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Howdy Everyone! (@ ̄¬ ̄@)

So I haven't even started this article and I'm going, why did I do this to myself? Why did I wait months to write a loot article? Simple. I just waited. And waited. And then started to wonder if going ham because I got a new job was the smartest thing to do. But it's already half way through September and I'm done prolonging. Yes, I still have Josuke coming in this month but he'll just have to wait next article. Cuz I got a lot of other nendos and one spandex wearing figma to show y'all.

Warning: Article will be image heavy! In actuality, there are a couple more photos I took but I deleted a number because this article is already bloated. Also, as previously stated, this is 90% nendoroids. I understand if they're not your cup of tea. Let's begin!


Tachibana Marika
ITEM #236238

Kamado Tanjiro
ITEM #813031

ITEM #871641

Marika came from Good Smile's online shop and was shipped to me before Japan Post was suspended to the US (and still is...sometimes I hate it here). I originally wasn't going to buy her because her aftermarket price was around 8,000 yen. But then Good Smile had their sale where everything was sold at their retail price! Taking that as a chance to complete my Nisekoi girls set, I brought her! Thankfully she was not returned to Japan when the suspension happened and she came to me despite my worries.


Many will argue that Marika is best girl from her series, and the love put into her nendo certainly shows. She has four expressions unlike the three the other girls get, and they're pretty damn good. My favorite past time is having her flirt with male nendos. She just called Edward a cute shorty.

But she comes with this really cute blushing face as well.



Aaaand now she's back to being a confident minx. But that's why we love her. Tanjiro is oblivious to her intentions though.

Speaking of Tanjiro, he was an AmiAmi preorder. I know a lot of people complained about his kind of off putting expression. Honestly it really pops up in photos, for example:


Yeah this started off as cutesy edit and changed into something more menacing.

But in person, I barely notice the offness. I still agree that they should have revamped his face so it's not so obvious in photos. He feels like the weakest nendo in the series and he's the main character! He's still such a pretty boy though.



(And yes! You can fit things in his wooden carrier.)

Italy was brought from AmiAmi shortly after his release. I got pretty lucky because Hetalia nendoroids go fast on AmiAmi and I wonder how I got so fortunate.


Can I just say how flippin' cute he is? I'm surprised three other Hetalia nendos came before him, but maybe they're more popular? I don't really keep up with the Hetalia fandom anymore. But after receiving Italy, I made it my goal to own all their nendos! And as we continue the article, you'll definitely see they are a delight to have for any Hetalia fan.


He's understandably upset I don't have Germany yet…

Lastly, I also brought these pokemon from ITEM #215491 at Chibi Chop Shop. Satoshi has all the original starter pokemon now!



U-1146 a.k.a White Blood Cell
ITEM #740120

I had to hunt around for this dude. At all my usual stops, he was no longer in stock or couldn't be shipped to my country. He was also hiked in price on Amazon. I started freaking out, cursing myself for waiting so long to order him. ITEM #604422 was another nendo I dilly dallied on and now her price is crazy. But just when I was about to give up, I checked Lunar Toy Store and they had him close to his retail price. This also helped my shipping problem since he was coming from a store within my country. Success!


He's a pretty neat nendo in terms of lack of color. The red blood marks really make for a nice contrast. I am miffed the bloody knife was an exclusive. Time to break out the paints then!


Kamado Nezuko
ITEM #813029

Captain America: Endgame Version
ITEM #904230

Thor: Endgame Version
ITEM #935062

Midoriya Izuku: Costume γ Version
ITEM #1005309

AE3803 a.k.a Red Blood Cell
ITEM #872605

Kagamine Rin
ITEM #1008

The village beauty Miss Nezuko. She was a preorder from AmiAmi and she and her bro were delayed a lot. I was thrilled to finally own her. She was executed better than her brother but she unfortunately only comes with two face plates. I tried to remedy this here but I sorely wish she came with that iconic dot eye expression. My makeshift handy work will have to do for now.


She's super pretty and the figure captures her character very well. I was pleased her bamboo muzzle was also removable. Those little feet kicking the shit out of enemies give me life. You slay those demons honey.



So, I already own a Captain America and I think this is his third nendo? I never got a chance to own the original though and after binge watching The Avengers movies again, I decided I needed to own the latest rendition of his iconic outfit. I searched for him and Thor until I caught them on Hobby Search. Since he isn't the DX version, he was relatively cheap. It's been a good while since I paid under 4,000 yen for a new nendo.





It's a very nice paint job. The shield is also finely made. I screwed around and made his serious faceplate smile. You know, I don't know why I like Steve smiling so much. He's got a lot of reason to NOT smile until the end of the movie. But maybe I just like him smiling at me. Maybe I just...really like Chris Evans lol

Thor was a preorder I had cancelled on AmiAmi because of the pandemic and they offered. A few months later, I was somewhat secure in my savings account to dip in and buy him after release. And I really, really do love Thor. I wasn't sold by his Ragnorok movie version (no long tresses!) so I'm glad I waited. Also, this Thor has an optional piece to make him chubby. Despite my grievances with the movie making jokes about his depressive weight gain (okay, some of the jokes were funny), I'm glad they gave us the option to give him his chub.



Hes. so. stunning! Aaaaaah, I'm so happy with him.

Our next hero is none other than Deku, acquired from Good Smile's US online shop! I already wrote a whole review about this exclusive nendo here, so I wont go into too much gushing, but ho boy, this Midoriya is an improvement. And I say that as someone who still likes his original nendo. Highly recommend this version though.


Red Blood Cell was brought from AmiAmi. She was sold out for a while and then she reappeared in stock for a short while. So I jumped on that of course. The reason I didn't get White Blood Cell at first was because I was waiting with baited breath to see if they'd make my girl. I love that she comes with an extra hand part for WBC and that we didn't have to pay extra for it. Thanks Good Smile!



When you realize you may have fallen for your friend. Never thought I'd be shipping two cells together.

Then there's Rin. I own two Mikus and two Lens. I wanted another Rin because she's one of my favorite vocaloid designs. For some reason, I'm not into her Harvest Moon design like I am Len's. I decided to make a dress up Rin nendo, wherein I get various nendo parts and give her different outfits. I brought this cheap nendo for her first outfit switch. She's not listed as an owned item because I pretty much tore her up for extra parts and custom face paint jobs. But she comes with a sweet ass scooter.


This certain Rin was mega cheap in AmiAmi's preowned section but her quality leaves quite a lot to be desired. Air bubbles galore in her hair, that unfortunate sticky plasticizer leakage, and neck joint after neck joint breaking. She'd almost be not worth it if I wasn't going to use her parts for customizing as well. I only kept two of her original faces as is and sanded the heck out of her atrocious hair. Then I broke out the primer and paints that I seem to be using a lot recently.


I call the result, Le Fromage~ Because it looks like marbled cheese. This tickles my fancy because I'm a cheese fanatic and it's not terrible for my first time painting hair. I'm honestly really proud of my project despite my original disappointment with the quality of her figure. Hopefully I can get her another outfit and more fun knick knacks soon.


Japan: Hetalia World Stars Version
ITEM #919619

Yami Yugi
ITEM #778935

I had to search a bit but this Japan was in stock on his release date at Hobby Search. His second edition is sleek and his paint job is pristine. He's mega cute and I dare say I prefer him in black then his original white. I wouldn't say he's a big improvement like Costume γ Deku is for his original, but he's definitely a solid nendo.




Last purchase for this month is Yami! I'm not the biggest Yugioh fan but I watched the show on WB Kids a lot as a kid. You know, the "Shadow Realm" version where "Joey" has a thick Brooklyn accent. So like my "Ash Ketchum" purchase, he was brought mainly for nostalgia. I brought him from Sure Thing Toys, another US shop that specializes in Western and Eastern figures. Their prices are pretty good and they have free shipping.




Another reason I got this guy was because that hair! I wish it had some shading but the hair is so striking it doesn't really need it. I kind of forgot Yami/Yugi wears studded belts, and paired with his hair and ancient Egyptian chain, he just looks really cool...


...Except when I make him do silly things like this.


ITEM #872597

ITEM #872626

Saber/Artoria Pendragon
ITEM #27634

Emiya Shirou
ITEM #287717

Lancer/Cu Chulainn
ITEM #603994

Asui Tsuyu
ITEM #860771

Kishibe Rohan
ITEM #882500

ITEM #738651

Shinra Kusakabe
ITEM #872619

September is obviously the month that kept delaying me.

After years of putting it off, I finally got into the Fate series. Why did I do this to myself? All those Fate figures on AmiAmi suddenly looked so enticing.

Gilgamesh stuck out because he's trash yet I really like him. He kind of reminds me of Dio or Loki as in he's a charismatic villain I really enjoy. Then again, Gilgamesh isn't always a villain. He's a decent guy in the Fate/Grand Order series. But I didn't really like his caster outfit in nendo form or his Fate/Zero one, so Third Ascension it was!


The Golden King of Heroes himself! He's so handsome. I don't actually play Fate/Grand Order (because it's a money pit I'm not willing to mess with), but this has to be his best design for me. I can't get over how nice his armor looks. I'm glad they got his red, on the verge of catlike, eyes right too. His smug, boastful face is much appreciated. I had too much fun with it.



Germany was a prime example that not preordering Hetalia nendos is a gamble. I got Italy no problem, so I thought I wouldn't have too hard a time locating him. I was dead wrong. I couldn't find him on ant Japanese sites at all. I gave up and decided to wait for his Western release, even preordered him on Right Stuff. Then he came back in stock at AmiAmi and I rushed to add him to my cart. I could simply combine the order with Gilgamesh instead of waiting forever for his Western release. Apparently distributors are sending out these store's orders sluggishly. Cancelled my preorder with Right Stuff and then I finally got my hands on Mr. Germany.



I wish he came with a plate of wurst to keep with the food theme the others have, but the beer is just as good. I'm grateful they gave us an alternate hair version. Even busy Ludwig needs to let his hair down. The inclusion of glasses surprised me but was welcomed.


Now the two get to stay side by side together. This couple, albeit not fully canon, was one of the first same sex ships that made me comfortable shipping non hetero ones, which in turn helped me explore my own sexuality. So these two definitely have sentimental value for me.

But enough of the sap, let's get back to the figures. More specifically, Fate. Waiting for my preorders to release, I decided to get myself the super movable Saber. Having her is a trip because I remember once stating that I, as a bystander of the series, thought her design compared to other Fate characters was lacking. Some people even downvoted my comment (remember when we could do that?) under the particular article. Current me watches the Heaven's Feel movie for a second time and snaps at Sakura to leave baby Artoria alone. I don't know what ancient magic Nasu used to make me like her so much after feeling "meh" on her for so long, but damn it, Saber is babe.




Is the nendo babe though? Yes and no. She is indeed super flexible for a nendo. But I feel her shoulder joints would have been better served if they were ball joints. The plugs popped out a lot while I posed her, which made the experience exhausting by the end of it. You can see these ball joint parts more on newer nendos from action series' and I'm glad they made the switch. Also, I wish her hair tie was movable. I wonder if her newer nendo's is. I'm still very happy to have this Saber though. She's a pioneer of action nendos and her sculpt and craftsmanship on her swords are excellent. Hopefully I don't have another one of her neck joints break. I hate old joints. :')

And then I got main character Shirou that was amazingly re-released when I got into the series. Shirou is a rad character to pick apart and thankfully doesn't fall into generic, main male lead syndrome. So after going back and forth, I added him to my growing order.


One complaint: why did they not give him relaxed hands to simply hang at his sides? Like, I know the dude suffers constant PTSD but do his hands have to be balled up all the time? I guess Shirou is simply always ready for action.


I ended up seeing if any other nendo hands work and Megumi's sure did. The switched out hand even lets him practice his favorite hobby: cooking. Makes me wish he came with a cooking set of some sort. Luckily I have enough nendos that he can borrow from.

Then there's this one. The only figma in a sea of nendos. The one I admired when I first watched the movie in theaters, having no clue what was happening with my obviously seasoned friend but still thought "gotta go fast blue's" fight was the highlight. This figma is flexible. I didn't even know figmas could be this flexible. He's so unique, I barely even mind that he doesn't have a nendo. You'd think I'd pose him to hell and back but no. He's just sitting pretty on my shelf, playing shepard to my alpacas:


I want to compare how much he can move compared to this girl (NSFW) but for now, he gets to chill and play...guard dog….I'll escort myself out.

Finally done with Fate, let's get back to Hero Academia. This girl was one of my most anticipated preorders. My lovely frog girl Tsuyu who is my personal best girl of the series.




She's so damn cute. I adore that her ankles have some articulation too. I feel her legs move more than the other BNHA nendos too, probably so one can make it look like she's hopping. Her goggles had those annoying plastic little tabs so they could be worn as a headband. I couldn't really fit them in, so I did the unthinkable and tweezed them out. I didn't toss them though, and saved them in case I want to sell her in the future. But I love her so I'm not trying to do that. She's exactly everything I wanted in a Froppy rendition of a nendoroid.

Rohan is another Jojo nendo who I had no plans on getting but then I saw his pictures and immediately changed my mind. His exposed tummy is so cute and this particular "I refuse" face is sassy as heck. He's another pretty nendoroid and his outfit is prime Araki fashion. He came out extremely well.




They offered an exclusive camera to go along with him but I didn't feel it was worth paying extra for that. I merely had Cocoa let him borrow hers.

He and Tsuyu delayed this big ass AmiAmi order and the box sent was the biggest I've ever received from them. DHL shipping was obviously expensive (total price was about $297) and I don't think I ever want to do that again unless I have to.

Okay we're almost there! Done with AmiAmi, we turn to a little adventure I had at my local Target. I went there to get a cheap bookshelf but I always stop by the toy and "geek fandom" sections to see what they're selling. I amazingly found a Sora nendo. I've been admiring the Kingdom Hearts nendoroids for a while, so I picked him up.

When I went to check the price on those scanners they have placed about the store...it was $14.99. He was also listed as Genji from Overwatch I believe. I thought the reader was bugging and that the correct price would come up when I went to check out. It didn't. Then I had an internal dilemma on whether I should inform someone that "hey, this guy should be at least 30 dollars!". But then my inner id screamed "It's only $14.99!". Plus, I don't think most of the staff would even care. So I got Sora. For $14.99. A steal due to what I can only assume was barcode error. You're probably ready to judge me now. Let me distract your judgement with these pictures instead! And if you think I deserve retribution, feel free to know Sora's hair stabbed my hand twice as punishment...it was worth it.




And finally, my last (and more ethical) purchase. I was having trouble finding Shinra on Japanese sites, at least the ones that ship to America. So when he released on the Good Smile US site, I got him.



I wish he came with his firefighter hat. But I do appreciate the leg piece with an attached coat fold, never seen that before. His wing-like fire effects are nicely crafted and I like the cutesy effect the white dots on his cheeks give. I wish the nendo did the same thing his scale does and have his clothes glow in the dark. He's still pretty good despite not coming with a ton of accessories. I really enjoy watching Fire Force so I'm happy to own him.

And that's it. Thanks for reading till the end. It was a mental workout writing this and a financial workout for my bank account. But I'm reigning it back in. At least, I'm trying to. They just announced RWBY and Fruits Basket nendoroids. So we'll see how that goes.

Have a good one everyone and stay safe!

(I am seriously hungry right now...)


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AgentDrafire5 months ago#83498627The nendoroids are multiplying! I love all of them, even though I'm not familiar with some of the characters but they are all so CUTE! :3 Great loot!

And continue to multiply they shall! *mwa ha ha ha* Thank you for leaving a comment!
5 months ago
The nendoroids are multiplying! I love all of them, even though I'm not familiar with some of the characters but they are all so CUTE! :3 Great loot!
5 months ago
Jess-chan5 months ago#83498248Wow all those nendos!! I'm still waiting on my Elsa to ship from CD Japan. Stupid covid...

I hope your Elsa comes to you soon! Stupid covid indeed.

stars_n_kisses5 months ago#83498258-snip-

Hello! Thanks for informing me about Hetalia popularity stats. It's been so long since I've checked the fandom and their works I wasn't sure anymore!

And I assume staff would be fine only because the store selling nendos for so cheap, I assume, was a higher up's decision. They just thought Sora was a Overwatch character, which apparently don't sell well. But I'm not about to defend myself. Thanks for commenting and beware of Fate! It's very addicting haha
5 months ago
Hello, fellow GerIta fan!
For these two I might try to bring up reviews since I did notice some hiccups. Glad to see Germany having some popularity. Kind of a shame for Italy, though....
Speaking of Hetalia popularity: the first three would be quite popular due to their ships (although in case of Uk and Japan it would be for their characters): UsUk and Asakiku. Still saw many Doujinshi done for them here and there...
View spoilerHide spoiler"Plus, I don't think most of the staff would even care." Definitely a good deal, but who knows if that might screw up one of the workers behind the scene....
Good that you brought up Fate since I might slowly but surely get merch for that as well. Like you said, the mobile game is an entire different beast, so good to know to spare that money away from it.

Again, thanks for your loot!
5 months ago
Wow all those nendos!! I'm still waiting on my Elsa to ship from CD Japan. Stupid covid...
5 months ago
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