I know very little of and have to rest my figure's final fate into their hands. I was very much willing to print as second copy of the figure if the painting didn't come out as I'd imagined it. Knowing how picky I am, and having heard about my search, a friend of mine volunteered her services, and assured me she'll come out just as I was describing my vision of the final product to be

And man am I happy she made that offer.


My painter can be found in these links =)

To me this is a pinnacle, I'm so absolutely over the moon happy with this project, and it's brought the rest of my slippery slope into figure collecting to a head. I expect to slow down my collecting dramatically with this, as it feels like a crowning achievement to the whole collection. I'm very happy with the collective work of the people involved and I'm thrilled beyond description of bringing this:

To life in my room. To anyone who's read this far, thank you for sharing in my experience =)
(Edit, I fixed her sword position ;w;)
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She looks better than some Alter figures o.0
8 hours ago
Holy cow, that looks incredible!!! *_* A+ wol design also!!
10 hours ago
Thank you for posting this, I've always wanted to see a post about someone going all in for a custom figure, and the quality turned out really well in all steps of the process! I'm especially in awe that you found such a good 3D modeler that was willing to work with you, because many of them seem to do personal work instead of commissions, let alone commissions over a language barrier. And I love that your friends and family were supporting your project too! :)
11 hours ago
Augmented Lost Allagan Katana
Hempen Camise (Modded to be Miqo'te)
Replica Dreadwyrm Slops of Striking
Kirimu Sandals of Striking

Sorry if I got your hopes up, the Miqo hempen was the one thing I couldn't part with when swapping to Au Ra. I was very fortunately introduced to a mod to get it back years later =D

mintea18 hours ago#83413177nice wol, now post your glam pieces because for some reason it's bugging the hell out of me trying to figure out what top that is.
12 hours ago
I was like "Cool, I think I want something like that!"

Saw "2500 USD"

- Nevermind. lmao
15 hours ago
wow,this is epic! <3
16 hours ago
17 hours ago
nice wol, now post your glam pieces because for some reason it's bugging the hell out of me trying to figure out what top that is.
18 hours ago
Asphroxia Nightmare
this gives me inspiration again to go looking for a sculptor! I just gave up last time because I couldn't find anyone (was probably looking in the wrong places) who could either sculpt or paint

And the fig turned out really great of course! I'm very glad you managed to get something one of a kind that you love
22 hours ago
This is truly amazing... ♪( ´▽`) I’m in awe of your dedication! Congrats on the beautiful finished project!
1 day ago
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