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KaffeineKaffeine11 days ago
So I love characters with pink hair my favorite is Super Sonico and I hope to collect other characters with pink hair. I just got Astolfo and I just love his design! I know its really wired to buy figures of characters you don't know. But I always make it a point to go watch their source material and/or watch there character moments to see if they're my type of guy or girl.

My question is what are some character figures with pink to wine Red/Purple colour hair?
Also What are your favorite pink-haired characters?

I recently found ITEM #918267, ITEM #945048, ITEM #945051
(I'm not a big fan of Ram, Madoka, Sakura, or Parona.)
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Yahallo10 days ago#84580480I only came here to rep my all-time best girl! (Sadly she only has like 2 prize figures)
Since you can't "upvote" comments, I just wanna say that this is on point:

Yeah, she is great!
Not a prize, but I have big expectations for this figure
ITEM #946022
10 days ago
Yahallo Defrosting Ice King
I only came here to rep my all-time best girl! (Sadly she only has like 2 prize figures)

Since you can't "upvote" comments, I just wanna say that this is on point:
Archiwheel10 days ago#84551476One of my collector rule is to focus on characters I know and like for both their design and their personality... and the fact is that a lot have pink or red hair:
Zero Two ENTRY #146500
Yui Yuigahama ENTRY #48781
the Deviluke sisters ENTRY #2212, ENTRY #22325 and ENTRY #22324 and also Mea from the same series ENTRY #42646.
Also these ones but I think that they don't have prize figures:
Yae Sakura ENTRY #134360
Kuro Usagi ENTRY #46486.
Of course there is Kurisu Makise from Steins; Gate ENTRY #4188 and Aoi Sakurai from Rail wars ENTRY #48336 but these two characters have red wine hair only in the show. It is more "bronze" in the visual novel/original art.
Other pink hair characters I know:
Faris Nyannyan, also from Steins; Gate ENTRY #4807
Sakihata Rimi ITEM #509192
I hope that you'll like some of them!
10 days ago
Kaffeine10 days ago#84553789omg I remember the girl from Girls Bravo, sadly since the anime is old the few figures she does have are of lower quality given the years they were made (and probably the company too).
In terms of quality, I feel like ITEM #1470 holds up when compared to modern prize figures. She's also hella cheap on the aftermarket. ITEM #1469, on the other hand, is quite shoddy.
10 days ago
lifewithfigures10 days ago#84550430The figures with pink hair I own are ITEM #621953, ITEM #756833, and ITEM #198591.
Figures with pink hair I want are ITEM #874140 (I know nothing about that girl or Idolmaster in general, but that figure like calls out to me), ITEM #917690, and ITEM #235290.

I Love Sakura Miku to, I have that figure! it's really cute! and I love her!
10 days ago
kyoukos10 days ago#84549957Not quite a 'character' in terms of having concrete source material, but I love Megurine Luka and she has a few nice prize figures! Some of my favorites on the DB are ITEM #944727, ITEM #401020, ITEM #198591, and ITEM #160192.
I also love Maruyama Aya, but she only has one prize figure I really like, that being ITEM #672884. Her other one (ITEM #945006) is... fine, but her face looks off. Not quite a prize figure, but she's also getting a Pop Up Parade eventually, so far only one of the five figures from her series announced to get PUP figures has been seen in any form aside from the promo image. ITEM #945969

I love Luka! sadly I don't like any of her prize figures. I wish they would make more but there more into making Miku then any other Vocaloid. Thank you!
10 days ago
Kaffeine10 days ago#84553887WOW I don't think that's a prize figure but that's just beautiful! I know! She is a scale, and she is gorgeous! I didn't think she would have a figure released after all these years since the anime was aired back in the 90s
10 days ago
Denqkun11 days ago#84543577Utena is definitely one of my favorites! ITEM #171481 WOW I don't think that's a prize figure but that's just beautiful!
10 days ago
salvo_one11 days ago#84537321I did a tag search function here on MFC ( "pink hair" "prize") to try and find some examples, and I just need to share this with you all. ITEM #617372 YES, I LOVE Goku Black! and I love the Grandista Line of figures! he's currently 4000 yen so I'm not looking to break the bank too much. I'm waiting for an open one to appear on Mandrake, maybe one without a box so it can be even cheaper.
10 days ago
RaylaSan11 days ago#84534686Not a prize figure, but ITEM #675659 this is my fave pink haired figure I own. :) I have her and the whole gang in my wished list! there all so lovely.
10 days ago
urataros11 days ago#84534681Chibiusa has always been one of my fav pink-haired characters, but I think ITEM #263509 is her only prize fig. Besides her, there's also Tamamo! & since you asked about wine red/purple-haired charas too, Scáthach is pretty neat. Both her & Tamamo have a couple of prize figs! Yes I found the Sega SPM Scáthach figure and I might just get it to go with my Astolfo figure! Tamamo weirdly enough I don't like her Blue outfit. Maybe I'll see if she has and alter outfit as most Fate characters do.
10 days ago
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