3 Months of Loot: Jul-Sep (Delayed + Clear Files GALORE)3 Months of Loot: Jul-Sep (Delayed + Clear Files GALORE)Loot

dandybabydandybaby4 months ago
Hey everyone!

'Tis once again time for another 3 months of loot! In my last loot, I mentioned that I hadn't purchased as much as usual during those three months; and that I was glad EMS and Air had resumed, so I could save money on shipping. Somehow, my brain translated that to:

"Money saved on shipping equals more money for spending, woo!"

Adulting is hard sometimes.

Obligatory warning: This is long, rambly and peppered with lame wisecracks. If you're familiar with my blogs, you already know what you're in for.

Note: You can right click and open the images in a new tab to view at full resolution.

January-March loot here: BLOG #45294
April-June loot here: BLOG #45976

The first arrival of the month, and the biggest highlight: Chii. I was half-expecting to be disappointed judging by some of the comments, but she's beautiful. She does have some minor paint defects and I don't particularly like how the street lamp has slightly hazy windows, but it could be worse.

ITEM #693386
I had been waiting for this for... hang on, lemme check... 574 days. That's 1 year, 6 months, 26 days. Totally worth it.

Never in a million years did I expect to get POTD when I uploaded a pic of her, so thanks everyone for all for the likes and votes! Made this nobody feel chuffed for oh, a few days? Until she disappeared from the POTW category anyhow... *snort*

Bonus: heckin' big AmiAmi boxes make great cubby houses, just ask my cat...


Next up, I missed the release of the Yuru Camp Nendoroids because I got into the series too late, so I've been on the hunt for good prices. Snagged this unopened Nadeshiko for pre-order price. She's so stinkin' cute.

ITEM #675901
I then lost the remainder of my July AmiAmi order to delays, so I went and bought some clear files instead. More on that later.

Much like the Yuru Camp Nendos, I had been searching for good prices on these two bois. Took a little while, but I got there in the end.

ITEM #740133 / ITEM #740134
Bless, look how cute they are together.

As luck would have it, I managed to snag the Stardust Crusaders Tomonui set on Mandarake. It was quite literally a case of history repeating itself - like with the DIU set, I discovered them in the wee hours of the morning when I really should have been sleeping instead.

That has to be the most non-threatening DIO I've ever seen...ITEM #1005623 / ITEM #1005621 / ITEM #1005622
A couple of days later, my very delayed Milim from the April Hobby Search sale finally arrived! She took 23 days to be shipped from the time I submitted the request, and another 25 to arrive (with EMS, ugh). Now happily with Rimuru, besties for resties.

ITEM #806005
Senku was the only item left in my AmiAmi order, so I didn't bother with DHL/EMS. Airmail ended up taking the same amount of time to arrive as EMS - 3.5 weeks. Subaru arrived the same day.

I adore Senku! Yeah, his hair was 'taller' in the prototype image, but I still think it looks good. I'm digging the crazy-vibrant shade of green. On the subject of hair however, I'm disappointed Subaru's hair is so... gray. It definitely didn't look gray in the official images. The perpetual stress he's under must have had an effect on it... haha.

ITEM #933112 / ITEM #905455
I have the SAS, Master Stars and Grandista Rohan figures; and now I finally have my favourite problem child in miniature form. He's so damn adorable, I could eat him up! He comes complete with 100% more go f*ck yourself (smaller scale = extra sass) and 100% less shiny skin. You'll understand if you've read my figure reviews...

ITEM #882500
I guarantee these two Nendos will be unknown to most reading this, unless of course you're a degenerate fan of BL. Misaki released late August and Usagi got delayed by an extra 10-odd days, which pissed me off because I had to pay extra for shipping. There was no way I was going to photograph them until I had them together. Usagi-san's book holding hand part is total junk though, the gap is too big. I had to blu-tack the book to his hand because he wouldn't hold it otherwise.

ITEM #752566 / ITEM #752565
I didn't think I was going to be able to include Kirishima in this loot. He shipped at the beginning of September and only arrived a couple of days ago. The package got stuck at 'Arrival at outward office of exchange' for 29 days before finally departing.

ITEM #860766
I wasn't sold on his left arm in the official images, I thought the sculpt looked kind of untidy. Seeing it in person however, it looks much better than anticipated. The MHA shelf in my Detolf is now completely full, so I don't know what I'm gonna do if Koto blesses us with an ARTFX-J Iida in future...

My last two delayed items from Hobby Search arrived this month, the Pop Up Parade Saitama and Genos. I didn't bother photographing these two in their packaging, because the boxes are rather plain and unattractive. These are my first two PUP figures and I'm quite impressed with the quality for the price point; however I don't see myself getting any more unless they release a character I can't live without.

Don't get me started on their ugly-ass bases though; giant slabs of frosted plastic in the most vivid colours imaginable. I can't see them being appealing to anyone over the age of 12.

ITEM #872608 / ITEM #872606
I elected to use DHL again for my September Hobby Search order, because if I hadn't, it probably wouldn't have arrived until November.

ITEM #882501 / ITEM #872603
Onegai muscle, meccha motetai! I kinda have an affinity with Hibs - boy, can this girl eat. She finishes a gym session then immediately indulges in calorific snaccs. Nonetheless, she still manages to tone up and build strength. When I do the same, I just get fat... such is life. Aside from the bare arms with detachable hands (the joins around the wrists look weird) I love how she turned out, she T H I C C.

And what can I say about Mr 'Fantastic Brows' Josuke, other than he's totally perfect.

I cannot begin to describe how exhausted and sleep deprived I was when I put these two Nendos together. I wanted to pose Josuke with his school bag, but I couldn't quite work out what I was seeing. I spent an inordinate amount of time looking at the picture on the box, then at the arm holding the bag, thinking "Is this arm the wrong way or something? There's no way this can be posed like the picture..."

Ugh... after 70-odd Nendoroids, you'd think I'd remember that you can rotate their damn hand parts.

I did something this month that I'm deeply ashamed of: I willingly bought a Funko Pop. I make no secret about the fact that I wholeheartedly despise these things, with their soulless black eyes and multiple paint defects. Buuuut... it was Hisoka we're talking about. There's no way I'd put him with my main collection, so he lives on my desk with the other two Pops that I can't part with for 'sentimental' reasons.

I kinda got carried away while browsing related items, and ended up ordering this plush and mug too. Oddly enough, this was my second attempt at purchasing said mug. I tried to buy it from a local online retailer a couple months ago, but they crushed my dreams when they emailed to say that due to an inventory error, it was out of stock. In a way, I almost wish I hadn't bought it. The print is garbage, it's grainy up close and the uppermost part of his hair is blurry. <insert exasperated sigh for effect>

ITEM #956036 / ITEM #1043257 / ITEM #1043263
I got this cute set of rubber straps from The Royal Tutor (a highly underrated anime which I thoroughly recommend) for a paltry ¥860. Not bad when their original price was ¥650 each. The Heine strap was just 40 yen, undoubtedly the greatest bargain in my entire history of collecting.

ITEM #574163 / ITEM #574164 / ITEM #574162 / ITEM #574165 / ITEM #574166
It was bound to happen eventually, my first major issue with a Mandarake order. I decided to splurge and get the DX Rin Nendoroid to go with my Nadeshiko; mainly because, as cute as her new touring version Nendo is, it ain't Rin without her trademark hair bun. When I unpacked her, I noticed the book was missing. No biggie I thought; Nendo parts sometimes come loose in transit, so I figured it was at the bottom of the blister. I took it out of the box and saw another empty hole in the packaging. Took me a second to realise it was the campfire part. I then noticed two of the hand parts (the ones that hold the book) were gone, and to top it off - the tent was also missing. So that's 5 missing parts in total, all ones that make her the god damn DX version.

Manda's Photo vs. What I Received
I was equal parts disappointed - because the product lising on Manda didn't state there were missing parts, and pissed - because one of their staff intentionally packaged up a defective item and sent it on its merry way. I sent an email and photos and waited for a solution.

They replied: "Sorry for the trouble. We think that the parts might have been lost during customs inspection or in transit. We asked DHL for an investigation. So sorry but please wait and we will get back to you as soon as we get their reply."

Lost during customs inspection or in transit? Haha, yeah right... that package was sealed up tighter than Fort Knox. There was zero evidence it had been opened at any stage of its journey. Two days later, I heard back from them. I was honestly surprised it was so quick.

"Sorry for the wait. According to DHL, there is no record that the box was opened by customs, so it is unlikely that it was lost in transit. We confirmed our stock but we have no replacement item. If you are OK, we could refund 4,000 yen for this condition, and you could keep it as is. Or, we will refund you back fully."

Obviously, that full refund was only if I returned it. They offered to reimburse me for return shipping, but when I calculated the cheapest method with tracking (they request it be returned via a tracked service) it came to $80. The thought of asking them to reimburse that much was insane, so I decided to keep her and accepted the 4000 yen refund instead.

When I checked my credit card statement a few days later, I nearly had kittens when I saw a pending charge, rather than a refund. Turns out they refunded the entire amount then re-charged the difference. Seems like a rather roundabout way of doing things.

ITEM #759218
Now that it's been a couple of weeks, I'm not all that fussed about the missing parts anymore, except for the campfire. That thing was hella cute.

So yeah, as I mentioned in my previous loots; I started collecting clear files early this year. It started with a few JoJo ones, and now I have a legitimite problem. They're so damn cheap, they keep *cough* sneaking into my monthly orders.

One evening I actually sat and browsed through 150 pages of clear files on Suruga-ya, because I had nothing better to do. Browsing when bored is a terrible idea, kids. Don't do it. Nonetheless, Suru is a literal gold mine when it comes to really old stuff and theater / BD exclusives. Before I knew it, I'd bought 30 clear files... haha.

I was gobsmacked when just two days later, the package arrived in the country. We're talking pre-Covid EMS speed here. All my other EMS packages have taken 2.5 to 4+ weeks to arrive. How that one got here so damn quick, I'll never know. Must have been a wild ride, because the box looked like somebody yelled "GO LONG!!" and hiffed it to their buddy across the depot, where it got run over by a passing forklift.



And this little haul was from collected from AmiAmi and Hobby Search over the past three months.


That's all for now, next loot late December / early January. I know I promised to post my room makeover blog around the same time as this loot, but the completionist in me is resisting until I get some of my December pre-orders... which will probably be delayed anyway. So for now I'll just say 'coming sometime in 2021'.

~ dandy ( ・ω・)ノ
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solluxcaptor4 months ago#84596478snipThank you!

Unfortunately I can't be of any help as I used suruga-ya.com rather than the Japanese site, so I didn't require one. Truth be told, I've never used a proxy! I think if I go down that rabbit hole, it'll just lead to me spending significantly more than I do already... lmao
4 months ago
setokaibaswife ♡ Seto Kaiba's Wife ♡
Awesome loot, I love all the clear files. Which proxy did you use to place the clear files order? Just curious cause I'm looking for somewhere I can do big orders with Suru that doesn't charge per item!
4 months ago
Solarstormflare4 months ago#84588829snip IKR, I'm always stoked to stumble across random Noragami merch after all this time. Especially when it's a good price.

Eri-channn4 months ago#84590047snip Haha, glad I'm not the only one! And thank you!

sailor_rnoon4 months ago#84590373snip Thanks! ♥
4 months ago
sailor_rnoon can't stop buying from mandarake
Wow! Great post!!
4 months ago
Hey, you'd think after 105 nendoroids you would remember thinks like rotating hands and leg joints for a better pose but nope! Still escapes the mind!! Lol great haul though!
4 months ago
Yahallo4 months ago#84577684snipYahallo! For the record, I'm totally #TeamYui as well.

Thanks! I'm all about my loots being clear and aesthetically pleasing for the reader, so I put a lot of thought and effort (probably too much effort) into the layout and photos.

I keep my clear files in file holders like this. They each hold 20 clear files. It keeps them well-protected and you end up with a nice little 'book' you can flip through.

You can find them here on AmiAmi or here on Hobby Search. Other hobby shops probably carry them too, but these are the two I use most. AmiAmi usually carries stock, whereas Hobby Search back orders them.
4 months ago
AgentDrafire4 months ago#84553564snipThank you! (* ^ ω ^)

Yeah, it's a shame - but these things happen. Though, my luck seems disproportionately bad compared to other people! I ordered a poster online recently and it turned up damaged. Then the replacement turned up damaged too. Like, I don't know what I did in my last life, but I must have been a thoroughly terrible person... lmao

marimodeku4 months ago#84577044snipThanks!

Haha, Junjou Romantica is my guilty pleasure.
It's garbage - full of overused tropes and I freakin' love it. ♥
4 months ago
Benkoko4 months ago#84553280snipI could totally see Hibiki going on sale, or popping up on Mandarake for a good price. Yesterday I saw a Nendo from my April order on Manda for just ¥2500 unopened... bargain.

Thank you for your kind words! (* ^ ω ^)
4 months ago
Flops4 months ago#84551742snipI know, right? My head says "You just got rid of all your Funkos, surely you're not going to stoop to that level again?" but my heart says "HIIISOKAAAA" ♥

But yes, he looks remarkably good compared to some of the Funkos I used to own. Almost no paint defects save for one or two slight overlaps between the pink and blue around his middle.

Bootleg sellers at cons tho, ugh. I legit get pissed every time I see those stalls and their crappy Chinese junk. I feel terrible for those who unwittingly buy those figures thinking they're genuine. I get you though - I had a bootleg Portrait of Pirates Sanji about 11 years ago and it took me a long, long time to finally throw it out. I was weirdly attached... lmao
4 months ago
Omg noragami clear files yessssssssss
4 months ago
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