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Heiwajima ShizuoHeiwajima Shizuo

AnnieAzuraAnnieAzura6 years agoReview
SHIZUO REVIEW TIME FINALLY! sorry it took so long. Real life is being eh. Sorry for bad lighting cuz i was running out of daylight when i shot these pics.

Heiwajima Shizuo is from the anime and light novel Durarara. He is rather violent, but a kind person nonetheless (to everyone except Izaya).

Box and packing:


The box is a similar design as Celty and Izaya's boxes. Window in the front, top, and back. Seeing the Kanji for his last name, I just realized that it's really ironic because the direct translation means "peaceful island" (I'm going by Chinese here)


oh noes! a scuff on the box. I dont care too much for box condition as long as it protects, but this is brand new! bad omen? :(


Blister: very sturdy plastic. Only one set of blisters and everything is in the same layer


Comes with instructions to put in the alternate parts. very useful because I would have not known to bend the finger or arm a bit to put in the accessories.


Opened blister. For protection, there are plastic between the head and body, and between the detachable arm and the body. a little baggy is wrapped up to contain the cigarettes


The base is the same design as Celty and Izaya as well, except blue. My favorite color :3. It's translucent and smooth. (you can see my camera's reflection lol. yes it's a point-and-click orz)

Now onto the figure himself without any extras, straight from the package! Dat body line~



close up of that beautiful face~ His purple sunglasses are stuck on, and u can still see his eyes behind them. His slight frown really suits him when he's not completely berserk. I'd like to point out his semi-crooked bow-tie. I think it's a nice touch to his character. Well done, Alter.


The folds of the vest and the texture of the clothing are very well reproduced by Alter and seem very natural. As you notice in this picture, his detachable right arm does not show any gaps or seems. It fits into his shoulder snugly and tightly, but not excessively tight.


*ahem* >.> The creases on the pants are also very natural and subtly accents what's underneath without being too obnoxiously obvious.


The end of his belt that pokes out from under his vest is made of soft PVC, so there's not much danger of breaking it unless you're actually trying.


His slacks bunch at the knees and ankles like actual cloth. His loafers are simple yet shiny. I personally think Shizuo should wear matte loafers, but eh, not a big deal.


His hair is sculpted in detail, and sharp! it really hurts my hand holding onto his head. Don't hurt me, Shizuo :<
I have to say that the detail of his ear is also astounding for something so small


The top of the head has some nicely painted gradient around the hair line. The usual seam at the top of the hair is still there, but relatively well hidden.


mm, unfortunately like Izaya, his butt is kinda flat. Nothing to stare at here :/


Here's a close up of the cigarettes. Unfortunately there are visible mold seam lines, and the colors sort of bleed around it. However, I'm impressed by the small band of brown burnt paper right before the ashes part. Good attention to detail.

Let's take a look at the sign post:


The sign plates are dented and bent realistically, however i would have liked to see more shading and "dirt" on the sign, because we all know that street signs in real life aren't this clean.


Same goes for the middle of the post. Although the bending and denting of the post is a very realistic replication of metal, the shading and the "dirty" look is lost here. I would assume in real life that paint may chip off if the pole were bent like that or something to that effect.


The end of the post is very intricately made. Not only was the cracks of the metal pipe sculpted, but the broken part is painted with silver to replicate broken jagged edges of metal.


The back of the sign is my favorite part of this accessory. The bolts and screws are all realistically replicated.

Time to put these accessories on Shizuo! Here is Shizuo with cigarette and sign.



The left hand is very nice. the fingers are all individually sculpted with fingernails and all. Manly fingers for manly men >:3 The index finger is pliable, so u can bend it slightly to slip the cigarette in


The right hand gripping the sign is the same as the other hand. and I dont know about you, but doesn't his skin look so smooth? Just want to touch it!


Oh noes! paint transfer! D: I tred my best to get rid of it, but there's still some. Not sure what to do here. For the others that own Shizuo, did this happen to you???

Shizuo also has the option of being displayed with his right thumb in his pocket and no glasses:



Here's a comparison of the two heads. most everything is identical except the glasses. You can actually see the collarbone and the neck better this way, and i DO love a nicely defined collarbone :3


This hand is also we well sculpted and the fingers are also semi-pliable. It is surprisingly easy to stick his thumb into the pocket then slot the arm into the shoulder. The thumb fits loosely in the pocket. very well sculpted palm as well. the usual creases of the hand are neatly replicated.


Oh noes! (third time, for anyone that's counting) more paint transfer! But seems like the black is a lot easier to get rid of than the yellow, so a slightly moist q-tip was enough to get most of it off. The left picture has the paint transfer and the right picture is after I tried cleaning it up. Hmm it seems that I was right when i felt the bad omen from the scuff on the box...


After much contemplation, I decided to pose my Shizuo without sunglasses and with the sign. I WANNA SEE HIS PRETTY FACE!

Comparison shots:


Height wise, Shizuo is a bit taller than Izaya, which i'm glad that Alter replicated.


Since Celty is about Izaya's height as seen in my review of her, she is also shorter than Shizuo. Her scythe extends above all of them of course.


Shizuo's box is taller than Izaya's box while being the same height as Celty's box. However Shizuo's box is about the same width as Izaya's but thinner than Celty's. (yes my photoshoot stage is really small and makeshift)


From the top, you can see that Izaya's box has the most depth due to his hand being extended while Celty's box is the flattest.


Also something else i noticed, but did they print the full body photo of Izaya and Shizuo on opposite sides of the box so that when u store the boxes, you can have them stand together like this??? Or maybe that's me thinking to deeply into it :P



the last time we saw Izaya (well you actually didn't cuz i didn't review him here lol), he was making some shady phone calls to who knows where. Maybe he was arranging to annoy Shizu-chan. Seems like he's been eyeing Shizu-chan ever since he arrived.


OH NO! confrontation time! Don't fight in my room guys! this apartment is rented! @A@;;;


Luckily, Celty steps in to break up the fight. My room-- no, this building-- is saved!

Overall: Shizuo is possible my second fave character in Durarara besides Celty. This figure portrays his personality and charms very well when he is not, as i said, going berserk. The tilt of his hips in one direction accentuate his manly frame, and the black vest and slacks make the perfect line to follow with your eyes. The paint transfer issue and the lack of dirt and grime on the sign was a bit of a turn off to me, but I still love this figure, especially when displayed with the other two of the set.

Last picture:

I just find Shizuo really really sexy from this angle *Q* fave picture from the whole shoot.
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Stalking (6 years ago) #1171760// ORZ I forgot I was logged in with that account;;

At first I didn't want Shizuo
And then I kinda did
And then I suddenly didn't
And now I really really want him and it's your fault. ;_;

lol you're welcome! XD

and why do u have two accounts?
6 years ago
Stalking Loli hunter
Stalking-Figures (6 years ago) #1171758I hate you for making me want this figure again ):

Lovely review!

// ORZ I forgot I was logged in with that account;;

At first I didn't want Shizuo
And then I kinda did
And then I suddenly didn't
And now I really really want him and it's your fault. ;_;
6 years ago
I hate you for making me want this figure again ):

Lovely review!
6 years ago
Great review. It was interesting to not only look at but read. I will be looking foward to more in the future. I like that you pointed out the tiny details that most people would overlook. Such as his collar bone, slightly off bowtie and man parts. Haha. I wanted this figure before but i deffinately want it now!
6 years ago
I have him too, I was really impressed with the details on the street sign! I display him without his glasses and giant stand, so he takes up less room. The sculpt for his clothes is very impressive too.

I actually think he's skinny enough for his butt to be that size, at least Alter sculpted his pants tight across it!
6 years ago
haven't taken the time to read a detailed review yet about this figure, until your review popped up. i have yet to open my shizuo after receiving him a month ago...and after reading your review, i don't even feel the need to open it anymore...since you've shown everything :p
6 years ago
...Street signs in Japan are ridiculously clean maybe? XD Nice review!

I should be getting my Shizuo on Tuesday, and I'll be getting the rerelease of Izaya. Now I just need to figure out a way to fit Celty into my budget! orz;;
6 years ago
Lina17Inverse (6 years ago) #1167799"*ahem* >.> The creases on the pants are also very natural and subtly accents what's underneath without being too obnoxiously obvious."

And what's wrong? *___________* I Think is perfect, very perfect.. *¬*

Nice review! =D

lol nothing's wrong. i just dont feel comfortable acknowledging that area specifically
6 years ago
"*ahem* >.> The creases on the pants are also very natural and subtly accents what's underneath without being too obnoxiously obvious."

And what's wrong? *___________* I Think is perfect, very perfect.. *¬*

Nice review! =D
6 years ago
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